NAME Nissa Nailal
AGE 226


SPECIES Unseelie (fae)
HEIGHT 5'07"
HAIR Black/Brown
EYES Hazel

OCCUPATION Opportunistic
HOMETOWN Aonach Beag
PARENTS Vesh & Eanburg
SIBLINGS Too many to name
ABILITIES As with all fae, Nissa is technically immortal; for a fae, she's rather young, the youngest of her family before her father's death. Which does mean that her abilities aren't as honed as some elder fae, her connection to magic, although somewhat innate, isn't as developed as it should be, largely due to her fickle nature and short attention span.

As an unseelie, Nissa has a connection to death and sickness, drawing power from it and spreading it making her more powerful; she's often found a great thrill in the slow push of illness and the decay of mortals around her. However, Nissa's favourite ability to use is that of her shadow hopping and sleight of hand, magics that even mortals can practice (or at least imitate), while Nissa's use of probability manipulating is seriously shaky, hit and miss even for her.

Nissa's magic smells of sulphur, something exceptionally telling for those who know what to look for. The more intense her use, the stronger the smell.

During the spread of Cholera in the late 1850's, Nissa managed to figure out how to spread disease herself, it did almost kill her though, draining her almost entirely of energy and she's kept herself from putting herself in such a position again.
What am I willing to put up with today? Not fucking this.
PERSONALITY Nissa is best described as volatile. She's exceptionally turbulent and experiences things in a lot of extremes. She is either in an exceptionally good mood or she's in a horrific mood. This passes into a lot of her interactions. Being ambitious doesn't always translate into something positive; Nissa has no interest in changing the world, for better or worse, her ambition extends to her own power, her possessions, the fun she has. She aims to be the best there is, it doesn't matter what she's best at, so long as she's on top.

Stubborn, almost to a fault, Nissa has a hard time accepting defeat, failure or criticism in any way. She most certainly doesn't take it well, often triggering one of her mood swings into the very extreme negative. She doesn't handly competition very well, nor does she deal with shortcomings, her own or other peoples. She's very devious, and creative, the two feeding into each other, usually to reach end goals that suit Nissa -if they benefit other people, it's usually an accident. What Nissa wants, she'll go to extreme lengths to get.

She's not good at maintaining friendships, the few that she does tend to be spanning over several decades, and they are rarely ones that have been built in close quarters for a long time. Most often, they stem from a single big occurance -a battle, shared needs, revenge. If it takes Nissa decades to get something, she will relentlessly pursue it. Her memory does stick with her -possibly only due to her short lifespan compared to some fae- she remembers those who have helped her just as much as she'll remember anyone who has gone against her.

For those who go against her, she's petty enough to take it out on their descendents, even if it's years after the fact, people who the initial perpetrator wouldn't even have known, she's definitely not a big enough person to just let it go.

To those she does form bonds with, she can be an ally of massive proportions, because of her resourceful nature and her skills in manipulation she often applies herself in some very questionable ways. To Nissa, it hardly matters how the job is done, so long as it's done.

LIKES Dusk, drinking, rock and roll, leather pants, human materialism, tricks
DISLIKES Dawn, iron, household chores, human whining, bras
STRENGTHS Intelligent, resourceful, fiercely loyal (when earned), devious, creative, free-thinking.
WEAKNESS Easily offended, manipulative, fiery temper, cruel, hedonistic, borderline alcoholic.
APPEARANCE In her true form, Nissa is almost painful to look at -her appearance is either horribly beautiful, or beautifully monstrous, there's little space inbetween. Her skin is a shallow grey shade, with markings that glimmer in certain light, like soft sky blue etchings all over her skin.

Her ears are shaped and pointed, curved along the lobe into an elegant point towards the top, something she doesn't glamour but does hide in her hair. Under some circumstances, her eyes can bleed into the human glamour she holds most of the time; pure black with just an orb of yellow, like a drop of liquid gold in an oil spill.

Most of the time, especially among mortals, Nissa keeps her glamour in place, only dropping it in private or with trusted friends (which are few and far between). She has the appearance of an active and fit 30 year old human, trim at the shoulders and waist, short compared to her own form, with hazel eyes, soft chocolate skin and luscious brown/black hair.

A single line bisects her eyebrow, where a sibling once injured Nissa during a spat, it never glamours no matter how many times Nissa tries.
I may be heartless, but you're naive.
HISTORY Many years before her birth, Nissa's parents were considered established within their court, noble if not royal, held in high esteem by many, considered revolutionary minds by the court, the royals and the advisors within their home. Nissa was born into this realm as the final child of great minded faes, both in tactics and politics. It didn't put a burden on Nissa, but it did help build the chip on her shoulder that would only develop more and more through her life.

As the youngest, Nissa was almost constantly smothered. Not with affection, unseelie as they were affections were complex for them. But expectations were high, praise was lavished when it was earned, but disappointment was often thick in the air, almost cloying like the scents of failed experiments and attempts at glamours. Her siblings regularly lorded their position and powers over Nissa, showing off and demonstrating their skill while she struggled to grasp her abilities, regularly facing the drawn lines of her father's face as once again she failed to grasp the most basic of fae power.

It fed into a stubbornness within Nissa, her failure wasn't acceptable, and she resented each time any sibling laughed at her or criticised her attempts. It manifested in cruel tricks on siblings, Nissa unconsciously tapping into certain abilities when she needed to carry out her tricks; stealthily creeping to foil a siblings quest for power, going unnoticed to swap glasses to make another ill, using a shadow trick to cut away sections of her elder sisters hair -a coveted thing to the most beautiful member of their vast family.

Her trickery was not unnoticed, and instead of being punished, her father's praise was extensive, her creativity and ability with her gifts proving her his devious little one. The last thing her father gifted her was the ability to embrace that deviousness rather than be ashamed of her cruel thoughts and darker intentions.

