I'm not afraid of my demons anymore
The paradox of our minds, too much to believe, too much to deny. You fool me again to quiet my pride, but I'm a human, I come with knives. I never promised you an open heart or charity. I never wanted to abuse your imagination. I come with knives, I come with knives, and agony to love you
The Basics
General Information
Real Name Reyna Goldstein
Current Alias Blades
Marital Status Single
Classification Super
Gender Female
Age 27 (12/12)
Height 5'1"
Eyes Brown
Hair Blond
Discovery July '03
Abilities Kinetikinesis
Knife Generation
Extended Information
Nickname Rey
Relatives Ilana Goldstein
Brendan Leto
Isaac Goldstein

Sexuality Pansexual
Handler TBD
Occupations Cashier
Reg Recruitment November '18
Reyna is a slight girl, she's petite, but not inconsequential, and her disposition gives her a degree of presence. She's haunting in a way, her soft eyes, pale skin and the usually blank expressions she exhibits unless feeling wildly animated. She's still pretty -not stunningly so, and she's okay with that. Her make up is always muted, the occasional colour splash or winged liner just to highlight things, her hair sometimes unkempt and unruly.

While her hair is usually pale white blond, Reyna occasionally dabbles with some hair chalk to add colour, usually washing it out or just letting it fade if she's feeling particularly lazy.

As with her make up, Reyna typically stays understated with her clothes, wearing muted colours or blacks, often just comfortable and rarely towards fashion trends. Given her youth, removed from most of society and how trends flowed, Reyna has a keen grasp on her individuality.
Reyna is best described as volatile. She's exceptionally turbulent and experiences things in a lot of extremes. She is either in an exceptionally good mood or she's in a horrific mood. To an extent this is combated with mood stablisers, but they just treat the symptom, not the cause.

For the most part, Reyna is angry. She's angry at her mother, at her father, at her situation, at her powers, at the world. She's angry at just about everything except her brother, who regularly put her first and tried to be sure she wasn't getting the raw end of the stick. Where Reyna rebels against the mother and grandparents, she tries for Isaac, pulling pack her destructive instincts to quell her brother's worry.

Part of Reyna's anger stems from how intelligent she is, how wasted that was and how her upbringing took a lot away from her in regards to her future. Reyna had always been smart, she has an apptitude for learning that few expected of her given her unruly attitude and her destructive impulses. She was regularly frustrated by just how much smarter she was than those around her growing up and just how little they took her seriously. This caused a resentment in Reyna once she was with her grandparents and in a proper school system, given she could've excelled so much had she been there from the start.

Reyna doesn't make friends easily, she's sarcastic, standoffish and rude. She doesn't hold back anything and doesn't feel like she should walk on eggshells around people. The only opinion that matters to Reyna is Isaac's, and Isaac always forgives her when she bites his head off, even if they both know her words hit a little close to home. Reyna's violent tendencies stem from her father, although he was never physically abusive, his controlling ways and emotional manipulation left a mark on Reyna, leaving her cold and distant emotionally and unable to fully appreciate the effect of lashing out. What emotions Reyna does feel, she feels fully. She is far too prone to dismissing complex feelings and focusing on one strong emotion; anger, jealousy, rage, sadness, regret, happiness. She goes with whatever is strongest at the time and gives herself to that rather than convolute things with deeper understandings.

She is jaded, occasionally shallow and prone to arguing for the sake of it. One of the few people who will get honesty and calmness from her is Isaac.
Abilities & Skills
Reyna is fitted with a strong sedative that instantly has her woozy, dizzy and disorentated, the implant is fitted to her spinal coloum and releases a shock if tampered with. Currently, her powers are off due to her volatile nature and the incident leading to her arrest.

Reyna has the ability to create, shape and manipulate kinetic energy, which is the energy of any moving object. Technically, Reyna could utilise a wide variety of kinetic applications, however her lack of understanding of sciences means she's a little unaware of her potential.

