alice yun
I'm trying, but I'm graceless, don't have the sunny side to face this. I am invisible and weightless, you can't imagine how I hate this.
basic information
NAME Alice Yun
AGE 43
DOB February, 14
ORIENTATION Bisexual (Demisexual)

HEIGHT 5'03"
HAIR Black
EYES Brown

OCCUPATION Languages Profession @ City U
HOMETOWN New York City, New York
SPECIES Human (watcher)

Alice is very restrained, kind and well spoken. Very welcoming in general.

FATHER Justin Yun
SISTER Grace Yun (twin, deceased)
SISTER Carter Forbes (23, adopted)
BROTHER Reese Winter (18, adopted)
SISTERS Millie Cobbs (22), Kara & Dana Cobbs (16, foster)
SLAYER Siobhán MacCall (deceased), Éloise LeCroix (deceased), Basil Llewelyn (deceased)
ENFJ 'The Protagonist'; natural-born leaders, full of passion and charisma. Forming around two percent of the population, they are oftentimes our politicians, our coaches and our teachers, reaching out and inspiring others to achieve and to do good in the world. With a natural confidence that begets influence, ENFJs take a great deal of pride and joy in guiding others to work together to improve themselves and their community.
Calm & Collected
Selfless & Caring
Logical Thinker
Too Selfless
Fluctuating Confidence
Overly Sensitive
Emotionally Involved

✎ badass bookworm; Alice is a learner, she enjoys reading and research, it's something she's exceptionally good at and has developed a very specific affinity for. While Alice doesn't always get to read purely for pleasure, she does enjoy her research all the same. She's an advocate for paper books and not just the usual eBook and electronic tools of the new age.

✎ caretaker; ever since her youth, Alice has been the 'mom friend', she tries to help everyone, she wants to take care of people regardless of age or their situation. She's a helper, a provider, support and encouragement for all. Alice largely gets this from her mother, who is a consummate caregiver.

✎ guilt complex; to a degree, Alice has been plagued with guilt since her 16th birthday. After the death of her sister, Alice felt like she needed to do something grand with her life, discovering her purpose of being a watcher, training slayers to protect people, she felt that was it. Her guilt was steadily compounded at the death of her first slayer, and then her second. Alice's grief at losing the girls she was training pushed her to be a better watcher, a better caregiver. She still blames herself for each death however.

✎ married to the job; it's not that Alice has given up on finding love, it's just that she knows there are things far more important than her own happiness. Primarily, her dedication to the slayer she's charged with, her understanding that her life is very fragile and mobile. Alice has resigned herself to not finding romance or companionship.

✎ giving back; as much as she can, Alice attempts to give back to the community in general. She does charity work, gives her time to fundraisers and seeks out projects to help people in need. She does this as much as possible with her charges too; if they need help in parts of their lives that Alice can give them, she will.
abilities & skills
» Alice was trained extensively in supernatural knowledge, history and a broad scope of occult dealings. She can recall a lot of facts from memory and has hundreds of books in her collection.

» along with her training in books and history, Alice has the basics of combat training, both in hand to hand and an array of weapons. She is most proficient in swords and long melee weapons like staffs and lances. Alice likes to keep up to speed with advances with weapons, but focuses her hand to hand on boxing and is adept in stick fighting. She has mastered kenpo.

» as with all watchers, Alice has some magical training, specifically in healing and protection, since that's largely the extent of her interest in magic.

» Alice has extensive language knowledge, something she expands on regularly. Once she's fluent in one language, she'll learn another. She's aiming to know at least a dozen languages fluently.

into the past
Alice was technically the third born child to Justin, an american-asian working in New York in his father's printing business, and Li, a newly immigrated seamstress finding her way out of poverty. Justin and Li married a short six weeks after meeting, partly so the Li could remain in New York and partly out of a romanticised notion of love at first sight. They've been married for fifty happy years now, so it's possible they were on to something. Their early years were tough, but both were content to carve out their lives through hard work and the love that kept them dreaming of a house somewhere with kids running around. Three years into their marriage, it all started to come together.

Justin started running his father's printing business rather than just working there, Mr Yun trusting his son was finally ready to take on the family business. And he was. While his new promotion and responsibility took a lot of time away from Li, she was happy that he was achieving his dreams, and supported him fully. The business grew, expanded and Justin surprised his wife with the house of her dreams as a thank you for her patience and understanding.

A year later, Jacob was born.

Things were coming together, and Li had always wanted a large family, so it didn't take long before they were adding to the brood. This time, Li was having twins. It was a slightly more difficult pregnancy, the identical twin girls being born five weeks early and slightly underweight, but the girls were strong and battled through, going home with their parents three weeks later after their weights had stabilised to normal. They were named Grace and Alice.

