Imaginary Friends & Lightning Bolts
Blossom & Open
blossom's powers and dreams are still a little weird.
TYPE: network post DATE: 01/06
No Singing Dreams
Blossom & Ciri
some bad dream deals commiseration
TYPE: network reply DATE: 01/27
Nightmare Fuel
Blossom & Cal Kestis
it can always get worse!
TYPE: network reply DATE: 01/27
Dream Stupidity Wins
Clint Barton & Ciri
there's such a thing as too much dumb
TYPE: network reply DATE: 01/27
This Shitty Life
Clint Barton & Gaby Teller
the culmination of clint's idiocy
TYPE: completed log DATE: 01/31
Ow ow ow
Clint Barton & Open
ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!
TYPE: network post DATE: 01/31
Good Luck Wishes
Daphne Blake & Pouge Parry
everyone needs some firefighters
TYPE: network reply DATE: 01/05
Missing Pieces
Daphne Blake & Kyle Valenti
the post festive period weirdness
TYPE: network reply DATE: 01/06
Sitcom Hilarity
Daphne Blake & Adora
old friends in town to share some funny scripts
TYPE: text communiations DATE: 01/15
Drinks & Catching Up
Eddie Brock & TJ Hammond
tj and eddie talk about dreams and have some drinks.
TYPE: completed log DATE: 01/09
Making Plans
Eddie Brock & MJ Watson
like ships in the night, even though they work together
TYPE: text communication DATE: 01/21
Fancy Meeting You Here
Eddie Brock & TJ Hammond
tj is out having fun, eddie is being a bore. they meet.
TYPE: in progress log DATE: 01/24
The Dreams Start
Emma Frost & Open
emma begins this dreaming nonsense.
TYPE: network post DATE: 01/08
Ladies who Brunch
Emma Frost & Adora
brunch arrangements for ladies with some time on their hands
TYPE: text communications DATE: 01/15
Production Assistance
Emma Frost & Adora
emma has a meeting with some help for adora
TYPE: text communication DATE: 01/31
Christmas Gathering
Napoleon Solo & Gaby Teller & Illya Kuryakin
the trio have a christmas together, gaby drops a bombshell.
TYPE: completed log DATE: 01/19
Checking In
Napoleon Solo & Illya Kuryakin
illya and napoleon talk dreams, sticky fingers and gaby's problem
TYPE: text communication DATE: 01/14
Terrible Taste in Friends
Napoleon Solo & Illya Kuryakin
discussing gaby's safety and poor taste in friends
TYPE: in progress log DATE: 01/24
Troubling Dreams
Nebula & Open
nebula's still annoyed about her dreams
TYPE: network post DATE: 01/19
Blowing off Steam
Nebula & TJ Hammond
tj takes nebula to a destruction room. it's the best thing ever.
TYPE: in progress doc DATE: 01/24
Stupid Season
Nebula & Cal Kestis
the festive period blows
TYPE: network reply DATE: 01/29
Happy New Year
Paine & Rapunzel & Billy Kaplan
paine sends some new year wishes and has some questions
TYPE: text communications DATE: 01/02
No More Cats
Paine & Open
paine deals with stress by adopting cats, someone stop her
TYPE: network post DATE: 01/12
Crisis Needs Cats
Paine & Billy Kaplan
billy is in crisis, paine has cats
TYPE: text communication DATE: 01/31
Lunch Plans
Wanda Maximoff & Pietro Maximoff
making plans to meet for lunch
TYPE: network reply DATE: 01/04
It's Party Time
Wanda Maximoff & Mabel Pines
mabel and wanda meet at a party and hit it off
TYPE: completed log DATE: 01/21
Headaches & Dreams
Wanda Maximoff & Open
wanda's brain got a little rattled
TYPE: network post DATE: 01/30