It was shortly before Nissa's first century that she left the fae realm, slipping into the mortal world without the blessing of her family, who believed her too young and too inexperienced to venture off on her own. They were likely right, but Nissa wasn't about to concede that and left, intending to strike out on her own and prosper.

It was eventful, and trying, especially when she came across a witch who knew what she was, one who had a streak towards the possessive and wished to own what Nissa was and what she could be capable of. The invoking of a blood oath was not something that Nissa understood how to combat, or how to break, forcing her into a bond with the witch that involved a lot of cruelty on her part. Her tastes were angled towards the more brutal, and her bond to him made her all the more vicious, barely thinking about the innocents she took to feed her needs or the things she did to suit her witch controller.

It wasn't until a succubus came across them, her witch having crossed the succubus' deals, made a nuisance of himself, that the oath was severed with the witches death. After she made sure that no one in his lineage could invoke the rest of the blood oath, maintain her loyalty and use her like their own little wish machine, Nissa found herself making an alliance with the succubus, Ethan, he said.

It wasn't hard to find things that either needed, and Nissa found that loyalty given rather than invoked was something she didn't mind in the least -given that Ethan rarely called for something she found distasteful or demanded more from her than she would freely give, something that tended to result in Nissa giving more than was asked for. Neither were tethered to the other, so parting, on good terms, only meant that they were venturing off, not that either could not locate the other again should the need or want arise.

During the early 1900's, when wars broke out across the globe, Nissa found something of a calling in offering 'favours', which was really her striking up deals with many mortals who didn't fully understand what they were giving her. It did grow boring, as rations throughout the world meant that there was much less to give. At this time, Nissa decided to make the venture from Europe to America.

It was fun, tearing through the new Country, still so young and fresh and vulnerable, Nissa found that those American's were all the more easier to make deals with, to offer what they really wanted in exchange for what she wanted -most of the time, she wanted to screw with them, asking for things she knew they would ache to part with, but giving them things they desperately wanted. It was almost a lesson in many ways; be careful what you wish for.

And then, someone trying to screw her out of her deal. She was very close to just barging into his office and murdering him with a stapler -which was messy, but cathartic, when she discovered the succubus that was slowly but surely and so fantastically destroying everything in his life, a controlled but epic explosion from the inside out. Nissa, not one to interfere with perfection when it was laid out for her to watch in all it's gory detail, took a step back and let things play out. Until there was a hollow vacuum where dignity and possessions used to be, and Nissa considered the deal broken repaid in full.

It was what brought Nissa into Lily's orbit, another succubus she found a deep respect for, out of a shared desire to watch idiot humans rot and burn with their disgusting drive to own and taint the world around them. Lily was fun, an exciting new ally and bedmate -as Nissa found herself happy to attribute to some boosts in Lily's diet. Ultimately, it was Lily's driving force that brought Nissa to her cause, the sheer determination Lily held for paying back the humans for their callous treatment of her and all those like them, different and beyond true human understanding.

Nissa needed no deals or bargains to go along with Lily's schemes and plans, instead assisting the succubus as she struck her own deals and made strides in her goal.

That didn't mean they were tied together, or that they stayed together indeed. They were traveling north, to the border, when whispers and rumours of deception within Lily's numerous investments spread, it just happened to be someone who was making ill use of something Nissa gifted them in exchange for a powerful magical heirloom. Nissa drifted from Lily, deciding to clean up the mess herself and rid Lily of the roach in her network, securing not only Lily's investments, but opening up their opportunity to own all of the heirlooms, regardless of if the mark was wanting to part with them or not.

Things got a little dicy for a short time, the expected week or two turning into more time, before Nissa had to call on a little more power to deal with the roach. The whole thing took over a month to deal with and Nissa took an iron dagger to her arm, while also invoking some of her darker magic to sicken the area and weakening her.

Deciding that licking her wounds was for the best, some of Lily's contacts were pressed for a safe haven before Nissa was informed of Lily's staying in a sanctuary city, given her injured state and the possible fall out from her rather reckless use of power, Nissa accepted the assistance in following Lily.
ONE Is a lover and a fighter. Nissa isn't one to worry about 'gender roles', even if it doesn't always work out in her favour.
THREE Exceptionally likely that only her physiology prevents her from being a total alcoholic -although the taste makes her feel sick more than just the alcohol attempting to poison her body.
FIVE Once burned down an entire family estate and all the members of the family to end the possibility of a blood oath being re-invoked by lineage. Is not in the least bit remorseful about it.
SEVEN Largely estranged from her family and kin through choice -she's sick of being babied (even if she might've still needed it for a while) and is in no way looking to be told 'I told you so' by any of her siblings. Ever.
NINE Rather involved in mortal fashion. Say what you like about their species, but the humans are pretty creative and extra with their couture.
TWO Firm believer in ends justifying means, give her incentive and she'll do the dirty work for you. Incentives don't always need to be money either.
FOUR Got bored of stealing infants rather quick -the screaming was annoying after a while and it really fell out of fashion fast. Tends to meet her needs other ways, although just as diabolical.
SIX Has not been back to her realm for upwards of 50 years, due largely to her wanting to strangle her closest (by age) sibling and that been frowned on mostly.
EIGHT Cannot stand most pop, disco or dance music, she has a habit of destroying whatever makes the noise. Rather likes indie, jazz and rock though, they're mostly safe.
TEN Is so extra it's almost hilarious; and it's not just her personality, she is all about hair and make-up and fashion and just being way, way over the top. Then again, she can also be a raging slob.
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NAME Squid
DISCORD squidded#7461
AGE 30+
PB Lesley-Ann Brandt