For the most part, Reyna uses her power to increase, decrease and strengthen the speed and velocity of objects in motion. She applies the kinetic attacks to her knives, merging her powers more than expanding one power. Reyna can turn potential energy into kinetic energy, charging the weapon in question. Reyna has also learned how to use hyperkinetic exertion, basically making herself an immovable object for a brief length of time, or exerting enormous force with a single touch. This is sometimes difficult for Reyna to control, meaning she has had some issues with too much force when not meaning to.

The easiest power for Reyna to handle with her kinetic manipulation is kinetic energy absorption which she utilises when attacks are aimed at her, she needs to see the attack coming and know when to activate her absorption in a manner, but when hit, she can absorb all the kinetic energy from the attack, rendering it mostly harmless.

LIMITATIONS: A lot of Reyna's limitations revolve around not knowing more about her power. She's not dumb, not by a longshot, but she isn't very well versed in the complications of her power. However, she is limited on the amount of force she can exert when using her hyperkinetic exertion, and if she pushes too much, she will hurt herself.

When absorbing kinetic energy, Reyna needs to see the attack, must use what she absorbs within a few hours. Absorbing energy doesn't make her invulnerable, it just means she can remove the force from the attack. Additionally, she can't absorb self-made kinetic energy. Reyna does have the potential to expand her kinetic powers, but she will need a lot of coaching and practice. In time, she could learn how concussive force abilities, remote detonation and trajectory manipulation.
Knife Generation
Reyna is able to create knives, or short swords, out of nothing. Typically, she can generate up to fifteen at a time while retaining control, however she can create more if she is not attempting to manipulate them with her gladiokinesis. Reyna's created weapons are usually copies of knives or blades she's seen, held and used in the past, meaning that other people with weapon skills can effectively use them. This means that Reyna's opponents can use her knives just as well as she could, potentially better in some cases.

Reyna is not impervious to harm from her weapons.
Reyna's primary power, and her most dangerous one, is her ability to manipulate blades and knives. This ability, coupled with her ability to create knives, means that she can shape and manipulate knives, joining them together, separating and moving them similarly to telekinesis, as she wishes.

Her manipulation, coupled with the creation powers, means that Reyna can merge her powers to give her certain abilitys, such as blade attacks, the ability to generate blades from herself, around herself or nearby, and use them to defend or attack. Typically, Reyna uses this to generate blades straight to her hands, or in a halo around her in order to project them at targets. She can create something akin to a wave of knives, cutting through numerous substances that may be vulnerable to her attack, or use a single blade in a bolt like projectile, to impale, stab or slice a target.

In a similar manner, Reyna is able to take an existing blade, or one she creates and adapt it with blade elongation, creating a longer or deadlier weapon if the need suits. This doesn't change the composition of the blade she's using, so if it is delicate or thin metal, it can be damaged or broken. If Reyna creates the blade she elongates, she can control the make up of the substance.

Although not like a personal storage or void, Reyna does have a hidden arsenal of blades ready for call at any moment, these tend to exist in a constant state of readiness for Reyna to bring forth. Typically, these are short handed curved blades, the first type that Reyna learned to construct herself, and can be called on or sent off at any time. For now, these weapons tend to sprout from Reyna's body, rather than any kind of holster or clothing she has, in time she should be able to create them outside of herself to use instantly. Of blades that Reyna creates, she can use weapon calling to bring the blade back to her. This makes the weapon travel in the straightest path to her, regardless of what is in the way.

With her blades, Reyna is able to enhance projectiles for throwing weapons, her small handled knives can become exceptionally adept weapons as she enhances their speed and strength when projecting them, either by throwing them herself or manipulating them to attack a target.

LIMITATIONS: Reyna's concentration on the knives she creates diminishes with each one she brings forth, although it's easiest to manipulate what she creates instead of what already exists, it does take up more of Reyna's energy. At current she's able to create fifteen blades without losing some efficiency in her attacks. Any more than that and her focus drops, leading to mistakes and accidents. Shortly before her arrest, Reyna created almost twenty five blades and accidentally stabbed her best friend without noticing.

