Doing one bad thing doesn't make you a bad person.
First comes the blessing of all that you've dreamed, but then comes the curses of diamonds and rings. Only at first did it have its appeal, but now you can't tell the false from the real. Who can you trust?
The Basics
General Information
Real Name Jett Andrew Danvers
Current Alias Duplicate
Marital Status Unavailable
Classification Super
Gender Male
Age 32 (12/12/1985)
Height 6'02"
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Discovery Oct '12
Abilities Duplication
Extended Information
Nickname Jett
Relatives Cookie Danvers
Edwin Alexander Freemont
Danica Danvers

Sexuality Bisexual
Handler Holly Page
Occupations Thief
Reg Recruitment April '18
Blessed with his mothers good looks and his father's physique, Jett often jokes that it's the only thing his father ever contributed to his life. A lot of Jett's features are from his father, although his bright eyes and high cheekbones are absolutely his mother. When he's clean shaven and smartly dressed, Jett looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. It's something he's used frequently throughout his life to his benefit.

More often than not, this is not how Jett chooses to look, however. Often times, Jett has a few days stubble to hide his boyish looks, his hair tends to be unkempt rather than carefully styled, and he always has a charming smile for anyone.
Jett Danvers has always been a social creature. From his earliest he was hanging out with street kids, high class ladies of the night and the men who protect them. He's a talkative and personable guy, ready to strike up a conversation at any moment. He's not the life of the party he used to be, but he's still got that bold, big personality about him. He'll captivate an audience in seconds if he's in the mood and sweet talk his way out of any bind he can.

He does have a great deal of common sense about him, even if his career path speaks to the opposite being true. He's a rational man, prepared to think things through, but only for so long, as his patience isn't the most developed thing in the world. Being able to make carbon copies of yourself to do everything at once kind of kicks a person out of the patience game. What Jett lacks in patience, he makes up for in observation, his minor career as a criminal lookout emboldening his tendency to perceive the slightest of things, including being able to read people and situations.

Due to his unstable upbringing, Jett lacks the structure and discipline of most households, creating a young man thirsty for adventure and risks rather than the simple things that make a house a home. His quick thinking and tendency towards instant gratification can make him miss the bigger picture going on around him, it also makes him a tad insensitive to people, given that his circumstances are what they are, he lacks the tact to appreciate that other people don't often appreciate his candidness.
Abilities & Skills
Due to Jett's ability to explode and reform, there is a trial based implant embedded in his spinal column, this implant is designed to withstand Jett's explosions and is biological in some components in order to reconstitute with Jett's body. While the duplicates do not have an implant with them as it's a foreign object, the implant itself generates an electric buzz through Jett's skull which temporarily incapacitates him.

Jett's power means he can instantly and perfectly replicate himself, as many times as he chooses and then is able to absorb the clones and retain their knowledge. Jett's version of duplication is called kinetic duplication, which means any contact he makes with other objects can result in the kinetic energy creating a duplication. Although he can create multiple duplicates, and the duplicates themselves can also replicate, each is only able to create one duplicate at a time; Jett has only pushed his duplications to a total of 12 at once, but feels he can create more if he chose to.

The duplicates think, feel, and act independently, though usually guided by the original. Each tends to manifest one aspect of Jett's personality, which increases in strength with lengthier separation from the original; at the beginning, these traits were extreme, and while the duplication was exhibiting these personality traits, Jett appeared to mute those parts of his own personality. For example, if a duplication was exhibiting Jett's focus, the clone would have an increased presentation of this trait while Jett himself was unable to truly focus for a while, until the duplication was absorbed back into Jett's physical form. Jett is telepathically and empathetically linked to his duplicates, suffering severe, potentially fatal, trauma if one dies or is wounded.

An aspect of Jett's power is also duplication absorption, where he reclaims the duplication, absorbing it back into himself, at the same time absorbing the memories, skills and experiences of the duplicate. The only limit to this power is he can't absorb a dead dupe.

