Diamond Heart
Stupid heart; loving people and shit.
Write what you want, say what you want 'bout me. If you wanna know that I'm not sorry. Do what you want, what you want with my body, what you want with my body. You can't have my heart and you won't use my mind but, do what you want with my body.
The Basics
General Information
Real Name Crystal Lee Jameson
Current Alias Diamond Heart
Marital Status Estranged
Classification Super
Gender Female
Age 39 (11/08/79)
Height 5'10"
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Discovery June '94
Abilities Organic Diamond Form
Compartmental Diamond Transformation
Extended Information
Nicknames Crys

Relatives Parker Lee
Lisa Marie Lee
Sapphire Lee
Cooper Jameson
Sandra Jameson

Sexuality Heterosexual (conditional bisexual)
Handler Matt Deacon & Riley Hunter
Occupations Stripper
Reg Recruitment Oct '05

At 5'10", Crystal is a svelte, toned, slim woman with blue eyes and fabulously glorious blond hair. At least, it's blond now, it used to be brown, but Crystal started dying it in high school and hasn't stopped.

Crystal's style has matured a lot from her youth, where she dreamed of finer things, never gaining them because of her lot in life, now that she has them, in a sense, Crystal covets her ability to express that. All her clothes hug her body, accentuate her appearance and look like they were made to be worn by her. For every successful mission she gains some kind of favour, her request is almost always for clothes.

While most would describe her as clean cut and elegant, Crystal does like her clothes comfortable. It's just as well she's very comfortable in sky high heels and clinging clothes then.

Crystal wasn't well educated at all, but as her powers came more under her control Crystal figured out how to download information from another person. As a result her grasp on language developed to a much higher standard. Each of her words are carefully spoken and almost always carry a weight of warning or praise. Her vocabulary is used to illustrate her moods as well as her expressions and her tone usually indicates her intentions very well.

She's become a strong and confident woman, and eyes are usually drawn to her on principle, her elegance and natural beauty drawing attention more so than that of the loose cannon that was Crystal years previous. She's sure and cocky at times, but with the power and grace to back it up with her carefully constructed persona.
Crystal has a deep seated need to achieve things; to do well, to prove herself, to advance. She has a drive to rise above the expectations everyone had for her, from the handlers who first brought her in to the psychiatrists that told her she wouldn't be able to cope with branching out with her powers. She thrives on surpassing expectations, on trampling all the things she was meant to do and hurdling on. She's grown from the 'trailer trash' dead end her life seemed to be dead set on, the way everyone thought she'd end up like. And she refuses to go back to it.

It doesn't mean she needs to be better than other people, no. She's bettering herself to be the best she can be, she doesn't need to trample other people under her to do that, competition is only worth while to her if it's friendly; a little banter, some simple team conquest with lighthearted goals. Crystal doesn't need to feel better by making others feel worse, her confidence has grown significantly, and she'd rather raise people up to match her than break them.

She feels like the might have an advantage over people, anyone without a suitable psychic shield or mental defence is weak against Crystal, so she makes a point in controlling her power, not abusing it. She understands that, by the grace of her learning, she has some extensive abilities that could be turned on people, but she herself is in control, her moral standing and ethics means that she lives without interfering in minds. Even if it would be for the better in general. People have a right to their own choices, and Crystal shouldn't take that away from them.

Control, her own and others, is very important to Crystal.

Since the Regiment is directly responsible for the quality of life that Crystal has, she's exceptionally thankful for them and what they've done for her. She understands how much she's lost out in the 'real' world, but she's also aware that her quality of life on the outside, dealing with this talent of hers on her own, would've been terrible. If she still had her sanity even. The program gave her the gift of control, and she cannot find a way to repay that, she does what she can as an agent, being loyal to the program, doing what she can to be the best agent possible to achieve the suitable goals for the group.

It can help her assist other agents in finding the place, coming from a place of chaos, where her mind wasn't her own, and learning through the program how to grasp control, Crystal does her best to help impart that on others. She's an exceptional teacher for willing telepaths, and somewhat of a poster child for how the Regiment can benefit some people when their powers are too much for them to handle.

Crystal is a naturally curious woman, she's eager to learn things, poke around something to see what it does, she hates not being able to finish books or movies, because she can't stand not knowing the ending. Over the years, and through control and meditation, Crystal has become a rather even tempered woman with a sense of calm that comes purely from former chaos. She works hard to maintain that as much as possible.