Alice was the youngest, a bright girl with a near constant questioning nature. She wanted to know anything and everything she could. She and Grace were attached at the hip for most of their youth, the usual twin-pranks being a common factor, although they never seemed able to fool their mother, they regularly played tricks on their brother. When the twins were four, Li fell pregnant again, although she tragically miscarried and the complications resulted in a partial hysterectomy, which devastated her. She'd hoped to add at least one more child to their brood. Being the warmhearted sort, Alice plastered herself to her mother to coax her through the heartbreak.

For the most part it worked, Li managed to move on and the family became stronger. Justin's business was booming and Li was entirely free to be a stay at home mom with a side business of repairing clothes for neighbours and friends, and helping make princess outfits for the girls. It was all a fairly ideal childhood.

Until Alice and Grace were in high school and exploring their individuality in new ways outwith their family, exploring interests and friendships. Grace was a little less picky in her friends, which resulted in a horrific sixteenth birthday. The twins had a joint night out, with friends from each of their social circles, unfortunately, some of Grace's friends were covertly drinking and smoking weed. The end result was a head on collision in traffic, resulting in severe brain trauma upon impact for Grace, broken bones for Alice and the death of the driver, who was over the limit and high.

Grace spent two months in hospital on life support, Alice suffered bruises and a broken arm, her shoulder cracked from the impact and her seatbelt. They waited two months before doctors told them Grace would never wake up, never breathe on her own, her brain function was nil. Two months and four days after the crash, Li signed the form to have Grace take off life-support, Alice convinced her mother to donate Grace's organs so that some good could come from losing Grace. For a while, the home was sombre, a missing piece leaving everyone a little off their balance. Alice found herself constantly turning to share something with her sister, before remembering she was no longer there.

Alice coasted through the next few weeks, before a relative she'd barely known showed up, explaining to Justin and Li that Alice was destined for something other. Oren was her mother's cousin, he was largely removed from the family due to his work, which took him to England, something he often told his family that was too complicated to explain. However, he sat down and explained things to Justin and Li, because Alice was meant to be a Watcher. Li was less than prepared for her remaining daughter to go off across the world in such a troubling time, but Alice convinced her mother that this was what she needed to do, to fill the void that Grace's death had left her with.

She knew this was her purpose.

Throwing herself into her new path, Alice was an astute student, soaking up any and all knowledge she could, finding herself greatly enamoured with each and every aspect of her Watcher training. The whole goal was to protect people, and Alice was resolute in protecting anyone she could. Her mind was well suited for the training of the Council, a steel trap of information, which she soaked like a sponge. She was fairly rudimentary in her magical abilities, but was diligent in learning the basics that she needed in order to further her skills and aid her charge when the time game. Alice showed great skill with languages, already bi-lingual Alice was well prepared to add to her language skills.

By the time Alice finished her Watcher training, attending college and studying with the Council in dual courses, obtaining a masters in Languages and excelling in occult studies, she was 25, preparing for a visit home. By this time her brother had informed her of her mother's empty-nest syndrome resulting in the fostering of a young girl left without a family due to incarceration and drug use. Alice was wary, until she met little Carter, a skittish four-year-old girl who had taken exceptionally well to her mother. Alice encouraged her mother to adopt the little one when it became clear that if they weren't going to adopt, the girl would be moved to another foster family.

Within five years Alice had a new little sister, and her first charge. Based in Swansea, Alice began her training with fifteen-year-old Siobhán, travelling most of Wales and Ireland and occasionally towards England. Alice grew exceptionally fond of her slayer over their relationship, trying to aid her where possible to have some life around her slaying duties, although they both knew that a separate career was greatly unlikely, Alice didn't want to deny the young girl her experiences. Even less so after a near-miss with a bloodthirsty brood of vampires that almost killed Siobhán before Alice could extract the girl from the trap she was led to.

Siobhán was a grand old 19 when she succumbed to her calling, having surpassed her slayer tests and worked at Alice's side for four years. Alice took the death of her slayer very hard, fleeing home for a short respite from the trauma, seeking her mother's guidance on that matter. She'd expected to return to a home with just Carter bumping around the halls in her awkward teenage glory. Instead, she came home to Carter, two additional foster children and little Reese, a special needs boy who Li was already preparing to adopt. With a house full of children, her mother doting on each one like they were her blood, and still bestowing an abundance of love and attention on Alice, she knew that her calling was a gift, regardless of how brutally short it was cut down.

