NAME Circe Marinos
AGE 270


TIME IN SUMMERVIEW Previous few years; returning after 3 month leave
ROLE IN SUMMERVIEW TBD; but lawful good
HEIGHT 5'04"
HAIR Blonde
EYES Hazel (elliptical pupils)

OCCUPATION Children's Therapy Assistant
HOMETOWN The Summerlands
PARENTS Sinon & Medea
SIBLINGS Ilias, Petra, Leda, Gaelan
ABILITIES Like most pixies, Circe's talents really lie in the art of illusions. She's exceptionally skilled in casting them, maintaining them and developing broad scopes of her abilities. She does get tired out rather quickly, but because she doesn't maintain many glamours of her own form, save for keeping her wings back, it usually doesn't take much away from her save needing to rest.

Of her siblings, Circe is the one who spent the most time working on her illusions and controlling her empathic projection, since she was aware just how overwhelming it could be for others. In effect, her magical ability in other areas suffered somewhat. Only during times of excessive stress does Circe's grasp on her emotions slip to the point where she might leak some of her own emotions.

When she's in her smaller form, Circe is able to use her wings to fly, something she relishes being able to do. She also exudes a degree of light from her form, sometimes appearing to be a firefly.

Occasionally, with the right people, Circe is willing to gift some Pixie magic to them, offering collections of her 'sparkle' to very few, trusted witches.
Unfold your wings, and fly.
PERSONALITY Circe is exceptionally idealistic, this was cultivated at a young age by her mother, as she's grown Circe held strong to the lessons her mother taught her. She has the inherent belief that people are good, even when the evidence doesn't support her optimism, and she is forever offering more chances, even to those who don't exactly deserve them. She's chosen to see the good in as much as she can, despite constant let downs, and tries her hardest to keep upbeat all the time.

She's very much a live-and-let live type, she understands not everyone sees things that way, but she does what she can to avoid imposing her own values on others, attempting to give people the benefit of the doubt. So long as her belief system isn't challenged in the act, Circe will support whoever she can in their own attempts to live their life and truth, she's very open minded and supportive in general.

At times, Circe can be very reserved with people, prone to watching than automatically jumping in with her own opinions. She can get overwhelmed at times, because it's hard for Circe to not try and help people, and while she has suffered in the past from helping people who she maybe shouldn't try to help, she keeps trying. She can be described sometimes as being too altruistic, she can give so much that there's little left for herself. It doesn't stop Circe from trying though.

With her friends, she's very open, openly caring and affectionate, very loving and supportive and a steady ear to listen to. She'll always put her friends needs before her own and rise to any occasion where they need defending or helping. She will put herself at risk if it protects someone else. Prone to the occasional prank, mostly harmless and good natured.

While she is prone to forgiving people, even those she shouldn't, Circe isn't entirely naive, she understands when people really aren't going to change, no matter how hard she might want them to. She will give second, third and even fourth chances, but Circe doesn't forget the slights inflicted in the past.

LIKES fast food, nature, hangover cures, photography & shoes. Adele, shamelessly and without apology. Scary movies, but only with a friend.
DISLIKES nouveau cuisine, socks with sandals, loud shouty music. manipulative people.
STRENGTHS Supportive, exceptionally patient, reliable. very hard working, a loyal friend, enthusiastic.
WEAKNESS Too forgiving/altruistic, takes things personally. Seldom speaks up for herself. Bottles her emotions. Too trusting.
APPEARANCE Circe is the personification of sunshine and light with brilliant blonde hair and stunning green/blue eyes. In her human guise, she is a slight young woman, athletic and toned with a penchant for fitness, usually with running and yoga, keeping herself healthy is important to her.

Usually, Circe's hair is vibrant looking, glossy and long -but not unmanageable long. Some of her magic tends to bleed through her hair, giving it a somewhat sunkissed glow that most magic sensitive people can see. She's got a bit of a tom-boy style, something that she feels suits her the best, although she was used to fancier things when she was at home. She just avoids them for now because of the time it takes to get gussied up.

Circe does have the general sunny presence that goes with her personality, she generally has a smile, even when she maybe doesn't feel like smiling, and tries to have a warm and engaging presence in general. Sometimes she can be a little bit scattered, usually because of tight control she keeps on her emotions, but it rarely lasts too long, and Circe favours being warm and open to frowning and dour.

In many ways, Circe is breathtaking, primarily because of her lineage. Her hazel eyes are rather stunning due to their elliptical pupils, something she can't cover for long periods of time, her ears are curved up to a pointed tip, something again that Circe does not glamour for long periods of time, only using her hair to cover the tips if she thinks she needs to.