While she typically has a very low anger swing, exceptionally patient and understanding, Crystal can lose her temper in very specific situations, and she can be quite the fire cracker. Given the nature of her power, it's very foolish to piss her off. Most of the time, she's a very forgiving and energetic woman, prone to playfulness despite her sometimes prickly demeanour.

Crystal is a very idealistic woman, she's grown into her own self, her confidence building with her control and knowledge. Given how she developed this, she can be a little easily swayed, but it comes from a very honest place. She tends to live in the moment, given how volatile her youth was, she couldn't fully embrace herself until she was close to thirty, so she can come off as a little flighty, prone to rash thinking and impulsiveness, but holding back was her entire life after her powers developed. She likes to act out in small ways, minor teasing rebellions -like encouraging small infractions, changing dress code, she rarely does anything worth punishing, and doesn't suggest anything that would get others in large amounts of trouble. She likes to make friends, she's an open and engaging woman, very trusting and friendly to many. She's not exactly maternal, but probably very sisterly to many.

She likes what many would call 'slapstick' humour, corny jokes and some very dry humour. Through a handler, she developed an interest in philosophy, even if it is a largely useless hobby, she's developing a slight interest in the sciences due to a mind download from a target she was recently sent after. Agnostic but very inclusive, especially given her understanding of many people, religions and beliefs, Crystal enjoys the different concepts behind religions. She tends to always have snacks on hand; generally a small bag of nuts or potato chips, dried fruit or mints. From time to time, Crystal slips into a bout of insomnia, it's nothing too dangerous, and while it's troubling at times, she does tend to bounce back when her mind has caught up with things. Bites her lip when nervous, deep in thought or anxious, enjoys word puzzles and calligraphy to calm her mind.

Crystal's biggest fear is of developing or having schizophrenia, for the longest time, before her recruitment to the Regiment, Crystal had self diagnosed herself as a schizophrenic due to the history within her family. He grandfather suffered from it, her father suffered from it but mostly managed to self medicate. It's a genetic possibility that both were actually lower grade telepaths than Crystal, however there's no way to know for sure now.
Abilities & Skills
Like all agents, Crystal has a limiter implant; hers is connected straight to her brain stem with a sharp electric shock before a sedative is released. This is partly to disrupt any psychic overload and in order to shock Crystal back from diamond form if needed. Due to Crystal's nature and cooperation with the Regiment it's rarely been used since she's gained control of her abilities. Crystal has an ethical agreement with handlers and agents alike not to snoop in their minds, however should a handler feel she's broken this agreement they're able to mute her telepathy until they're sure Crystal is in control again.

Organic Diamond Form
Crystal is able to transform her body into a flexible organic diamond form, this enhances some of her natural abilities with traits that would be associated with a diamond construct.

In diamond form, Crystal's physical strength is increased to superhuman levels. At her peak, she is able to lift approx. 2 tons. While transformed, muscle tissues become infinitely more efficient than the organic musculature of a normal humans, or most other organic beings for that matter. Crystal's muscles produce almost no fatigue toxins during physical activity, granting her almost limitless superhuman stamina, or at least until or unless she is forced to resume her normal state. The diamond form renders Crystal highly resistant to most forms of physical injury. She is able to resist great impact forces, such as being repeatedly struck with superhuman force, without being injured. Her body is also resistant to temperature extremes, able to withstand temperatures as cold as -320 Fahrenheit or as hot as approx. 7,362 Fahrenheit before her form beings to melt. Crystal is also self contained while transformed, requiring no food, water or oxygen, which means she is not sensitive to toxins or poisons.

Limitations: For Crystal's diamond form, she must transform all parts of her body, rather than selectively transforming certain areas and can remain in this form for an in-determined amount of time, so far her limit has been 2 hours. If she is rendered unconscious, her body will automatically transform into its normal state. This transformation also alters Crystal's personality, causing her to become rather cold hearted and to lose her empathy for others.

The diamond acts as a shield around Crystal and due to this she cannot use her telepathy while in this form, however is does act as a psychic shield too.
Compartmental Diamond Transformation
While Crystal's organic diamond form must transform her entire body, a secondary application of her ability is the shifting of just her heart to diamond. This is a relatively unstable power and one that Crystal only utilises when she absolutely must focus and be able to use her telepathy.

The shift of Crystal's heart to diamond does not offer Crystal any of the benefits of shifting entirely to diamond, although it does shift a lot of her emotions to an off setting, leaving her dispassionate and removed from emotional connections.

