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Got a figure like a pinup, got a figure like a doll. Don't care if you think I'm dumb, I don't care at all. Candy bear, sweetie pie, wanna be adored, I'm the girl you'd die for. I'll chew you up and I'll spit you out, 'cause that's what young love is all about. So pull me closer, and kiss me hard I'm gonna pop your bubblegum heart.
The Basics
General Information
Real Name Peach Hale
Current Alias Binary
Marital Status Single
Classification Super
Gender Female
Age 20 (06/15/98)
Height 5'5"
Eyes Blue/Green
Hair Red
Discovery August '12
Abilities Energy Absorption
Energy Beam Emission
Extended Information
Nicknames Sassy Superhero
Princess Peach

Relatives Gertrude Donovan
Marcus Hale
Crash Hale

Sexuality Homosexual
Handler TBD
Occupations Runaway
Reg Recruitment Jan '18

Peach is a petite girl with long flowing fire red hair; it stands out stark against her soft pale skin, making it all the more vibrant and eye catching. Peach has a habit of wearing it loose or in a high ponytail, allowing the length to just keep growing. She's got soft green eyes, that in the right light look blue, and a small frame due in part to genetics -her mother was a total waif.

While Peach favours a lot of pastel colours, she dresses entirely for comfort; she doesn't wear or like frilly dresses, regardless of how much her mom tried to get her into them, liking oversized sweaters and tops and snug jeans where she can. She'll wear a pair of comfortable trainers to death, and even then she'll only get rid of them if she has an equally comfortable pair to replace them.

She's not a shy girl, but she is soft spoken, which shows in her demeanour, she'll hunch until she comfortable and then she'll show a little more of her vibrant personality. She tends to have a small smile on her face at the very least, she rarely wears make up, and when she does it's probably a little off, she was never really shown properly how to apply anything other than the make up that came with her dolls and Barbies.
Peach is a bit of the idealistic sort; she's a dreamer, but she dreams just enough to make it a reality, in some cases it works out, in others it's just a bit of a disappointment. She's started to come to terms with that fact too. That things will not always be what she hopes they will be. She tries her hardest to keep her head from floating off into the clouds, but she's exceptionally optimistic, despite her lot in life, she still tries to find the silver lining everywhere.

She's very open minded and creative, she rarely sees people as anything other than potential friends, although this sometimes put her at odds with her chosen family, since they were exceptionally tight knit and Peach was the last addition, she still views each and every one of them as her best friend. Even when they aren't best friends sometimes. She doesn't like rules or constrains, doesn't like having to fit into an assigned box, which is where her affinity for the Outsiders really came from. Rebelling against something she sees as being false or wrong is rather easy.

While Peach is really creative, she can be somewhat impractical, her ideas and notions sometimes so whimsical that they are just not feasible in any circumstance. It's not too big a disappointment for her now, she's come to terms with that and how she needs to think a little smaller. It's not always easy.

Peach has an open nature, she's talkative and friendly, she tends not to judge people straight away, but wait until she's got some facts, and even then she's not great at paying attention to them. But she isn't a fool, and she won't be taken for one. Once her trust is broken, it's very hard to get that back. She's very close with her friends, and sometimes it just takes on of them telling her something for Peach to stick with the group -she might not believe them and it might not be what she thinks, but she won't ever go against her family and what they say or feel.
Abilities & Skills
Peach has a standard limiter implant; it gives a quick dose of sedative to knock Peach out and is implanted in her shoulder blade.

Energy Absorption
Peach has the ability to absorb a wide variety of energy and utilise it to further augment her energy beam emission. Extremely high-energy attacks may eventually overload Peach's absorbing ability, but she is capable of absorbing and utilising energy up to the magnitude of a nuclear explosion. Peach is able to absorb numerous types of energy and store them within herself for later use. She does need to be struck with the energy source in order to absorb it; like an electricity beam, fire blast, concussive beam. Peach can withstand a lot of damage by taking the energy.

She does need to use it though, as too much energy can overload her and cause an involuntary purging of the power -like glass being too full and spilling oer the side.

Currently, Peach knows she can absorb electromagnetic energy (by touching an energy source), electricity, fire energy (from a blast or fire stream), kinetic energy (if an item is charged with it, she can drain it from the item), light energy and radioactive energy. She can take more than one at any time, but if it gets too much she will collapse from the strain and overtaxing.

LIMITATIONS: Like said, Peach can be overloaded; too much and she'll pass out from the strain, if she uses more energy than she's stored, she will also pass out. Some energy is not absorbable for Peach -she can't absorb life-force in any manner, solar energy unless a light force or psychic energy. Eventually, Peach runs on full and cannot absorb more energy without expelling some. This is only dangerous if she doesn't channel it properly.

Peach cannot absorb her own energy.
Energy Beam Emission
Peach can generate extremely powerful photon blasts, which are roughly equal in force to jet engine repulsor blasts. If she has absorbed a great amount of energy, Peach can generate even stronger energy blasts. These blasts are pure energy, regardless of what Peach has absorbed, her body converts it to pure energy when expelling the energy.

While it's largely unrefined and destructive, Peach has come ways to learn how to channel the power she uses, beams tend to leave her at any point, but she directs it best from her hands, using the palm of her hand to direct it better. If Peach overloads, the energy can expel from any part of her without direction. Peach can control how strong or weak her blasts are for whatever purpose; blowing in a door doesn't need as much power as blasting a building, understanding how to limit what she sends out has been a trial for Peach, but she's beginning to get the hang of it.

