Olympus is a wide, open spaced gym with huge full length one way glass windows. It's got a classy and sophisticated feel, decked out with the best equipment, the latest tools and with the cool and modern warehouse vibe.

The main area boasts plenty of equipment that's to be expected; running, rowing, climbing, weights, bars and benches. The far back is for more serious types; bigger bars, ropes, tires, a motorised climbing wall all along the back sector.

There's an Olympic size pool at the right far back, along with a semi-private sauna and shower rooms. The second floor holds a large yoga centre with three private rooms which can be rented out.
Buisness Style
Olympus caters primarily to the elite of Atlantic City, set up as a luxurious gym for those reality stars and executives with more time and money than sense. Memberships function quarterly, they're designed to be exceptionally hard to cancel, they're also exceptionally hard to get in the first place, mostly to amp up the exclusivity of them.

The gym operates on a membership system with three public ranks and a private option. The first three ranks allow for access and use; bronze for three available visits a week and use of all machines and the weights, silver for five visits a week, use of all the machines, the weights and the swimming pool, and gold for unlimited visits, full access to all amenities including the sauna and the yoga centre.

Those who know to request the platinum service are granted a charmed black gloss membership card that allows access to all areas of the gym, but specifically Guts and Glory, downstairs.
Guts And Glory
Downstairs, only accessible with the platinum membership cards, protected by dark and ancient magic, is Guts and Glory, a training space and private arena for fights. It holds a hexagon MMA style fighting ring, with a fully stocked bar and a gambling sector. The area also holds a section for fighters to train undisturbed downstairs rather than upstairs, it's fully kitted out specifically for fighters with advanced strength, endurance and skills humans don't have.

Fights are held every Friday and Saturday night, there are three major battles with smaller fights in between. The gambling is all cash with the house taking a 5% cut and the fighters getting a 10% cut every night they fight. Each fighter is also given a lump sum every month depending on their wins and number of fights.

Typically, fighters are set up between a species class -vampires, werewolves, gargoyles and dragons in the heavy hitter class and usually not paired against those with more human traits. Transforming is frowned upon and will result in withheld money and a three night ban, while only supernaturally inclined are permitted access blatant showcasing will get you thrown out. Human based species and less powerful physical species are permitted to use the smaller fights between the heavy hitters, powers and magic are not allowed.
Glory Hole
The Glory Hole is not what one might think it is, and yes, the name was on purpose. The Glory Hole is a VIP area bar and lounge, and also the area where a healer is on hand should some of the fighters need a little kick start in a patch up -the healer can also inform management if they think a fighter should be benched for a while to heal. Decked out with lush seating, drink to table service and streamed views of the remaining fights. Those invited by fighters or paying a fee can access the Glory Hole. The bar operates both sides of the floor.

There are four bouncers on duty during all fight nights, those causing issues are instantly ejected and refused access for the remainder of the night, habitual troublemakers are barred permanently.
Terms of Service
» 18+ for Olympus, 21+ for Guts and Glory
» No floor fighting; ring only. Turf or species wars are not permitted.
» Non-healing species cannot fight vampires/werewolves/dragons/gargoyles. No exceptions.
» No fighter can battle more than once a night, those who don't heal can't fight twice a weekend.
» No photography, videoing, streaming or social media on the premises. Those breaking this rule will be cursed.
» Do not transform, if you transform you will be bitch slapped and then kicked out.
» Management reserve the right to deny purchase of alcohol if you appear to be over your limit. Arguing will not be tolerated.
» Feeding on the grounds is typically frowned on unless expressly consensual, killing on grounds is exceptionally rude and will result in a very angry Unseelie possibly cursing you.