Limitations: Crystal can only transform her heart, while with time she could choose another discrete portion of herself to transform, she hasn't opted to explore this part of her ability at all. Crystal's heart can only be transformed for around twenty minutes before it automatically reverts to normal, this is due to the need for her heart to continue pumping to keep her alive. Crystal cannot over ride this time limit.
Crystal has extensive telepathic powers, which if left unchecked could've had horrific consequences for both Crystal and those around her. Crystal works exceptionally hard to maintain her control on her telepathy at all times.

Crystal is able to pick up on psychic 'calls' and send messages directly to the mind of those she wishes. This is limited by distance and barriers in the mind she broadcasts too. While she can operate over great distances, there is still a limit. Currently she's found that the mind she seeks needs to be in the same city as her. Crystal has also displayed abilities in controlling actions, reactions and thoughts of those around her, gaining her favour and power. By implanting her will in other people she can control them to the point of carrying out actions they normally would not themselves. Crystal cannot, however, force anyone to put their lives in mortal danger. It is also completely possible for her to lose the control of the person mid-way through an action as the will power or stimulus around can affect her ability to keep control. A stem off from her mind-control, Crystal can alter the memory of certain instances in order to suit herself. She can also lock memories from the conscious mind. This is not always permanent, and the will of the person affected can hinder Crystal's ability to alter these memories or perceptions.

From an offence side of things, Crystal is able to project a blast of psionic energy causing mental pain or unconsciousness. This is a concentrated burst of power straight into another mind is her most powerful psi attack depending on the force she puts behind it. Another technique of offensive Crystal has utilised is a mind blast, where she dumps a clump of information into another mind that is too complex and difficult to process, rendering the mind incapable of translating the information to the point of mental anguish. This regularly causes the other mind malfunction to the point of losing consciousness.

Through her telepathy, Crystal is able to absorb and download information from another mind, this allows her to quickly process information from another mind to utilise it, or to store large chunks of data and information another person knows in order to relate it elsewhere or use it for her gain. Great portions of Crystal's education have come from downloads of other agents and handlers in her training. Other forms of this are multilingualism where she's able to understand another language while connected to that mind, mental projection where she can project a form of herself into another mind to wander with the host to view memories and thoughts.

Crystal is starting to learn how to pin-point psionic energy to exert absolute control over individual brain functions, something called psychic surgery. Crystal is capable of learning utter control of this, but she has yet been able to utilise it fully and it remains untapped and untrained.

Limitations: Realistically, there aren't a lot of limitations to Crystal's telepathy, because she's such a powerful telepath her own training is largely her limitation. She's prone to headaches, and if she exerts her power over a prolonged period of time, she suffers extreme psychic migraines. These are exceptionally debilitating and rock a lot of Crystal's control to shreds.

She's linked with as many as twelve minds in the past, while keeping her own stream of concentration and using one other of her psychic abilities, more than this and her precision starts to waver. While Crystal is exceptionally powerful, she can't over rule another telepaths shields, unless she is openly invited in.
Parker and Lisa Marie were the epitome of made for each other; not because they were perfect, but because they perpetuated each other's flaws and short comings while gravitating back towards one another on a near constant basis. It wasn't an abusive relationship, but they were young and didn't properly understand love to know that they were not in love with each other. Lisa Marie was pregnant before they left high school, Crystal was born in Parker's mother's sitting room, with some complications, but coming through it perfectly well.

Parker instantly started worrying that the weren't safe in his house, that his parents were plotting against them, that they didn't like Lisa Marie, that they were going to steal Crystal away from them. Right before they were set to graduate high school, Parker and Lisa Marie moved into a small trailer park in town that Parker could afford on his limited funds from working at a mechanics. It wasn't ideal, but it was the start of Parker's big dreams and ideas.

Early Life
Things went okay for a while, Parker worked what he could, doing jobs around town when they were needed for extra cash, Lisa Marie took care of Crystal and, behind Parker's back, met up with Lorelei, Parker's mother. Parker didn't want his family around his daughter, given that his father was schizophrenic, Lorelei agreed it was better for the infant to not see her grandfather like that. But Parker's own building paranoia made him want to keep Crystal from his mother too, and not sharing his delusions, Lisa Marie didn't agree -she didn't have a good relationships with her parents, who kicked her out when she told them she was pregnant, she wanted Crystal to have something with her grandparents.

It was the first warning sign about Parker's mental health.

