MAY 2020

it can get crazy
Blossom & Christy Nord
the unfortunate side effects of orange county
TYPE: network reply DATE: 05/05
thinking distant thoughts
Blossom & Elsa
elsa and blossom meet up for lunch and discuss dreams
TYPE: completed log DATE: 05/20
disappearing acts
Blossom & Billy Kaplan
do you think anyone noticed?
TYPE: network reply DATE: 05/20
going out take two
Clint Barton & Ciri
the first time was a bust but let's try again
TYPE: text communications DATE: 05/08
relationship weirds
Clint Barton & Isobel Evans
there's nothing weirder than having a complex dream relationship
TYPE: network reply DATE: 05/24
two engagements for one
Clint Barton & Gaby Teller
clint barton with amazing emotional input.
TYPE: network reply DATE: 05/26
post ewok tales
Daphne Blake & Peter Parker
there's a lot to unpack regarding may the 4th
TYPE: network reply DATE: 05/05
mystery solving mysteries
Daphne Blake & Open
daphne's working out who is paying for all this
TYPE: network post DATE: 05/26
entitled divas
Daphne Blake & Open
meeting the runway queen is never fun
TYPE: network post DATE: 05/31
brunch plans
Emma Frost & Adora
threats of dogs, but brunch is a go
TYPE: network reply DATE: 05/12
this could go better
Emma Frost & Open
someone get an upgrade card, quickly.
TYPE: network post DATE: 05/20
use another finger
Emma Frost & Gaby Teller
it's not rocket science, you have like six other available fingers for rings
TYPE: network reply DATE: 05/29
everything okay?
Napoleon Solo & Gaby Teller
phone call about gaby's family drama is foreboding
TYPE: phone call DATE: 05/24
engagement rings
Napoleon Solo & Gaby Teller
the fun of the fake engagement continues for gaby
TYPE: network reply DATE: 05/29
dinner plans & chill
Napoleon Solo & Gaby Teller
gaby and napoleon have dinner
TYPE: completed log DATE: 05/29
travel plans & animals
Nebula & Adora
finalising plans for the bahamas and considering some small pets
TYPE: network reply DATE: 05/12
ice machines and felony
Nebula & Christy Nord
it's a misdemeanor at most
TYPE: network reply DATE: 05/20
you say villain like it's a bad thing
Nebula & Adora
some people just can't appreciate being the bad guy
TYPE: network reply DATE: 05/20
starting to unpack
Sabina Wilson & Open
sabina has arrived to the county, unpacking can wait
TYPE: network post DATE: 05/04
this isn't reddit
Sabina Wilson & Senku Ishigami
but lets do an AMA anyway
TYPE: network reply DATE: 05/20
the memes, for research
Sabina Wilson & Harley Quinn
what kind of research is this? it seems flimsy
TYPE: network reply DATE: 05/26
do you have plans?
Wanda Maximoff & Hayley Marshall
should i make some?
TYPE: text messages DATE: 05/20
dreams & party plans
Wanda Maximoff & Open
bedroom rearranging and plans to have a party for peter
TYPE: network post DATE: 05/24
early morning texts
Wanda Maximoff & Billy Kaplan
wanda checks in on billy and they make plans
TYPE: text communications DATE: 05/31