The power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law.
My persuasion can build a nation, endless power, with our love we can devour. You'll do anything for me. Who run the world? Girls!
The Basics
General Information
Real Name Kelly Marie Deacon
Current Alias Arachnid
Marital Status Single
Classification Super
Gender Female
Age 31 (09/10/86)
Height 5'9"
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Discovery April '02
Abilities Bio-Electrokinesis
Pheromone Manipulation
Arachnid Physiology
Contaminant Immunity
Extended Information
Nickname Kells

Relatives John Deacon
Michelle Deacon
Charlotte Deacon
Scott Deacon
Matthew Deacon
Chloe Deacon
Louis Deacon

Sexuality Heterosexual
Handler Miles Shaw
Occupations Public Defender
Reg Recruitment April '18
Kelly follows the trend with most of her family; dark hair and dark eyes, and the sunniest disposition of most. She is quite tall, although not too much above average, but she's not leggy, she took a while to grow into that, her limbs were always rather gangly growing up. Now, Kelly is a mostly balanced and proportioned woman. Her dark hair is possibly one of her defining features, since she hasn't had it cut past a trim in quite some time, but Kelly's smile is usually the most noted of her appearance; broad and welcoming, it is the thing most people remember Kelly for.

As a throwback to her powers, Kelly developed small bumps around her wrists, likely part of her arachnid physiology. The bumps are pea sized, don't hurt in any way and are hard to touch, they're possibly undeveloped web pouches that never fully formed as part of Kelly's spider traits.

Mostly, Kelly sticks to a simple style, her work tending to call on pant suits and blouses, and in her casual time Kelly sways more to the same but pairing them with jeans. While she doesn't tend to wear heels, when it's called on she can pull it off with excellent poise, even if she feels like a new born gazelle to begin with. She is definitely able to clean up, but prefers the homebody appearance more than anything else.
Kelly is the balance and moral steadfastness of the family; while the Deacon's are an exceptionally close and loving family, each one of them operating their own code of ethics instilled in them by their loving parents, Kelly often acts as a sounding board for her younger siblings and the quiet and encouraging post for her older siblings, all while being an extra pair of hands around the house for their mother. Kelly thrives in this role, giving and nurturing those around her, feeling the warm accomplishment of helping her loved ones when they need her. She's shockingly well rounded, open and understanding while being firm and honest, regardless of the situation.

She doesn't take shit, least of all from family, and doesn't accept when her siblings put themselves down for no reason. Kelly will help them build themselves back up, within reason, but is fine to call BS on the self-pity shit when she needs to. As much as she wants to nurture and care, she isn't around for a pity party either. Her patience is nothing to sniff at, but even she has a limit on how long she can tolerate someone just being down on themselves.

An engaging and charismatic woman, Kelly is her finest when she's got an audience. It works well for her in the court room, where she can usually read the room and figure out the best way to approach things; she doesn't like manipulating people, and has never used her powers to any effect for her work, but Kelly has a keen sense of people and knows how to figure someone out from a few interactions. She's incredibly smart, and possibly could've done so much more with her career than working for her community court, but Kelly has a keen sense of serving those who need it most, and she wanted to give back to where she grew up and stay close to home.

Sometimes, Kelly can give more than she gets, and it's hard for her to really pull herself out of those situations, because she is the optimist of the family for sure. It's taken a sit down from her older siblings more than once for Kelly to finally throw in the towel on relationships where she was being taken advantage of, but unfortunately, she never really learns not to put herself in that position again; still hoping for love, still holding out for someone to surprise her, Kelly can't help but see a potential even in the least likely of places.

That's not to say Kelly is a walkover; she's got a keen sense of justice and morality, she knows right from wrong and wrongs don't fly with her. She'll defend people she sees as needing her tooth and nail and takes that both inside the courtroom and outside. Lord help anyone who messes with her family, she might not resort to violence, but she has no trouble in making life very difficult for people who deserve it.

Willing to give anyone a chance, even a second chance, Kelly is friendly off the cuff with anyone and will do her best to accommodate and make friends. She's a social person, although her work hours greatly hampered that, and has an adoration for old movies that cannot be contained.
Abilities & Skills
Kelly's abilities are largely under control with very few power flares, as such, she is trusted to maintain a steady hold of her powers. She's been given the standard limiter which reacts to over use of powers with a sedative delivered gradually. Due to the fact that Kelly voluntarily handed herself over, despite the years she hid, her record is supporting her opportunity to function with her powers on despite her new state as an Agent.