It was one of Parker's more controlling traits, and Lisa Marie's stubborn streak reared its head to battle back. Especially when, a few years later, she was expecting another child. Crystal was excited to be a big sister, given that her parents were fighting more and more, she was looking forward to having someone around that she could play with when she was sent off to her room in their small trailer. Sapphire was a temporary band aid on Parker and Lisa Marie's troubles, Crystal adored that her little sister made everyone happy, and she pretended that it was Sapphire who could make everyone happy.

It lasted for a few years, the girls growing closer and closer, Crystal taking Sapphire everywhere with her, making sure everyone in the trailer park was nice to her little sister, because Sapphire was special, she brought happiness to people, so they had to be nice to her. But Parker started to get withdrawn, he was erratic in his behaviour, lashing out at times. Her and Lisa Marie started arguing about things again, things that Crystal couldn't understand at all. For the most part when the shouting started, Crystal took Sapphire out, they'd walk around the trailer park, play games and make up stories. Crystal had always had a wild imagination anyway.

It got slightly easier when Sapphire started school properly, the girls were both away from the trailer at the same time, they could avoid as much of the chaos as possible. It just so happened that their grandmother's house was on the way home from school, and she invited Crystal and Sapphire in daily for a sandwich and to ask how things were. Unknowingly, the girls shared more with their grandmother than their father would ever want. Given that their grandfather was in a ward to receive care for schizophrenia, and Parker was be having similarly, Lorelei tried to get the girls, and Lisa Marie, to live with her and let Parker get better.

It didn't go down well with Parker, the fall out and arguments only increasing, and Crystal and Sapphire were forbidden from seeing Lorelei again.

At fifteen, Crystal discovered boys. She and her friends circulated a few parties, while Crystal wasn't the smartest girl around, or the most popular, she was a decidedly pretty girl, surprisingly so for some people. When the popular kids had pool parties through the summer, and Crystal and her friends managed an invite, Crystal tended to draw just enough attention to not make her a target. Cooper Jameson wasn't the fastest kid, or the smartest, or even the hottest, but he was funny in a really dorky way and made Crystal laugh. He was kind and caring and called her when he said he was going to, and Crystal felt like they had a real connection. They dated all the way through high school, having a whirlwind high school romance and boosting Crystal's confidence just a little.

Tragically, their big ideas of making a house for themselves, possibly getting into community college and getting married in a few years were cut down when, just like her mother, Crystal fell pregnant shortly before graduating. Like her parents, Crystal and Cooper got married right after graduating and Cooper took a job in construction to help support Crystal and little Sandy when she was born.
Marriage & Motherhood
Cooper and Crystal didn't have the best start out, Sandy was born in the backseat of the car, a surprise on the way to the hospital since Crystal was early and Sandy didn't wait to join them at all. It was a scary experience, but Cooper's attentiveness and encouragement got them all through it and waiting in the car, nice and warm for the EMTs to arrive and check everyone out. Their little family was happy and healthy, for the most part. Crystal had been noticing fluctuations in her mood more and more, all the way through her pregnancy she'd been trying to feel maternal and connected, but just had an overwhelming sense of anxiousness and self-doubt about the whole thing.

Worried, Crystal started to do some research on post-partum depression before she ultimately finished on schizophrenia, remembering her father and stories of her grandfather. It was terrifying to think she might suffer the same, that going to a doctor might result in Sandy being taken away from her, that Cooper might leave to keep Sandy. Instead, Crystal got her hands on some low grade medication for schizophrenia and started working out how to self medicate to make it manageable.

It was in no way ideal, and Crystal knew she was slipping. The burden was bad enough for her, Cooper figuring out what was going on made things somewhat easier, since he could help her manage doses and try new things, could shield Sandy from the days she couldn't drown out the noise and yelled at him for things that he never did, that made no sense to anyone. When she threw things in their small trailer and perpetuated the cycle of broken, screaming families she'd been raised in.

Crystal pulled away from her family, refused to let Sapphire come see her or Sandy, shut her mother out entirely and blamed her father for this illness she was trying to cover up. It was unbearably lonely, but Crystal was destroying her own family, unable to let Cooper leave or walk away from her daughter, she didn't want to make her sister see the past repeat itself all over again. The few hundred dollars that Crystal was able to make stripping at the weekend while Cooper took care of Sandy went towards a myriad of prescription drugs to try and dull the noise in her head, none of them working, several of them boosting the noise to the point where Crystal couldn't hear anything but the voices.

