September 2019

OC weirdness strikes again
Blossom & Tim Riggins
the oc played some tricks on tim
TYPE: network reply DATE: 09/18
Getting sick of this s**t
Blossom & Open
mojo jojo makes dreaming a pain in the butt
TYPE: network post DATE: 09/19
I can do that!
Blossom & Isabelle Lightwood
blossom gets a job, easy peasy
TYPE: network reply DATE: 09/24
Never met a challenge I can't beat.
Blossom & Tim Riggins
blossom and tim get breakfast and make plans
TYPE: complete log DATE: 09/24
Got a new ride for you
Clint Barton & Gaby Teller
gaby has a new truck for clint, yay no more death trap
TYPE: texts DATE: 09/23
Dream death real death what?
Clint Barton & Open
curious minds need to know
TYPE: network post DATE: 09/26
Can you hold these?
Clint Barton & Gaby Teller
clint needs to stash some stuff and gaby's is the best place
TYPE: text DATE: 09/30
Water dreams
Eddie Brock & Carly Greig
eddie poses that carly's dreams are probably trying to tell her something
TYPE: network reply DATE: 09/23
This is a research hole
Eddie Brock & MJ Watson
eddie and mj texts of insanity
TYPE: text DATE: 09/26
Just the start of things
Eddie Brock & TJ Hammond
why would a piano be the smallest thing to happen?
TYPE: network reply DATE: 09/30
Faster than the speed of light
Emma Swan & Veronica Mars
ron has some slightly cooler than usual powers
TYPE: network reply DATE: 09/10
Stalker or clear out
Emma Swan & Hanna Marin
hanna's still getting weird messages, but at least she's proactive
TYPE: network reply DATE: 09/26
Have my dreams for a bit
Emma Swan & Liv Moore
liv's getting a dream break, emma offers hers.
TYPE: network reply DATE: 09/30
You guys really like dream journals
Daphne Blake & Open
california is super laid back
TYPE: network post DATE: 09/10
Note to self
Daphne Blake & Open
today has not been a good day for daphne
TYPE: network post DATE: 09/24
What else did you get?
Daphne Blake & TJ Hammond
tj is getting dream gifts, daphne is curious
TYPE: network reply DATE: 09/26
A little help please.
Napoleon Solo & Gaby Teller & Illya Kuryakin
napoleon has some super power issues and needs some help
TYPE: texts DATE: 09/09
It's a small world after all.
Napoleon Solo & MJ Watson
napoleon and mj run into each other at a show
TYPE: complete log DATE: 09/23
Can I ask a question
Napoleon Solo & Gaby Teller
gaby checks in and has some dream related questions
TYPE: texts DATE: 09/23
Emergency text system
Nebula & Peter Quill & TJ Hammond
nebula needs to make plans and cancel them whoops
TYPE: text messages DATE: 09/02
Would you shut up and get in here?
Nebula & Peter Quill
nebula's dream self asserts itself, peter needs to add some finishing touches
TYPE: complete log DATE: 09/03
Sounds like stupid OC stuff
Nebula & TJ Hammond
tj is a vampire, that's something new
TYPE: network reply DATE: 09/09
Requesting assistance in appearance
Nebula & Open
nebula needs to not be blue all the time, technology has the answer
TYPE: network post DATE: 09/15
Pays to be observant, doesn’t it.
Paine & Gwen Stacy
paine and gwen have a meet uncute at a club
TYPE: complete log DATE: 09/07
She had a thing for strays after all.
Paine & Billy Kaplan
billy stops by for a kitty play date
TYPE: complete log DATE: 09/23
Isn't that what yoga is for
Paine & Alice Bell
california is pretty chill
TYPE: network reply DATE: 09/27
A thing with the thing
Wanda Maximoff & Pietro Maximoff
pietro checks in and wanda gets around to bringing up their connection
TYPE: text DATE: 09/10
Perk up and talk it out
Wanda Maximoff & Billy Kaplan
wanda offers an ear for billy to talk to
TYPE: network reply DATE: 09/17
Ride until it's clear
Wanda Maximoff & Pogue Parry
dreams mirroring reality aren't easy to deal with
TYPE: network reply DATE: 09/24