Kelly is able to create, shape and manipulate the bio-electric currents that exist within the body, currents from the nervous system, heart and muscles. She can utilise her own or other peoples provided she has skin contact to that person. Her body possesses an inordinate amount of bio-electricity that she has learned to channel and discharge through her hands, in controlled bursts of what she calls "Venom Blasts". These energy projections vary in power; they mostly affect the nervous system in humans. Kelly is able to regulate them to simply stun, although she can make them strong enough to potentially kill an average size man, it will just drain her entirely for a few days.

LIMITATIONS: Kelly cannot bio-electrically charge inorganic matter or dead things. She needs to draw the power from her own body, but she can charge another persons to give them a small charge. Kelly has to direct this through her hands, which glow a soft green colour when she builds up the energy. Too much use of this can leave Kelly with little to no energy.
Pheromone Manipulation
Additionally, Kelly has the ability to secrete pheromones that can create fear, elicit attraction and/or repulsion, generate calm or incite anger in people. There are some limitations solely based on Kelly's pheromones, depending on factors like gender, mood and orientation. This ability is largely unconscious but she has since gotten a control on stamping it down except in serious times of distress.

Kelly has done her best to keep this power on lock down and not reveal it, at current no one in the Regiment program knows about this power although it is similarly affected by her limiter, as Kelly understands it could adversely effect all the cases she's been involved in as an attorney.
Arachnid Physiology
Kelly displays the ability to mimic certain aspects of arachnid physiology such as wallcrawling, enhanced balance and dexterity, danger sense and dermal armour. These abilities are not exceptionally strong, and while Kelly displays small bumps under the skin at her wrists, she is unable to generate webs by herself.

Her wallcrawling ability allows her to stick to surfaces using her hands, elbows, knees and feet; her balance and dexterity is higher than a normal human, but not exceptionally enhanced to the point of those with super-human balance or dexterity. Kelly's danger sense is limited to herself, or a very close proximity to her and while her skin is thicker than most, it is not impenetrable.

LIMITATIONS: Kelly cannot communicate with spiders, generate web or turn into a spider, she has two arms, not six and she does not display any mutations to that of a spider. She cannot tolerate high levels of caffeine as she is exceptionally sensitive and it almost acts like a psychotropic with her. Extreme shifts in temperature tend to leave Kelly feeling lethargic and groggy.
Contaminant Immunity
The only enhanced by-product of her arachnid mimicry is the contaminant immunity that several spider species exhibit. Kelly is immune to some, if not all, known poisons, toxins, venoms, viruses, bacteria and allergen (save caffeine, which adversely affects some arachnids). Kelly's metabolism rapidly creates powerful immunities to all forms of toxins, poisons and drugs, after an initial exposure that usually makes her dizzy. Her body is totally immune to radiation.

LIMITATIONS: Kelly is vulnerable to toxins specifically targeting spider-physiology. Additionally, she must be exposed to the toxin, virus, bacteria or venom before she develops the immunity. Temperatures of extreme hot or cold will affect how quickly she can metabolise an immunity.
With a growing family, John and Michelle Deacon had a lot of love to give, and Kelly joining the young Charlotte and Scott didn't change that in any way. With the good spacing between the siblings, Kelly grew in a home full of love with older siblings that offered support and plenty of play time. With Matthew following shortly behind Kelly it was an extra playmate and someone Kelly could show all her tricks to. She made a point in showing Matthew how to walk so that she could claim she taught him. Louis and Chloe followed soon after, with Kelly just hitting her teenage years as Chloe joined the family, making her feel like the doting big sister when she was allowed to take the baby out to give mom a rest.

Kelly grew up with an open, loving family with lots of involvement in the community and nothing but love for each other. It was a way of life that stuck with Kelly through her formative years and beyond. Picking up the lessons their mother taught them and their father's dedication to protecting and serving the community as an officer. Kelly knew, when she grew up, she'd help people just the same.

Early Life
For some, a house with five other kids could've gotten overwhelming. For Kelly it meant she was always busy. If she wasn't studying for school, hanging out with her friends or volunteering, she would be with her siblings. Gossiping with Charlotte, doing Chloe's hair, helping Louis with his homework or harmless pranks on Matt and Scott, their house was rarely anything by exciting. Kelly was very much the homebody, happy to stick around there to help mom rather than go out to parties with friends, she was there to provide another set of hands when Scott signed up with the Marines, supporting her brother even through the fear of him never coming home, Kelly threw herself into helping at home to dull that panic.

