intelligent. proud. painfully blunt. organised. anxious. vain. egotistical. reliable. judgemental.
Summer is a dedicated young woman, in most aspects of her life; her school, her appearance, her hobbies, her powers. She is determined to be the best she can be, it might not be the best ever, but it will be her very best. She doesn't believe if half-assing anything. It feeds into her strengths too, she's a bit stubborn and opinionated, strong-willed and prepared to stick to her own principles. While her stance has been shaken just a little recently, she was able to push through her fluctuating emotions to stick to her own ideals.

At times, Summer can be called blunt, she just really prefers to be honest and straightforward, sometimes it's not what people want, but that isn't Summer's problem. She does try to be tactful at least, but it's not always possible. But Summer is a very loyal friend; she might be honest with them, but she does it because she cares. Being reliable, honest and loyal is all very important to Summer, and she does what she can to be those things, but she also expects them back.

Summer is very close with her mother, it's something she holds very dear to her. Her mother is the fundamental foundation of her life, and around that brings order and calm. So long as Summer is able to talk to and see Lydia, things make sense. It's when she can't do that, doesn't have that source of stability that Summer starts to unravel. It can be hard for her to show emotion at times; outside of her family and close friends, Summer has a mask, one that she believes protects her from being found out -before, that was about protecting her status as a super. Now, she's less sure what it is.

She can be a little judgemental, and the honesty doesn't help this endear her to people, given that she doesn't mess around with words. She can get very caught up in status, as she's always been fairly well off in that department, even coming from divorced parents. Her view on stability is a little more fluid than some, given the way she was brought up with a single mother and a disappearing father. Most recently, she's really started to see that sometimes, even parents can't be depended on all the time.


Due to Summer's connections with a rebel group (and her dad), her powers were temporarily locked down to assess her state of mind. It's been determined that removing her father's influence will balance her better as she has a keen grip of her own control. She is fitted with a limiting bracelet along with the traditional inhibitor that distributes a sedative. Should Summer act up, her powers can be locked down using the bracelet without triggering her inhibitor.

Summer has the ability to absorb sound and convert it to energy, the sound reaches her body in waves and she absorbed it to store for use as an existing energy. Summer can store sound indefinitely, but it does create a bit of a power over load for her, usually causing an abundance of energy in her. Summer is unable to convert any sound that she makes, only able to absorb outside sound. While any sound will do she does prefer to use music as it has a pleasant rhythm and cadence.

Summer's body is able to utilise the sound energy stored and release it as light energy; if left undirected this light will spill from Summer's body in all directions, producing regular flashes of white light, however if Summer concentrates she can utilise the light in numerous ways. Summer has the ability to control the direction, frequency (colour), intensity and how long the light leaves her body. With conscious effort she can shape the light, create pulses of power and temporarily blind people with the intensity of her light. With direction Summer has learned how to manifest her light in a few forms.

Summer has learned to generate a beam of light, similar to a laser beam, which can cut through most objects; Summer can control the intensity, power and size of this beam. She's able to generate photon blasts of solid concussive light, illuminate her body by letting the light seep out, dazzles of chaotic sparkling lights to distract, stun and confuse people. She is also working on generating strobe lights, a light shield and a light mist.

LIMITATIONS: Summer cannot exceed the amount of energy she's stored with her light projection; ideally she should have a constant source of sound energy to absorb in order to not exceed her supply. As she cannot provide her own source of sound, it's important that she have ample time to power up between using her light energy. Although Summer can project the light energy from any part of her body, she tends to use her hands to properly direct the power.

Summer's ability to transduce sound also protects her from being deafened by loud noises.

Her body, especially her eyes, shields itself against any injurious effects of her light transducing abilities, and against those of bright lights in general. She is significantly more vulnerable to darkness base powers.


Summer was born near the cusp of her parents marriage; while they weren't fighting or at odds like many on the way to divorce, they weren't close and Seth was, by most standards, an absent father. Her earlier years were devoid of her father mostly, while she lived with her mother and brother in a nice apartment following her parents divorce, cared for and kept safe by a loving mother who more than made up for the fleeting presence of her father.

It wasn't bad, if anything, Summer's early life was decidedly normal. Her parents were cordial, her mother was there for everything; her dance recitals, even though she was a horrible little ballerina, school plays, even when Summer was just the star when she was forced to participate in a Christmas nativity, every Halloween party and dance had a new costume, her hair was always done in pretty and fancy styles, she had the nicest dresses of anyone in pre-school and middle school and most people were jealous of just how great her mom was.

Summer even got along with her stinky older brother.
family legacy.
By the time Summer was approaching 11, she noticed that her brother was being weird, and that he was getting more attention than she was. It was different, and while she reasoned that he must be sick, she wasn't entirely sure she liked the imbalance -Simon rarely really wanted that much attention from their parents, heavily into his 'independent' phase of being a boy who didn't care.

