ADDISON GOODBLOOD light witch; Seven Devils native, travelled through Europe for ten years, returned home as her mother's health started ailing, discovering a plot to kill her mother.
LUCIFER archangel/lord of hell; walking the earth using vessels, hunting for her sword to start end of times, current vessel is Shawn Holden.
ROSE LAKATOS human; youngest child of a hunting family, twin to Mike. Studies supernatural patterns and effects.
CONNOR TRASK human; potential weilder of excalibur, potential recruit to the templars. Total slacker.
NATYA ILANOV dark witch/fae child; con artist witch with fae sensitive elemental magic. Hunting for her birth parents.
CASSANDRA RIDLEY light witch; daughter of melissa, fending off father's attempts to enrol her in MoL. Battles the lure of dark power.
ELLIOT WENTWORTH vampire; exceptionally old, former Earl of Wentworth, turned to avoid a marriage, poor choices were made.
FLORENCE HALE dark witch; cousin to Morgan, family runs the funeral home, medium and pscyometry powers.
AZRAEL JONSON human; researching witches was thrust into the existence of demons & angels, caught up in drama.
GENESIS GERMAN human; born to a woman impregnated by a possessed man, grew up in Men of Letter's associated orphange, sensitive to demons, Men of Letter's apprentice.
SABINE SALVADOR demon; former dark coven witch, invited demon to save her life following a werewolf attack. Still alive with her demon, hunting for power to boost them for revenge.