magical cartoon hair
Blossom & Open
agents approaching kids in malls isn't as out of date as thought
TYPE: network post DATE: 02/22
shopping & gossip
Blossom & Billy Kaplan
billy and blossom go shopping and billy unloads a little
TYPE: complete log DATE: 02/26
space is so cool!
Blossom & Cal Kestis
cal's dreams start and blossom thinks it's rad
TYPE: network reply DATE: 02.26
florence nightingale
Clint Barton & Natasha Romanoff
a little thanks for the comfort
TYPE: text communications DATE: 02/16
netflix recs
Clint Barton & Open
clint's recovery from ankle stabbing might kill him more than blood loss did
TYPE: network post DATE: 02/23
how're you doing?
Clint Barton & Gaby Teller
a check in after the shit show that was new year yay!
TYPE: text communication DATE: 02/26
do you wanna surf?
Daphne Blake & Kyle Valenti
it's surfing lesson time
TYPE: network reply DATE: 02/18
don't get murdered
Daphne Blake & Adora
i'm going surfing with a stranger, wish me luck!
TYPE: text messages DATE: 02/23
i do not like these things
Daphne Blake & Tommy Shepherd
here's some cakes that no one should eat
TYPE: network reply DATE: 02/27
media crap storm
Eddie Brock & TJ Hammond
dream shit and media chaos
TYPE: network reply DATE: 02/16
this could be iffy
Eddie Brock & TJ Hammond
tj stops by after the oscars
TYPE: in progress log DATE: 02/23
no less creepy
Eddie Brock & Tommy Shepherd
one woman's quest to reuse penis cakes
TYPE: network reply DATE: 02/27
bad luck powers activate
Emma Frost & Adora
adora is just bad luck walking
TYPE: text communications DATE: 02/01
business branding
Emma Frost & Logan Howlett
micro-brewery and business branding ideas
TYPE: network reply DATE: 02/24
what's going on
Emma Frost & Adora
adora's dreams are starting and it's weird as hell
TYPE: network reply DATE: 02/25
homestead drama
Napoleon Solo & Open
visitations from family isn't never helpful
TYPE: network post DATE: 02/22
dog or cat person
Napoleon Solo & Gaby Teller
gaby is broaching cats with illya and napoleon is researching dogs
TYPE: text communcation DATE: 02/26
i'll come get you
Napoleon Solo & Gaby Teller
following gaby's brush with a hit man, napoleon takes her home to rest
TYPE: completed log DATE: 02/29
calling a personal assistant?
Nebula & Adora
nebula answers a personal add, sort of
TYPE: network reply DATE: 02/01
do you want me to kill that guy?
Nebula & TJ Hammond
because I will totally kill that guy
TYPE: network reply DATE: 02/16
something sounds wrong
Nebula & Armin Arlet
nebula is making friends all over the place
TYPE: network reply DATE: 02/22
cease & desist orders
Nebula & Adora
nebula can totally take care of problematic people, for sure.
TYPE: network reply DATE: 02/25
better than dorms
Paine & Peter Parker
new comers, pizza suggestions and better than living in the dorms
TYPE: network reply DATE: 02/23
how is that useful
Paine & Open
paine gains a skill from the dreams. too bad it's mostly useless
TYPE: network post DATE: 02/26
still sounds bad
Paine & Cal Kestis
space dreams and stuff, they still sound like someone got spiked
TYPE: network reply DATE: 02/27
sibling bonding
Wanda Maximoff & Pietro Maximoff
pietro takes steps to take care of wanda, wanda just likes having pietro around
TYPE: in progress log DATE: 02/02
fancy a trip somewhere?
Wanda Maximoff & Hayley Marshall
hayley has plans for a girls weekend, wanda is all for it
TYPE: text communications DATE: 02/17
superheroing buddies
Wanda Maximoff & Kara Danvers
kara's checking in on how things are going
TYPE: text communications DATE: 02/20