Addison Goodblood
the white witch
Eldest daughter of a coven leader, named her mother's heir upon the murder of her older brother, a murder which has not been solved. Addison left Seven Devils shortly after her 18th birthday, but returned on the eve of her 28th birthday to assume her role within her mother's coven. Primarily a warm hearted woman, Addison recently suffered a tragic loss with the death of her fiance, another witch, and has begun to harden in light of the blows she's been dealt. READ MORE
Rosalind Lakatos
the seer
A young and gifted seering, Rosalind, Rose to many, is from a large and complicated family. Not a Seven Devils native, Rose sought out the town following a series of visions that left her drawn to the small town. A black witch by birth, Rose's powers are angled towards prophecy, and while she doesn't belong to coven she is not adverse to doing so. READ MORE
Connor Trask
the legacy
Born into an exceptionally long line of strong, powerful white witches, Connor is the slacker type without the push of his grandmother to keep him going. After his grandmother, who raised him, gave her own energy and power to ensure his siblings and mother lived, Connor slipped from the path his grandmother expected he'd follow. While he's still got the potential there, he doesn't really have the drive with his grandmother's sacrifice hanging heavy years later. READ MORE
Vivienne Otero
the macabre maiden
Born and raised in Seven Devils, VeeVee is the youngest daughter of an intricately built family within Seven Devils. A descendent of the original founders of Seven Devils, her family co-own and run the local funeral home, where VeeVee works and is learning to manage while also working on her own craft. A black witch by trade, VeeVee's talents allow her to treat those who pass through the home with great care. READ MORE
Shawn Holden
the power seeker
Shawn is an exceptionally dark witch, driven by power and greed. Her skills are entirely based in causing the most harm and destruction, having fallen from her teachings of peacefulness by the lure of her mother's dark obsession with Lucifer. Shawn is a talented witch, a white witch by birth, well trained with her elemental skills. Through the tomes her mother left to her, Shawn is learning of a skill to steal a witch's power, something her familiar aids her in by finding young, vulnerable witches. READ MORE
Alice Yun
the detective
Although not a witch herself, Alice's family come from witches and have, for generations, served the covens they belong to. Decades ago, Alice's grandmother joined a coven within Seven Devils, tiding the settling of the Yun family within Seven Devils. Somewhat of an anomaly, Alice has no magical powers of her own, and thus offers her services to the coven in other ways. A private detective, Alice deals mostly in small affairs for the coven, but has been dealing with the murder of the Goodblood son since the case went cold with the Seven Devil's police squad. READ MORE
Azrea 'Az' Solomon
the old soul
Cala Wagner
the druid
A protector and guardian of peace and prosperity, Cala is the last of the Wagner women, strong nature druids with a tie to Seven Devils and the power surrounding it. Sworn to protect and guide where possible, Cala is forever stuck in Seven Devils for the foreseeable future. She runs the small Inn the sits on the outskirts of the town where a few tourists pass while visiting the Mountains, which keeps her close to barriers she maintains around the town to alert her, and the covens she communicates with, of danger. READ MORE