Jett can also use dulplication healing by merging with a duplication to repair damage to the duplication. Formerly, Jett was not able to do this, and if he merged with an injured clone he would experience the injury himself. Through time and his powers growing, Jett can reabsorb injured or even near-dead dupes without taking on any of their physical injuries at all. This is preferred, as if they do die, Jett suffers the backlash of a dead clone.

There is no specific time limit on how long a clone can exist, the deciding factor is largely how if affects the main Jett's personality and capabilities for how long a clone remains. However, the clones do exhibit their own thoughtfulness and their singular experiences shape them differently from the original. To avoid this presenting problems, Jett tends to not let a single clone exist for more than 48 hours.

LIMITATIONS: currently, Jett is only able to create one duplication at a time, however that duplication can duplicate itself. Additionally, there needs to be some form of a kinetic impact to create the duplication, usually something as simple as bumping against something or clapping, if Jett is unable to do that due either to confines or immobilisation, he will not be able to creat a clone.

Additionally, the clones, while linked to Jett empathically and psychically, are capable of being controlled singularly via psychics or possession, however, Jett is unable to absorb them into himself.
Coupled with his duplication, Jett possesses the ability ti turn himself into a bomb. Jett is able to blow up his entire body and reconstitute it over a period of time of his choosing. While he is not in solid form, he exists as a sentient, gaseous form before coupling back into his human body.

Jett is able to choose how extreme the explosion is, typically up to the level of 200lbs of TNT. Each time, there is a small field and low frequency noise which emits from Jett before detonation. This can be disrupted however if Jett builds up the power to detonate, he will need to expel that in the form of an explosion somehow.

LIMITATIONS: Jett must detonate his whole self, not just a limb, additionally only the original Jett has this ability, the clones do not. The power level in the detonation is dependent on how much energy Jett has and can put into the detonation, as more energy needs more time to build. The bigger the detonation the longer it takes for Jett to reconstitute.
Cookie Danvers didn't start out life as a high priced escort, like most, she had ideas of fame and fortune, being a big star. For Cookie, it was theatre. At sixteen she moved to New York with $100 and a dream. It didn't really work out the way she hoped though. Within two weeks, Cookie was turning tricks out of a no-name motel, mostly to feed her addiction, partially to keep her pimp out of her way. It wasn't close to the life she'd seen for herself, but it was a rut she was stuck in.

After a John sent her to the ER, Cookie met Lady Red, a respected and known Madam in the circles of escorts and call girls. Lady Red got Cookie out of the prostitute lifestyle, helped her clean up her life and got her into the escort business, with far more securities and a better class of gentlemen. It still wasn't the life Cookie expected, but it was infinitely better.

Edwin Alexander Freemont was unexpected.

Cookie became Edwin's companion a few years after she began working for Lady Red, Edwin was charming, rich and handsome, taking Cookie to expensive hotels and buying her shiny trinkets. Cookie was besotted with Edwin much more over her other clients. She rather naively believed that he could be her Richard Gere. Edwin never once alluded to leaving his wife, or his legitimate children, but when Cookie discovered she was pregnant, believing Edwin to be the father, she hoped that was what would happen.

She was wrong.

Jett was born in the middle of a paternity disagreement, in the end, thanks to Lady Red, it was determined through a private source that he was in fact Edwin's son. Despite how nasty things had gotten throughout the pregnancy, Cookie was still holding out hope the Edwin would whisk her off her feet and the three of them would be a family. Knowing that Jett was his child didn't change Edwin's mind about his situation, although it did change Cookie's circumstances. Edwin paid for an apartment, nothing fancy or in a nice area, but somewhere Cookie and Jett would live. He insisted Cookie would be his and his alone, not seeing the red flags, Cookie agreed.

Jett grew up in a harsh area of New York city, with little input from Edwin save his money to send Jett to school and keep them fed, most of the money was spent on Cookie's expensive taste for clothes and jewellery. While Cookie was no longer working, living her life as the shut in kept woman of a rich lawyer, Jett was left to his own devices. Lady Red kept a tab on the young boy, ensuring that he was keeping up with school and not exposed to some of Cookie's bad habits.