LIMITATIONS: Mostly, Peach is limited by the amount of energy she has available. If she has nothing stored, she cannot fire any energy beams and trying to do so will just result in her straining herself. Additionally, when she's not fully in control, the energy beams can be wildly destructive.
Gertrude and Marcus met in high school; Marcus was the self entitled king of nerds, he had held the title for the first three years of high school and expected to sail through senior year much the same. Until Gertrude transferred to the school and Marcus wasn't sure what happened. Gertrude was the rare breed to those boys, she played the arcade games and read the comics and watched the same shows. They were gobsmacked that a girl liked the same things as them, and Marcus set out to prove that he was still the king of nerds. Gertrude wasn't phased by it. She answered any questions he pounced on her with, laughed at his trick questions and in a move just to stop him being an idiot, she beat all of his high scores at the local arcade.

It took Marcus a stupidly long time to figure out he was smitten.

He asked her to prom by tirelessly working to reclaim the high scores on the arcade games, making the names ask Gertrude out; she laughed at him and said yes. While they were both more than smart enough to go to college, neither were all that interested in it. Marcus started interning at a video game developer while Gertrude worked retail, they moved in together shortly after high school ended, living in a small apartment close to both their work places. Within a year they'd saved up enough for a small wedding, but Gertrude's announcement of being pregnant put a pause on that, opting to take the money for baby things instead.

Born in the middle of a scorching summer, with soft auburn hair already coming through like her mother's, Marcus insisted they had to name her after one of their first shared favourites; Peach.

Early Life & Crash
Peach's childhood was relatively uneventful. She had a loving father, a caring mother and by the time she could walk, they had a small house and a garden. It meant she could play, have neighbourhood friends over, blossom into a bubbly and friendly young girl. By the time she was four, she had a little brother, Marcus managing to convince his still fiancee to name their little boy Crash.

For a while, Peach treated Crash like a toy, taking him everywhere, playing with him, getting bored and ignoring him. When he started to crawl it was a little better, since he started to interact and could follow her better. They became rather inseparable, always able to find the other when one was, and vice versa. Peach and Crash were thick as thieves with games and toys and teaming up to steal cookies before dinner. Even starting school and making friends, getting teased a little, Peach and Crash stayed very close.

To an extent, Peach and Crash were protected from any troubles their parents were having; like Marcus' powers growing, and Gertrude struggling to manage the secrecy and instability. Wanting to protect the kids, Marcus regularly went away on trips, coming back with silly little gifts for Peach and Crash. More than anything, Peach just wished that her dad would stay around for longer than a month at a time.
Powers & Running Away
Everything changed when Peach hit fourteen, and her powers started to present themselves. Suddenly, she learned more about her father than she previously knew, and they were able to work together so that Peach could begin to understand her abilities. They learned by accident that Peach could absorb the energy her father let off; allowing Peach to help contain her dad's relatively volatile radioactive powers. It was pure accident, but a very lucky one, that left Peach with enough power to destroy almost all of the junk yard they were practicing in.

With Peach's energy absorption, they were able to mostly stabilise Marcus' ability to the point where they could all carry on, pretend nothing was wrong. It started to wear on Peach somewhat, as she had to expel the energy regularly, which ate into her free time and her own energy, by constantly having to make sure she didn't get too much power and bleeding it out in numerous locations.

It strained Peach's connection to her dad, to her brother, who was starting to show destructive powers too and expectation turned to Peach to help maintain the cover for both her dad and her brother. Since Crash was leaking so much energy all the time while his powers were still unstable, Peach was pushed to the limit of her absorption in a matter of days each time, to the point where she stayed away at a friends house for the weekend just to get away from it.

Unfortunately, the weekend away and the stress it put on her family resulted in Crash or Marcus losing their cool and their powers erupting dangerously. The house they'd grown up in blew up, while Peach was on route home. By the time Peach got there the whole place was surrounded by emergency services and the Government had shown up having been alerted to possible supers. Peach, unsure of what to do, fled. She was left wondering if her parents or brother survived the explosion and plagued with the guilt of not being there when she should've been.
The Outsiders & Regiment
Scared and on her own, a 16 year old Peach had little she could turn to and only her possessions from the weekend with her friend. Worried that her friend or their family would call someone about her, Peach went to the city, trying to find somewhere or something to do that would help her blend in. After a few nights on the streets by herself, using some hostels sometimes and soup kitchens, Peach stumbled across a group that would later be known as The Outsiders. Instant acceptance wasn't a thing, but she got close with the other five kids, all living in similar situations to her -without family, with powers and with no one else to turn to.

For a while, Peach felt like she'd found a new home, until one of theirs was captured by the Government. Going with the flow, Peach continued to rebel against what was happening, still worried and scared for her future, but with the Outsiders, she felt like her future was still possible. A year passed following the first capture before things finally caught up with them and they were captured; Peach going with Cassidy and Alejandro to a facility in Limbo where they were to be part of the Wraiths Regiment.

Sticking as close as she could to Cassidy, Peach tried her hardest to fit in, to go with things, to not make waves, even when she wasn't sure that was what was best. Then in June, after the tragic death of Scotty, Peach was suddenly transferred to Florida and rushed to the facility. Unknown to her, her father had survived the blast the destroyed their house, he'd been in Florida for the last four years and his powers had begun to unravel. Trying to avoid a constant limitation on his abilities, the Government had pulled Peach in to try and help, understanding that maybe seeing his daughter would help Marcus figure out some control.

Peach spent almost the full month syphoning off the energy that Marcus sent out, helping him find balance again, talking him through what had happened and what she knew. Marcus told her that Crash hadn't been home when the accident happened. When things were more stable, and Marcus had better control, Peach was asked if she would like to make her transfer to Florida permanent to stay with her dad. Finally getting closure on what happened, and knowing that her little brother was possibly not dead, Peach declined the offer, saying her goodbye to her father with the promise of permission to write to one another, and getting ready for her return to Limbo and her family.