Squid's Babes
Ainsley Carrow
Gifted Human; just arrived in Summerview, finding a friend from the area. Can generate light energy and absorb it. Wants to be a journalist (she thinks), but is happy just helping people. Fun and lively.
Circe Marinos
Pixie; returned to Summerview in March, belongs to a rather playful family who still reside in the fae realm. Works as a child therapist in Atlantic City. Friendly, outgoing and attentive.
Cole Wynner
Witch, air; complex Texan native with bundles of secrets and temper issues, trying to find something resembling home and peace. A struggling writer, he also crafts and shapes crystals, primarily quartz, for sale and witches.
Nissa Nailal
Unseelie; very angry and destructive member of the darker strain of the fae, she really likes creating havoc. Biased against witches, works with and for an succubus. Violent and fickle, with wild mood swings.
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