Summer Fitch NAME Rainbow CODENAME 11/08/2001 BIRTHDAY Lydia Fitch, Seth Fitch, Simon Fitch FAMILY
Light Projection, Sound Conversion POWERS Operations Agent DESIGNATION 5 Years SENTENCE TBD UNIT


Summer is a dedicated young woman, in most aspects of her life; her school, her appearance, her hobbies, her powers. She is determined to be the best she can be, it might not be the best ever, but it will be her very best. She doesn't believe if half-assing anything. It feeds into her strengths too, she's a bit stubborn and opinionated, strong-willed and prepared to stick to her own principles. While her stance has been shaken just a little recently, she was able to push through her fluctuating emotions to stick to her own ideals.

At times, Summer can be called blunt, she just really prefers to be honest and straightforward, sometimes it's not what people want, but that isn't Summer's problem. She does try to be tactful at least, but it's not always possible. But Summer is a very loyal friend; she might be honest with them, but she does it because she cares. Being reliable, honest and loyal is all very important to Summer, and she does what she can to be those things, but she also expects them back.

Summer is very close with her mother, it's something she holds very dear to her. Her mother is the fundamental foundation of her life, and around that brings order and calm. So long as Summer is able to talk to and see Lydia, things make sense. It's when she can't do that, doesn't have that source of stability that Summer starts to unravel. It can be hard for her to show emotion at times; outside of her family and close friends, Summer has a mask, one that she believes protects her from being found out -before, that was about protecting her status as a super. Now, she's less sure what it is.

She can be a little judgemental, and the honesty doesn't help this endear her to people, given that she doesn't mess around with words. She can get very caught up in status, as she's always been fairly well off in that department, even coming from divorced parents. Her view on stability is a little more fluid than some, given the way she was brought up with a single mother and a disappearing father. Most recently, she's really started to see that sometimes, even parents can't be depended on all the time.


Summer is the picture of a waif, slim little redhead. She's petite, but never question her height, because she is almost 5'6" and that's perfectly average for a woman. Which is what she is, a woman, not a girl. She graduated, damn it, she is a future college student. She carries herself like she's 6', full of confidence and grace, it translates from her perfect, poised appearance of flowing red hair, soft pale skin and catching hazel eyes.

She's rather glad she looks a lot like her mother, because she knows she's going to age into her beauty, it's soft and feminine now, but soon it's going to be stunning and breath-taking (and yes, she will tell anyone who listens that her mother is gorgeous, because she knows that's going to be her later). She does have a rather girly style, although it's not baby-ish. She's floral patterns, block colours, skirts that generally got an eye roll from her mother and a borderline conniption fit from her father.

On her 18th birthday, Summer and her friends marked the occasion by getting tattoos. Summer's is a small unicorn with a rainbow mane. Neither of her parents know about it. Yet.


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