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lizzie olsen
Born in the Court of Volans, the last daughter of a large family, Rose Lake was blessed with a happy and fairly content family; prophesied as a seer with the potential to view the coming battles and who would win, Rose was believed to be the key to maintaining control of the Courts and unifying them, gaining her family favour in the Court. Her father attempted to hide how progressed Rose's powers were becoming, but the King assigned spies to learn when Rose's abilities came into play.

The King tried to push a betrothal to his son, set to secure the Volans Prince as the true ruler of the whole realm. Instead, Rose ran away from home unwilling to become a pawn in the game for the Courts. She bartered her way to Lupus, leaving her family behind with no knowledge of her plans, as she foresaw their brutal death had she involved any of them. Slipping through the woods of Volans, Rose snuck aboard a shipping vessel to sneak to the Court of Lupus, hoping to slip under the radar.

There, she met a protector, a shapeshifter that Rose knew she could trust, she is aware that numerous people from several Courts are hunting for her, a bounty for her safe return offered by the King of Volans, Rose is hoping to ellude capture to find someone truly worthy of ruling the realm.
jennifer morrison
From Lupus, Aerylis (known as Aery), is one of the last remaining Harpy's native to the region. She, and those like her, evolved past abducting evildoers, instead tricking them into causing their own demise, usually in the thick forests of Lupus, killed by beasts hidden away. Aerylis never remains in one region of the land, as her feathers have magical powers and bestow great abilities to those who know how to properly use them.

Areylis is the only daughter of Faenia, the last of the pure harpy bloodline, although Aerylis is part human, it does bestow her more power over her human and harpy selves. She has an affinity for women who are pure of heart, and a serious agenda against ruthless men and murderers. Travelling between the Courts, Aerylis chooses who to bestow those feathers upon, and while she hasn't alligned herself with any progressing power, many know that her favour carries the favour of the harpies.
Alyane Roshi
sophie turner
Alyane's father was the right hand to the King of Australis, their family's grew up together, although the Roshi family were not nobility through any bloodline. Alyane developed a crush on the Prince of Australis, crushed when he was said to be betrothed to the Princess of Borealis Court. As the eldest daughter, Alyane opted to turn down an offer from the cousin of the prince, citing her intention to become a handmaiden to the Court.

Instead, her father was dispatched to Volans, an attempt to barter a treaty with the Prince of Volans, Alyane was to accompany her father but on the way they were attacked by rebels. Seeing her as useful to negotiate with, the rebels caged Alyane in a cave near their camp, looking to use her when the time came. Instead, Alyane was freed from her cave by strange water beings, leading her through the water ways in the cave system she was held in until she reached the coast.

Uncertain of the land, Alyane is trying to find her way to the Court Palace, hoping her father survived the ambush.
matthew daddario
The Crown Prince of Australis Court, betrothed to Princess Leilah Noxaura, after lengthy negotiations on an alliance between their Courts. Dallen is considered an exceptionally simple man, in part due to his disinterest in Court dealings, and the push of his father to obtain yet more power, Dallen does his best to appear aloof and bored during Court meetings.

His only reason for entertaining the discussion of an alliance through marriage is the promise of travel and adventure, given the homely nature of Australis, the expanse of farm land and meagre army options, Dallen hopes that his marriage will take him to Borealis Court more often than not and allow him the opportunity to explore more, to see the lands his father's right hand often spoke of with wonder and awe.
gemma arterton
An entertainer of men, Shilyn is a lady spy of the Borealis Court, opperating near the palace to lure in nobles and common folk with information they can sell in exchange for Shilyn's company. Unknown to many, Shilyn is truly born of Draco Court, a seemingly unthreatening woman with wiles beyond her years and a beauty men write sonnets about. Shilyn is service of the Borealis Court, providing them information that passes her ears in exchange for jewels and power.

Unknown to the Court, Shilyn is truly Lilinlith, a succubus from Draco who shirked the tradition of murdering and debauching her victims, choosing to use her talents to build her own power within the Court itself. Striking an alliance with the Noxaura family, Lilinlith believes that under Leilah's rule, the Courts could be unified, and through that, her power would grow exponentially.
chris evans
The bastard son of Draco's Crown Prince and an Ifirit, Drancis was barely a toddler when his mother, Kamiti, was captured and imprisioned by pirates, gathering a bounty for a power hungry witch from Borealis Court looking to bring eternal heat to her hearth. As a result, Drancis was passed to a blacksmith family to raise, which they did. Drancis grew up with the Boltfire family, engaging in play with their own son and daughter and eventually learning the smithy trade as he grew.

While the trade allows him some freedom and money, Drancis is very well known for taking part in the festivities that the Court of Draco so boastfully contains, as he aged out of the care of the Boltfires, Drancis opted to travel to the Captial for work and play, despite his surrogate mother's worry that he would be ensnared in the darker happenings of their land. Drancis was a huge hit in Ddraig, not just among the sword collectors, but among the bars and gambling dens. It was unfortunate that a handmaiden of the Phyres recongised instantly that Drancis was undoubtedly one of the Crown Princes illigitimate sons, one who could claim a portion of rule due to Draco's rules on bastards.

Unknown to Drancis, a plot was hatched to get rid of him, the plying of alcohol one night before he was conveniently left in the bed of a succubus and incubus pair. His Ifirit heiritage saved him only because the pair feared what may happen if they harmed an Ifirit's offspring (as Ifirit were few and far between in the realm). With the information that he was wanted dead by the Phyres, and that his mother may still be alive. Drancis opted to locate her before figuring out what to do about his father's family wanting him dead.
tabrett bethell
Tana Bani's history is a mystery, few people know where she came from, or how she worked up to being the Captain of a pirate crew, The Lady's Avarice became a very well known and feared ship, spoken of by sailers in ports throughout the realm. Tana built up her reputation being ruthless, plundering any ship they came across, even the Royal Fleet from any Court.

Few people survived a plundering from the Lady's Avarice, the crew of the ship either killed and thrown overboard or taken to port to sold as slaves, bounty on the ships sold throughout the realm and the crew partying constantly in Draco during shoreleave. Until she came up against the fleet of Volans, the Lady's Avarice was almost scuttled before Lana was able to call halt on the battle by holding the Crowned Prince Erik at knifepoint. A barter later, and with shared interests in power and fear, Lana and Erik struck up an accord. She and her crew aided he and his men in battles, they boosted Volans' economy with gold and weapons trade and targeted vessels from rival Courts.

Lana's own fleet of ships grew under her deal with Erik, until she had almost ten ships under her command, sailing the ocean and plundering any non-Volans ship they crossed.
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