It was also around that time that Kelly noticed some odd differences about herself. While she'd been previously prone to some clumsiness, she became far more graceful, her balance and reflexes seemingly better overnight. Not to mention she was able to tell when someone or something was around her, when she was in harms way -which was definitely useful in the few games of dodgeball she was conned into playing. But, as Scott went off into untold dangers, Kelly choose to keep the development to herself, even as small bumps raised around her wrists, painful at first and then simply there. Opting to cover them with bracelets and cuffs, Kelly continued on like nothing was different.

Encouraging the younger kids to keep writing letters, especially when Matt followed in Scott's footsteps, enlisting himself and leaving Michelle with another worry, Kelly shelved any ideas she had to follow their dad into the police force and settled on a slightly safer way to help uphold justice and help those who really needed her; law school.
College & Power Development
While Kelly had the option to go further afield for college, she opted to stick close to home. With Scott and Matt away, it was better for her to stay close to help out where needed and to keep an eye on the kids, although she did get a small apartment closer to campus to live in. She made the effort to always be home for weekend meals and to make time for Louis and Chloe, taking Chloe shopping before the new school year, teaching Louis how to drive, the occasional sleepover at her place so their parents could have a break and the teens could get out for a while.

And although college was occasionally a challenge, when her emotions got the better of her and Kelly noticed she was influencing others around it became a bigger challenge to fully understand her developing powers and work out how best to keep them hidden. Trial and error, a few broken items in the apartment and some stressful moments of hanging from the ceiling, Kelly got to the point of understanding she had certain spider traits, including the ability to secrete pheromones, which was how she influenced other people. Working out control came during Spring break, when she lied for the first time to her siblings and said she was going away with friends, but in reality she went out of state to find a method of control to keep her from being detected.

Lying aside, it worked, and Kelly returned after Spring break with more confidence in her ability to hide and her control. Unwilling to leave her siblings without her or her mother with another absent child -even if Scott and Matt were serving the country- she made every effort possible to be there for her family while keeping the only secret she ever would.
Tragedy & Choices
For the most part, things went well. Kelly kept her secret, graduated college and passed the bar. She dated and got her heart broken, she worked with family services and got her heart broken. She kept herself as involved with the community as she could, working for the public defenders office meant exceptionally long hours, with case loads that no single person could honestly handle. She had to call off a few family dinners at that point, and while she heard the disappointment in her mother's voice, she knew that her work was too important to pass over on.

She made the effort, showing up randomly when she could, helping with shopping and errands, stopping in to see how Louis and Chloe was. She'd offered numerous times to get Louis to come look at apartments with her, but he was fairly set on staying at home. Kelly saw it as Louis and Chloe remaining intensely close and comforted herself by knowing that Chloe had Louis even if the others were still somewhat distant because of work.

She toyed with the idea of telling her older siblings about her powers a time or two, but the notion of sharing the secret, forcing her siblings to keep that to themselves and bare her burden, Kelly always talked herself out of it, keeping it to herself and maintaining her constant level of control, even as her bio-electric powers flared with her high strung emotions around work.

It was in 2018, when Louis was tragically killed in a road accident and Chloe was exposed as being a super, the double shock to the family was like a vicious blow. Kelly focused on keeping their parents together, even as she was torn between staying with their grieving mom and going to Chloe, who was painted as the cause of the incident, which wasn't being ruled as an accident but as a super without control. In the few days following, even as the family tried to pull together, Kelly sat their parents down and told them her secret and that she intended on turning herself in. While there was initial panic and some shock, Kelly managed to convince them both it was for the best, because Chloe needed one of them on her side, and hopefully, with enough pleading, she could be sent to her little sister.

Resigning from her job, packing up her apartment and leaving Charlotte with her car and cat, letters sent to her remaining siblings and with her parents understanding if not blessing, Kelly turned herself in to the local station as a previously hidden super. Following her processing and discussion with some handling agents, Kelly was informed of the Regiment program and offered a place there -when it was confirmed that Chloe had taken a deal to serve with Regiment instead of staying in jail, Kelly accepted and hoped she'd be sent to the same facility.