Oh, foiled plans
Blossom & Elsa
blossom meets a real life ice queen.
TYPE: completed log DATE: 10/01
Football lessons for all
Blossom & Tyler Lockwood
blossom seeks out knowledge on football, coach tyler lends a hand
TYPE: completed log DATE: 10/04
There's a hole in my wall
Blossom & Billy Kaplan & Grizz Visser
billy and grizz come to help with blossom's wall problems
TYPE: completed log DATE: 10/12
Don't make plans!
Blossom & Tim Riggins
blossom has halloween plans to get the party going
TYPE: text messages DATE: 10/25
You want to crash here?
Clint Barton & Liv Moore
clint meets liv on the way home and they end up chatting and wandering hom
TYPE: completed log DATE: 10/18
Show me what you've got
Clint Barton & Yondu Udonta
clint finds out about yondu's alien-ness and his whistle arrow thing
TYPE: completed log DATE: 10/24
Welcome to the world of shitty dreams
Clint Barton & Tim Riggins
tim isn't having a good time, clint comisterates
TYPE: network reply DATE: 10/30
That sounds rough
Daphne Blake & Reid Garwin
some dream death issues
TYPE: network reply DATE: 10/12
Are you still a princess?
Daphne Blake & Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon
ciri tell's daph about her dream engagement
TYPE: text messages DATE: 10/21
Candy does not equal tips
Daphne Blake & Pietro Maximoff
discussing halloween and the poor etiquette in candy as tips
TYPE: network reply DATE: 10/27
Cures for colds and flu
Eddie Brock & Eleanor Crain
human incubators causing the spread of sickness
TYPE: network reply DATE: 10/12
Here's to us, buddy
Eddie Brock & MJ Watson
eddie and mj have brunch and discuss the state of things
TYPE: completed log DATE: 10/18
What are seasons?
Eddie Brock & Elena Gilbert
the seasonal changes are a thing to miss
TYPE: network reply DATE: 10/27
Death by boredom
Emma Frost & Open
board room meetings are so lame
TYPE: network post DATE: 10/12
Looking for a PI
Emma Frost & Veronica Mars
emma requires a pi and to look into some things for her.
TYPE: text messages DATE: 10/25
What are these dreams?
Emma Frost & Tim Riggins
emma still doesn't get all this dream talk
TYPE: network reply DATE: 10/30
Some weird feedback loop
Emma Swan & Quentin Coldwater
magical tingly things
TYPE: network reply DATE: 10/03
Responsible was her jam
Emma Swan & Michael Guerin
emma takes michael out for thank you drinks and makes friends
TYPE: completed log DATE: 10/04
Breaking things down in dreams
Napoleon Solo & Illya Kuryakin
breaking a bunch of stuff in the dreams
TYPE: network reply DATE: 10/12
Enjoying this fine weather?
Napoleon Solo & William Laurence
napoleon goes out for a while, laurence is on a run
TYPE: completed log DATE: 10/13
Are you at least decent?
Napoleon Solo & Gaby Teller & Illya Kuryakin
napoleon is dealing with super strength, thankfully gaby and illya can help out.
TYPE: completed log DATE: 10/14
Nothing special there
Nebula & Laurel Lance
a child meltdown? nothing unusual there.
TYPE: network reply DATE: 10/12
Looking for employment again
Nebula & Open
nebula is growing bored; it's a risky thing
TYPE: network post DATE: 10/25
Safety measures
Nebula & Pietro Maximoff
just lock them in, it's legal right?
TYPE: network reply DATE: 10/27
Make some leather dresses
Paine & Open
two months notice for bespoke bridesmaids dresses
TYPE: network post DATE: 10/02
Cheesy dreams
Paine & Mabel Pines
gnomes can be really cunning
TYPE: network reply DATE: 10/12
Same or different?
Paine & Veronica Mars
veronica's having rough dreams, paine is curious about similarities.
TYPE: network reply DATE: 10/24
Exercise and wellness
Wanda Maximoff & Luke Crain
luke is finding exercise helpful, wanda agrees
TYPE: network reply DATE: 10/01
If Peter was going to have a tantrum she should just go home.
Wanda Maximoff & Peter Quill
peter gets huffy and wanda tries to deal, then there's manilow invites.
TYPE: completed log DATE: 10/01
Vegas planning
Wanda Maximoff & Padme Amidala & Hayley Marshall
getting the low down on a weekend away with a dude
TYPE: text messages DATE: 10/02