For a while, Summer used it as an excuse to bother her dad a little, although that got really boring when he was working all the time. It took Simon having an outburst during breakfast for Summer to realise that this meant his powers were developing. She stopped trying to stay out of the way and starting hovering around while their mom was teaching him how to control the powers and not let them control him. She tried to absorb all the information for when her powers eventually developed, using this a pre-learning class. As Simon started to figure out how to control his powers, their parents started to have slightly opposing views.

Mom wanted him to keep himself contained, hidden and safe from too much scrutiny. While their father was all for being free with the powers, using them as they wanted without being too showy, embracing who they were. It was really the first time Summer had seen her parents fight. Ultimately, they fell in line with their mother, who was proven correct when she told them their father had been arrested and in an attempt to escape, their step-mother had been killed.

Summer spent several nights sitting, waiting for her powers to develop, both excited for them and dreading them entirely.

super powers & high school.
She would need to wait a few years for those powers, enough that Summer had mostly started to forget about the trepidation. Life carried on, and while their father was on the run and in hiding, their mother had things moving along perfectly normal as ever. Summer got on well at school, smart and engaging and popular. She didn't feel terribly challenged by classes and found that her social life was always a flutter. She kept up with her drama classes, although she let the dancing fall by the wayside -she'd never really been incredibly coordinated for it all anyway.

Music was where she really felt like she could engage, and Summer tried every instrument under the sun to find one she liked. Unfortunately, she never really developed the skill or interest in any of them, much to her mother's relief. Instead she fell into a composition class rather than learning to play. Summer didn't know why, but she found the rhythm and vibrations left her energised. It took a few weeks more, during the summer when she was 15, when she and her friends went to a concert, before Summer realised that her powers had finally developed.

While at a concert, close to the speakers, Summer started to feel too energised, a little dizzy and a tingling in her hands. Without much understanding, she felt the burst of power more than anything, which caused a massive blast of light energy through the concert hall, shorting out all the electrics and casting the place into utter darkness before the back up lights came on. Utter darkness save for the light glow of Summer's skin. Panicking, Summer fled the hall as quickly as she could and hid in a storage cupboard until her mother could come and get her.

She thought she'd be able to get her powers under control quickly, having listened to everything while Simon was learning, but it was a little harder than first anticipated. Summer was thankful for the school break, and the fact that her power appeared to be very similar to one of her mother's, since it meant Lydia could teach her how to use it and how to control it. By the time Summer was back at school for her Sophmore year, she was confident there'd be no power leaks or outbursts. And for the most part, she was right.

shake up & arrest.
Things went exceptionally well; Simon got his own place, so Summer had her mom largely to herself, her father was sort of in contact but not really, and that was fine, just knowing he was alive and doing whatever he was doing was enough. And Summer was on track to graduate from high school with honours, because obviously, she was exceptional. Summer honestly thought that this was the very start of very great things -she and her mom were already talking what university she could go to, planning to do campus tours, discussing maybe living on campus if she felt her control was good enough.

Weirdly, it fell apart in the space of ten minutes.

Summer was still at school when she found out there was a fire at her mom's work. It took exactly ten minutes for her logic to work through what might've happened to end on the fact that her mother must've been outed some how. Summer instantly left the school, permitted because people weren't aware that her mother could create fire and that she might be hurt or worse. Summer waited at home, calling Simon and trying desperately to get a hold of her father and leaving numerous voicemails for her mother which gradually dissolved into hysterics. By late that evening, Summer had to come to terms with the fact that her mother had been caught.

It took two days for her dad to show up, and while Summer was a total wreck, she fell into the comfort and security of knowing her dad would take care of her. He and Simon had been in contact, more and more, and Simon was starting to agree more with their father's views than with their mom. In her current state, Summer didn't disagree. While pulling herself together from her mother's arrest, not sure where she was, if she was okay, what would happen, if they'd tell her if something had happened, Summer was far easier for their father to manipulate and his comments started to feed into her anger and grief.

Ultimately, Seth planned to lay out one of the detention handling facilities he'd found that processed supers into the jail system upon their discovery. Seth and Simon were eager to shut it down, permanently if they could, and Summer, in her current state, never disputed it. There was a plan, and there was more than just the three of them, and Summer wasn't entirely sure what was going on, aside from being told she just had to blast out several walls when they told her to. When the time came, Summer found that she couldn't bring herself to potentially hurt someone and ended up bringing down the wrong wall.

It caused a relatively safe collapse in the building, away from populated areas, but brought instant response from the authorities. Summer didn't really expect her dad and brother to leave her there, but they did, and she was arrested in the commotion. It took a few hours before Summer broke down and just blurted out everything. She just wanted to see her mom again, even if it was in jail. Summer was fitted with an inhibitor and informed what it did, before an additional bracelet to nullify her powers entirely was placed on her, she was then told that they'd take her to her mother, but any misbehaviour from her would result in her being taken across the country and never seeing her again. It was more than enough to get Summer to agree to be on her best behaviour.