APRIL 2020

just a little problem
Blossom & Billy Kaplan
billy needs some help, and blossom is happy to help
TYPE: text communications DATE: 04/02
come baring gifts
Blossom & Billy Kaplan
the gift of clothes and stuff. and some fresh air
TYPE: completed log DATE: 04/05
welcome to the madness
Blossom & Christy Nord
new comers need an extra hello
TYPE: network reply DATE: 04/18
girls are mean
Blossom & Open
the hormones of girls are always a mystery
TYPE: network post DATE: 04/22
someone is lucky
Clint Barton & Gaby Teller
avoiding the usual carnage is a plus
TYPE: network reply DATE: 04/06
ow ow ow is my mantra
Clint Barton & Open
when can we start the self medicating process?
TYPE: network post DATE: 04/22
not my fault
Clint Barton & Natasha Romanoff
natasha is the one jinxing everyone now.
TYPE: network reply DATE: 04/28
back to work
Daphne Blake & Open
returning to work, but dog troubles
TYPE: network post DATE: 04/18
ah the media
Daphne Blake & Kara Danvers
potential reasons for potential hush hush
TYPE: network reply DATE: 04/22
the dreams start now
Daphne Blake & Open
daphne has her first dream, go go myster machine
TYPE: network post DATE: 04/25
how the other side lives
Emma Frost & Billy Kaplan
the insanity is less insane
TYPE: network reply DATE: 04/02
future incidents
Emma Frost & Kitty Pryde
the development of enemies to friends
TYPE: network reply DATE: 04/09
who wants mundane?
Emma Frost & Oliver
dream discussions of the normal versus wild
TYPE: network reply DATE: 04/27
dream gifts & business
Emma Frost & Open
emma gets her frist dream gift; naturally it's a costume
TYPE: network post DATE: 04/27
work plans and dinner
Napoleon Solo & Gaby Teller
going out of town and plans for a nice night in
TYPE: network reply DATE: 04/06
break the patriarchy
Napoleon Solo & Lara Croft
civilisation was not a patriarchy
TYPE: network reply DATE: 04/30
this cat is insane
Napoleon Solo & Gaby Teller
the cat left by illya is far too demented to not be illya's
TYPE: text communication DATE: 04/30
let me check
Nebula & Adora
new jobs and potential trips, so long as there's no complications
TYPE: network reply DATE: 04/06
the is terrible
Nebula & Open
nebula's dreams seriously mess up her body
TYPE: network post DATE: 04/26
Nebula & Kitty Pryde
kitty helps nebula get her arm back.
TYPE: completed log DATE: 04/29
oh dear me
Wanda Maximoff & Billy Kaplan
billy's got some issues to deal with
TYPE: text communications DATE: 04/06
we need to talk
Wanda Maximoff & Hayley Marshall
hayley has some exciting news
TYPE: text communication DATE: 04/06
calling it what it is
Wanda Maximoff & Peter Quill
wanda and peter finally put a label on their thing; they're dating
TYPE: completed log DATE: 04/20
Wanda Maximoff & Yondu Udonta
yondu is awarded for his hard work, wanda congratulates him
TYPE: network reply DATE: 04/25