Shortly after joining the birthday party for Millie, one of her current foster sisters, Alice returned to the Council headquarters to await her next charge and assist in training while doing so. This time, Alice was sent to Paris, to train Éloise. It was Éloise that challenged Alice's perception of supernatural creatures, when she befriended a werewolf that had been used by a coven of dark witches, Éloise tending to his care in a compassionate manner, offering assistance to a creature she was taught to destroy. Alice researched their hunts far more carefully from there outwards, affected by Éloise's indomitable kindness, even among all the death and destruction she experienced.

Together, they were able to find a pack for Raulf, the pack and Éloise brokering a truce for the territory. Alice was exceptionally proud of the leader Éloise proved to be. Although she attempted to not become as attached to Éloise as she had her previous charge, it was a difficult ask, being that she was the nurturing kind.

Éloise made it to 22 before facing her final battle. For five months, a vampire leader named Ivon had been tearing through Nantes, leaving countless bodies. Following a bloody battle against many of his progeny, Alice was impaled in a bid to weaken Éloise, which unfortunately worked. Ivon killed Éloise and burned down the library she and Alice were working out of before vanishing. Alice was recovered by emergency response teams with minor burns and a semi-serious impalement wound.

Alice recovered at home, kicking herself for letting Ivon get the drop on her and use her against Éloise while mourning another charge lost to the battle. Helping Carter hunt for a job and Reese to decide if he wanted to pursue college education took Alice's mind off things for a short while, until she received her next assignment, following her recovery period, and her assignment to Seattle, to attempt to wrangle a wayward slayer and provide more one-on-one attention.

If she were honest, Basil wasn't what she expect to find at all. While the young man had serious impulse control problems, he was also done a disservice with his previous Watcher. Alice first saw to repairing the trust that Basil no longer held for authority figures.

When she discovered that Basil and his slayer friends had caught the attention of Hell Knights, she promptly offered Basil a room in her home, which he eventually took along with his then partner. The two boys, although living with Alice, still took a while to come around to having an adult offer support. Basil slowly opened up to Alice while she worked towards setting roots in Seattle and working with fellow watcher Ridley in securing a little more safety for the Slayers.

The turning point in her relationship with Basil was possibly when they ventured to Wales, visiting his estranged family, as Alice urged him to reunite with his worried parents. Reaffirming that she was there to take care of him, not just train him, Alice and Basil started on a far more cohesive relationship, with Alice determined to help this slayer survive.

Christmas time saw the household grow, with her dear friend Henry surprising Alice with a little puppy, a Tibetan Mastiff who would grow to rival Alice in size. The puppy seemed to help not just Alice with her moods from work, but helping Basil engage slightly more as a young adult and not just a slayer. Things almost fell apart when the Horseman War came through the city, placing people within an arena to battle to the death. Basil faced his lover and Alice watched another slayer die, another child she couldn't protect.

As the fates had it, none of those struck down in the arena's remained deceased, and Alice vowed to make sure that she would never watch her slayer perish, regardless of how that happened. Basil and his partner broke up and Alice is hoping that she can convince Basil to find something other than slaying that helps him feel accomplished.


with Basil Llewelyn
attempting to help Basil move forward with life, not just slaying. Basil just needs some support, and Alice is prepared to give it all.
with Wren/Geneva Falconer
Alice met Wren at a party, a little in awe after seeing her in a play. Alice is looking to learn about falconing from Wren.
extra info
✎ has a complex national identity, due to her Asian-American roots, her Chinese heritage, and her British roots she put down.

✎ is one of the most compassionate, caring people to ever exist. She's always had a very caring, nurturing nature, something that she believes she gets from her mother.

✎ comes cross mild-mannered and gentle, but is able to break bones when pushed. Alice will take care of her charges to the fullest extent capable is isn't shy in getting her hands dirty to do it.

✎ believes knowledge is the best weapon, informed is warned and it can save a life. She's highly encouraging of learning anything and everything possible.

✎ speaks English, Mandarin-Chinese, Latin, Welsh, Gaelic, Greek, Arabic and French. When stressed or panicking, she may slip from English to Mandarin. She's teaching herself Spanish too.

✎ as far as things go, Alice is moderately unconventional in her feelings towards the supernatural; she operates a very 'live and let live' agenda, unless there are problems, she doesn't see the point in preemptive strikes.

✎ has two adopted siblings and three foster siblings. Doesn't expect her mother to slow down on taking care of at risk children, which is why she tries so hard to take care of her slayers.

✎ is now the proud owner of a Tibetan Mastiff puppy, named her Bǎobǎo.

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