Reyna cannot hit a target she cannot see, her knives need to have a clear end point for her to launch or project them. While she can use the knives herself, without projecting them, she does not have any kind of weapons proficiency and needs to learn how to properly handle the weapons. This means training in use and not just creation. Similarly, Reyna needs to use her blade attacks sparingly, as using them more than a few times within a few hours drains her of energy, over use again, shakes her ability to control where her knives end up and can result in serious injury.

In no way, shape or form is Reyna immune to injuries from her own weapons.
More commonly known as anger manipulation, Reyna has the ability to sense rage, anger and aggression in other people, animals and herself and tap into that. She can heighten already existing instances of these emotions or decrease them to calm and difuse a situation.

Unlike an empath, Reyna only has control over anger, such as anger detection, feeling the inner anger anyone has; anger absorption, taking anger from someone else and absorbing it into herself, usually through touch; anger augmentation, able to amplify alread existing feelings of anger into a heightened stage, again through touching her target, Reyna can use her own anger or anger she's absorbed elsewhere to do this, but she needs to have something to amplify the anger with. Reyna's least controlled method is anger inducement, a burst of sheer, uncontrolled rage and anger induced in a person or group for around thirty minutes. This does not require touch and can be brought on purely by Reyna feeling intense feelings. She is still learning how to control this power without muting her own emotions entirely.

On the reverse side, Reyna can also cause tranquil state by removing all traces of anger, rage or aggression from someone or something, this does not have to happen through touch and is something she can use to control a situation. This usually lasts no more than thirty minutes before the normal levels of these emotions settle back into the people affected.

LIMITATIONS: While Reyna can control the levels of these emotions, she cannot control what people do during her manipulations. She could easily become a target of someone she's manipulated, as the personality changes while under the influence is hard to say. Reyna's influence without touch is limited to about twenty feet, although it could grow to be much more. Those times she removes or amplifies emotions tend to leave Reyna feeling devoid of emotions herself unless she's absorbing them, in which case she herself feels the build up of aggression and rage.
By the time Reyna was born, her father Brendan already had quite the following in his commune. She grew up around other supers with her brother in the commune, developing a sense of freedom there that the world around her wasn't known for. It let Reyna grow up rather fearless, already exceptionally bright in her early years. Bright enough to see that there was a degree of prison about the commune, as 'free' as it was viewed, bright enough to see the way her father ignored her mother's most basic needs and wants, sometimes flaunting his faithlessness to her.

To Reyna it wasn't a worry. She had her brother, her freedom and her mother doted on her. Although the whole thing wasn't what they said it was, Reyna had no power to change things and was left to just get on with what she had. She started lessons at home early to keep her busy, unruly and argumentative, it became clear to Reyna that she knew more than her mother, more than her father and more than any tutor they gave her within the commune. She grew irritated and bored with their lessons, only exhibitng any patience when she was with Isaac, going over his own lessons with him. She never felt the need to lord her higher intelligence over him, since he never tried to act like he knew more than her.

Power Development
In many ways, Isaac was the opposite to Reyna; he was mild mannered, quiet, kind. Reyna was none of those things. Her powers developed exceptionally early, she was twelve and largely still regarded as a child. While she was aware of her developing kinetic powers, it was more important that she control her ability to generate and control blades and knives. It became very clear that she needed to learn control quickly less she hurt the people who followed her father around, besotted with his teachings and safe haven.

Reyna was unaware that while Brendan was attempting to teach her control he was also having a telepath from the commune dampen her emotions and sway her mind to being more adaptable to his influence. Reyna didn't discover it until later, and at the time it helped her to fully grasp control of when she created her blades and learning to control them properly. Her understanding of her kinetic powers were hampered by Brendan's dismissal of letting her learn from science textbooks that would be needed to understand the physics of things. Her concerns were dismissed, after all, Brendan knew best.

She didn't get to argue too much, as the following year Ilana regained control of her life and left Brendan, taking Reyna and Isaac with her.
Back to Portland
As big a shift in things as the life was, learning to hide was the biggest challenege that Reyna had. Moving into the public school system allowed her to fully realise how intelligent she naturally was, excelling in languages and arts, and while she tried to use her science classes to learn something about her powers, the new world at her feet drew her attention far more than sitting over textbooks.