It wasn't Cookie's habits that Jett got snared in though, keeping away from the street walker lifestyle and instead getting hooked into some of the street gangs. He started out at 9, acting as a messenger around the neighbourhood boys, taking parcels and cash from one to the other on his bike for a few kick backs. It gave Jett -who was a scrawny boy- the protection of the gang, the kids at school generally giving him a wide berth for his connections.

At 15, Jett graduated from messenger to look out when a group of boys were vandalising a corner store and robbing the safe, they got away clean because Jett knew some of the best back streets to get them far from the scene before the cops showed up. It facilitated another move upwards in the gang for Jett, even as the gang changed hands among some of the older kids fighting out among themselves and a take over by the Pelham Park crew.

The gang was far more active in the peddling of drugs and facilitating robberies, although there were a lot of working girls in the area, Jett stayed away from them, remembering his lessons from Lady Red and his mother's constant hang up on a rich man who didn't give a shit about him, his little sister or his mother.
Power Development & Going Solo
Following a growth spurt and Jett filling out into his gangly limbs, he was looking at a more prestigious position within the gang. Unfortunately for Jett it was also when he developed his super power. Hanging out with his best friend at his house, a nudge on the shoulder turned into a break down panic when suddenly there were two versions of Jett right there in the room.

For a while, Jett was unable to do anything but freak out -twice. His clone was just as shocked and confused, while his best friend tried to contain the whole situation. Eventually they realised that Jett could pull the clone back into himself, and that bumping or creating a charge would spawn a new clone. It took months of trials, but Jett and his friend were able to use an old, out of use warehouse to practice. Jett had to be exceptionally careful, since he knew not everyone would react the same way to his being a super.

It did mean that Jett's criminal career took a sharp turn. His place in the gang was still held up, but Jett turned towards burglaries and robberies for funding and stealing merchandise from rivals. Given his unique skillset he was exceptionally capable at this, to the point where it was often speculated within the gang that he was either a double-crosser or an informant. There was never any heat on the gang, so it was dismissed and Jett was just left to go on about his own business.

Through time, Jett discovered that what his clones learned, he learned when he reabsorbed them, which meant he could send some out to learn useful skills and pick them up quicker. It also meant he could keep up numerous responsibilities while also being around for his sister, making sure she had a relatively normal life.

It came crashing down, at 27, when Jett's second power revealed itself.
Detonation & Regiment
In the end, criminals didn't tend to fly under the radar for long, and while Jett was usually careful on his outtings, his gang wasn't always that bright. NYPD Vice had been on them for a while, and with ample evidence, they swooped in to pick up the gang in one go. Jett hadn't been with the main group, but at an associates house when the officers came to arrest him and the others.

While he was being cuffed, Jett felt something burn inside his gut, a low wave noise in his ear. He was asked if he had any devices on him and while handcuffed, about to be patted down, Jett exploded.

The blast wasn't extreme, it wasn't a lot to damage the house but it did instantly kill the officer arresting him, right in front of his partner. Jett, unsure of what had happened, reformed entirely just a few feet away from the main blast damage, only to be instantly tranquilized and taken into the custody of the department to handle Supers. Unaware of how he'd killed the officer, or even how he'd blown up, Jett was subject to numerous tests and questionings to see just what this new power entailed.

Over time, in controlled situations, Jett found that his own form could detonate upon his choosing, although anxiety and desperation played a big role in the beginning. He was subject to more questions and an evaluation from numerous psychologists before it was deemed that he hadn't meant to kill the police officer and he'd only be facing a manslaughter charge. Unless he voluntarily took a trial implant to inhibit his powers and agreed to work for the Government for the duration of his sentence. Despite the fact that he was neither tried nor sentenced for any crime, Jett agreed. He didn't realise that his agreement nullified any conditions the pending SEA might mean for his kind, as a criminal he was property of the Regiment program for the next 20 years.

After some time in training compounds to maximise his skills with his powers, and more time to learn additional skills with his duplications, Jett was declared field ready and assigned to the Washington base for transfer.