Circe's wings have purple and blue hues, she tends to keep them absorbed unless in a safe space, due mostly to how delicate they are. Her bottom left wing does have a slight bump in it from an accident with a seelie many years ago.

When in her small form, Circe takes on a somewhat golden sheen, her skin is a shade of soft orange with some pink tones; her magic scents of pink grapefruit, sharp and sweet, and often lingers where she goes in her smaller form.
Feel the fear; and do it anyway.
HISTORY Growing up in the Summerlands was a peaceful and simple thing for Circe; she was the middle of five children, quickly becoming the sibling that all her other siblings looked to for reason, help and support. There wasn't a lot of serious conflict within the family while they were all mostly young -and young is a loose term since there's a good fifty years between each sibling.

For the most part, they got along with each other and their extended family, until a small bout of pranking turned serious between Sinon and his brother, causing a massive rift between the pair and starting a major period of constant one-up-manship between the families. Medea and Circe tended to be the ones staying out of it, along with the youngest of the other side of the family, who hadn't really developed her more trickster side of things.

Things got very serious when an illusion cast on another member of the fae resulted in Ilias' wings being damaged when a seelie was made to believe he was a human drone, sent to spy on the fae's world. It caused a temporary ceasefire between the families, while Ilias' wings healed and everyone calmed down.

While the family were close, it didn't mean they all wanted to stay together all the time. Circe was in her early 100's when she and her younger sister, Leda, ventured into the human world. It was a less than evolved time and while they both enjoyed visiting far off places and seeing the human world, they quickly returned home after a few decades to enjoy the safety of The Summerlands again.

For years Circe stayed with her own kind, mastering her emotional control and honing her illusion abilities. She started to teach Leda how to manage her emotions better while once again becoming the sounding board for each sibling.

It was just 40 years ago when Circe once again left the Summerlands with another sibling, this time with her youngest sibling, Gaelan, who had a mild spat with their father and decided to leave home. Medea requested that Circe go with him, to keep Gaelan out of trouble, so she did. They settled in Boston, America, neither really wanting to navigate the old rules of Europe and believing the hype about America being the best place in the human world to be. For a while it was. Circe found herself working with people who needed support, often lending her ear to people in trouble, it wasn't until the early 1990's that Circe discovered she could be paid to assist people, make it her profession, and so she sought out human education in therapy and emotional support.

Gaelan seemed less adept at staying out of trouble than Circe would've imagined, although they both slotted into the human world very easy, still keeping many of their pixie traits meant a degree of scrutiny. In 2010, following a slight altercation with a vampire and a few friends of said vampire, Circe had to drag Gaelan out of Boston, heading to a sanctuary city that she had been told of, in the hope that somewhere a safe for them to just be themselves but not home would be good for Gaelan. It seemed to help for the most part, both of them settling into Summerview very well, making a few friends and Circe getting a job in Atlantic City that was easy to commute to.

They stayed in Summerview for about eight years, Gaelan finally settling down, before a minor family dispute reached their ears and both decided to return home to check on things. Three months later, without Gaelan, Circe has opted to return to Summerview to attempt to resume the life she began to forge in the human world.
ONE Loves to dance, might not be the best dancer in the world, but she really enjoys a good night out on the town with friends.
THREE Gets drunk on three drinks, tends to cut herself off early, but she always suffers a bit of a hangover in the morning. Her alcohol tolerance never seemed to develop.
FIVE Favours flat shoes and boots, she knows she's not especially tall, even at her larger form, but she feels far more comfortable flat footed -if she could, she'd live barefoot.
SEVEN Constantly tries to eat spicy food, constantly cannot handle it.
NINE Literally addicted to chocolate, she cannot eat just one piece, do not offer her just one piece, she needs a whole bar or nothing at all.
TWO Adores the smell of fresh flowers, she regularly has numerous bouquets around her home.
FOUR Rises early; she's usually up for the dawn since she manages it easier, she'll do yoga for half an hour after dawn and then run for an hour after that before settling into her day.
SIX Cannot sing for toffee, does occasionally do it when she's idly working or listening to music, is sometimes asked to please stop.
EIGHT Is still very close to her family, given that she's the middle child she tends to hear all the fights her siblings have with each other. She's known as the more level headed of the family.
TEN Collects coffee mugs and tea cups; doesn't use them all, just collects them. For display purposes.
ef • ful • gent
NAME Squid
DISCORD squidded#7461
AGE 30+
PB Jennifer Morrison