Where she'd had few friends in the commune that were her own age, in Portland Reyna had a wide social circle of girls and boys her own age, although she struggled initially to keep her powers secret, given how freely she'd been able to use and talk about her powers before. While Isaac was spending more and more time with their grandparents, Reyna was spreading her wings with high school life, going out to parties and football games. It sparked a pattern that Reyna slid into happily living her life to the extreme, partying almost every night, drinking and dabbling in drugs as she went from one extreme to the next.

Her best friend, Rebecca, often took care of her. Calling Isaac when they needed a pick up, stopping Reyna from throwing up on herself, often times calling the limits on things. It was at these parties that Reyna met Callum, she was a high school senior when they met and he was much older, already in his thirties. Callum encouraged Reyna to do as she pleased, and while Rebecca didn't entirely approve of the relationship, she didn't tell Reyna's family or stop them from seeing each other.
Returning Home
Hoping that finishing high school would calm Reyna, her grandparents tried to encourage her to go to college. Reyna toyed with the idea, but ultimately didn't follow that plan instead enjoying the freedoms of life outside of school. Mostly partying it up, shopping, spending her grandparents money and disappearing for times with Callum. Her relationship with Callum got rather serious, although not in any manner that would be considered good. Callum started getting very controlling, and once he learned of her status as a super, something Reyna worried he would expose, he started to try to manipulate her.

It took Reyna a while to notice, through the drinking and the drugs, what Callum was trying to do, trying to sway her back towards her father's teachings. They were at a party, he foolishly mentioned on of Brendan's sayings and everything clicked into place for Reyna. She was livid, and had to control herself to call Isaac to get her home. Callum attempted to pull her back to the party, trying to brush it off, possibly explain, but with Isaac scaring him off, it was the last time Reyna spoke to Callum. She saw him around, but refused to speak with him, knowing that she might lose her temper and what happened when that possibility came up.

Callum brought a lot to the front of Reyna's mind though, her issues with her father rising to the top, and a few months later, Reyna almost overdosed at a party, triggering Rebecca to call Isaac to rush her to the hospital. As she recovered, Reyna was told that she couldn't stay with her grandparents anymore, her behaviour too extreme for them to deal with now. Thankfully, Rebecca let her stay with her, under the condition that she stop using drugs. Rebecca had, for a long time, known about Reyna's powers, never judging, threatening or treating Reyna different. In some ways, living with Rebecca, with the acceptance offered in that space, Reyna started to feel more secure, but also reminding her of the manipulations of her father.

In some ways, her near overdose had broken a dam, Reyna accepting the trauma of her upbringing and her father's cult, Rebecca regularly had to call Isaac over to help Reyna regain some kind of balance, her emotions going all over the place any time she started talking or thinking about Brendan and what she'd been part of. Eventually, Reyna snapped and during the night, stole Rebecca's car and started the drive to Bend, Oregon, intending on confronting her father.

The long drive and the build up led to Reyna losing a lot of control. Lashing out at her father, Reyna quickly lost control of the situation as her emotions got the better of her. She had no idea when Rebecca got there, or what happened to her, aside from that Rebecca got hurt, by Reyna.

Her attack on her father caused the members of the cult to lash out at her, inciting a battle with her and Isaac. Her aggressiokinesis ramped things up significantly while her blade manipulation threw dangerous and deadly weapons into the mix. Things didn't cool off until the authorities arrived, triggered by Rebecca's call, and all the supers there were arrested. In order to be taken in, Reyna had to be sedated, resulting in her influence on others to disipate and her blades to vanish.

Reyna woke in her cell, powers resolutely off and coming down from the extreme emotional whiplash of everything that happened. Following assessments and meeting with the psychologists on hand, Reyna was prescribed mood stabilisers, assisting in leveling her out. A few months later, as her behaviour became more predictable, Reyna was offered the chance to gain a small modicum of freedom and work towards access to her powers again. She took the chance to join Regiment, was fitted with her limiter and was packed up to be sent to Limbo, heading back to Seattle again.
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