It came to a head one evening when there was just the constant whispering of a devils voice in her head, telling her that her daughter was sick with the devil, that she had to cleanse. Crystal didn't know what she'd done until she woke up in the hospital, sedated and drowsy, where they told her she'd attacked her daughter and husband, that she wasn't well and needed treatment. They started running tests, coming back negative, much to their surprise, until someone on the staff had a hunch and made a call. The next day, two men from the Government arrived to test Crystal, later informing her that she was a super, not ill, and she had a choice to make.
Powers & Regiment
The overload of Crystal's powers meant that, while she was a suitable candidate for Regiment, she couldn't fully agree to take part until her powers were under control. The handler that stepped up had already dealt with exceptionally gifted psionic evos, although no one of Crystal's strength before. They started with a suppression bracelet, pulling her power levels down gradually until she couldn't hear anything but her own mind. It was unnerving for Crystal at first, she was so used to the voices and echoes of memories she couldn't understand, the near constant stream of noise she'd attributed to her illness. Being assured that she wasn't crazy, that she wasn't suffering delusions, Crystal clung tightly to the notion that she could get some semblance of her life back.

She'd lost her daughter and husband, and coming to terms with those things were a struggle for her, but with psychological help she was able to pack some of that away to allow herself to move forward with her life. It was an intensive process, but Crystal's determination to prove she was more than she'd been, more than the slightly unhinged stripper, more than a bad mom or a terrible wife, that she was in control and could become something worthwhile, someone with a purpose, she threw herself into training. It was when her bracelet was removed and Crystal maintained control of her telepathy for the first time that her other powers were discovered.

A sharp moment of mental anguish on the base startled Crystal into reacting, automatically protecting her volatile control, her body shifted entirely into a diamond construct, her telepathy shutting off as her mind was protected by the organic form. Additional testing proved she could do this at will, but had to transform entirely. In this form, Crystal was stronger and more durable and could withstand more than an average evo, but she also lost all of her emotion. Her ambition, loyalty and drive to be a useful member of the Regiment was all that kept her on point during these shifts. Once her limiter was fitted, her handler assuring her it was a precaution they all had to take and something to protect her as much as anyone else, Crystal was field tested.

Her first mission was a cake walk, as Crystal found confidence in her powers she found her confidence in herself again. Dressed up like a million dollars and mingling with the rich and elite to obtain sensitive information, Crystal could slip in to the high society party, brush shoulders with a mental connection to her handler removing the need for tech or detection. Utilising a portion of her powers to simply obtain the information that Regiment needed from the target, Crystal proved to be an exceptional field agent for time sensitive and complex information gathering missions. Her handler sang her praises, and Crystal finally felt like she was where she was meant to be.

Years passed and Crystal's powers grew, her ability to turn just her heart into diamond provided her with a boost of narrow focus and extreme dedication while still able to use her telepathy, she learned how to build on skills she already had while keeping her mind from breaking under the constant strain of thoughts trying to get in, constructing mental barricades to keep thoughts out and stop herself being bombarded by ever which person and their mental problems. She made friends, she started a relationship, she broke up, she moved on.

It was with a handler for one of her friends teams, a young telepath with a low level power she'd helped to construct blocks to keep her from constantly hearing too much all the time. Nate was charming and sweet, and had that dorky sense of humour that was Crystal's ultimate weakness. Their relationship wasn't well hidden, but as Nate wasn't her handler, few bothered to comment. Although Crystal's handler had a few words, the pair were in the besotted period of things. It fell apart in the late weeks of April, when Nate started getting fidgety with Crystal, playing games of misdirection and outright avoidance. She tried to let it go, move past things, but her curiosity got the better of her, and Crystal read portions of Nate's mind.

It's one thing to cheat on your girlfriend. It's another thing to cheat on your telepath girlfriend and then lie to her about it.

To say that Crystal didn't take it well would be an understatement and it took her handler talking her down to stop the migraine that everyone started getting from the moment Nate tried to lie to Crystal. She had to spend one night in solitary for reading his mind, but her handler assured her that it'd be over soon, and give her a chance to calm down. It didn't really help anything at all, and Crystal's control on her mental constructs started to waver. She struggled with the anger and seeing Nate around base. Had difficultly mentoring the young telepaths she was mentoring and the handlers could see her anger building every time Nate made a point in flirting in front of her with someone else. As much as Crystal liked staying in South Dakota, she wasn't enjoying dealing with her ex. Her handler suggested a new base, where there were telepaths who could use her help and handlers she could work with that wouldn't make her want to put a diamond fist up their asses. As much as Crystal didn't want to leave, she thought it was probably for the best.

She was scheduled to arrive at Limbo shortly after.