You're a weapon; and weapons don't weep
I am a wild one break me in, saddle me up and let's begin. I am a wild one tame me now, running with wolves and I'm on the prowl.
The Basics
General Information
Real Name Zoya Kedzierski
Used Name Ozzie Greene
Current Alias Feral
Marital Status Estranged
Classification Super
Gender Female
Age 374 (31/12/1644)
Height 5'5"
Eyes Blue/Green
Hair Blond (dyed)
Discovery 1659
Abilities Feral Mind
Self Resurrection
Damage Empowerment
Damage Manipulation
Extended Information
Nickname Zoy

Relatives Lazlo Kedzierski
Kasmira Kedzierski
Nicholai Kedzierski

Sexuality Pansexual
Handler Here
Occupations Wanderer, Warrior
Reg Recruitment June '18
There's not a lot about Ozzie that's changed in the years; if someone were able to find pictures throughout her life time, they'd notice the similarities all these girls with different names have. Her cherub face has remained that way even with the things she's seen, her green/blue eyes holding some kind of childlike innoncence at times, belying the feral nature of the mind behind them and the things Ozzie's seen as the centuries unfolded before her.

With naturally curly and unruly hair framing her face, Ozzie's experimented through the years to control it, giving up sometime around the 1800's and accepting it. She's right now in the phase of bleaching her usually brown hair blond and sticking to it resolutely.

Due to her life, how she leads it and her powers, Ozzie wears quite a few scars, most notably the excessive scarring on her back. Ozzie rarely gives an explanation for these marks or where they came from, she tends not to wear anything that might expose them, but it's not always that simple. Typically, if Ozzie is allowing damage to heal, she aims for the less dangerous areas of her body; legs away from veins, upper arms, her ribs on the upper layers, and her stomach although rarely deep enough to wound her gut.

Ozzie has grown through many decades of change, surviving through famine, war and strife to become the woman she is. She is a woman forged in war for sure, her existence linked to battle near constantly, she is bold and fearless, which is sometimes a hinderance given how fierce she can become when her ferality comes through. She acts on her feelings, often foregoing logic and reason to act on her baser emotions; anxiety and adrenaline sometimes taking the brunt of Ozzie's responses.

She is a very loyal person, although her connections to people have waned through the most recent decades, Ozzie takes friendship very seriously. Her familial bonds are all but gone now, having given up keeping a close eye on her blood relatives after she moved from Europe. Ozzie's friends get absolutely all of her loyalty, fierce protection and the limited affection she's able to show at this point. Her protection comes with a quick temper and a drive to destroy anything that hurts those she cares for, something not easily disuaded.

Her life has taught Ozzie violence as a response, although she is an observant person, she is prone to narrowminded focus driven by situational awareness, emotions and her powers. While Ozzie is an old soul, she's not thoroughly educated or cultured, as her life revolved around battle, blood and surviving. She's seen the worst that humanity has to offer, regularly not weighed with any of positive traits. She's not great with human interaction, occasionally going for the overshare, or just being stilted due to her mild language barrier. She's very easily bored and blunt, not having learned what tact was at all.
Abilities & Skills
Ozzie has been fitted with a standard limiter implant in the meat of her shoulder (after several attempts were thwarted by her powers shifting the implant) which administers a calming sedative that leaves her conscious but docile. Primarily, it's to be used to combat Ozzie's feral state when aggitated.

Feral Mind
Ozzie has the ability to tap into a primal, unstoppable rage that allows her to exceed normal capacity for regular humans. She can sustain and inflict more damage and push herself past normal constraints of mortal condition. Falling into a feral state triggers a state of enhanced endurance, agility and instincts, rendering Ozzie more like an animal than a human at the time. Her pain levels are exceptionally suppressed for the length of time she's feral and her focus is entirely narrowed on the threat or goal that her feral mind has grasped on to.

LIMITATIONS: If Ozzie slips too far into her feral state, she will be unable to separate friend from foe and attack indescriminately, additionally, she tends to lose great portions of the time she spends feral resulting in disorentation and detachment from the incidents. While Ozzie can, at times, control when her mind descends towards this feral state, it can be triggered when she's scared or nervous; startling Ozzie in a new situation is a bad idea basically.
Self Resurrection
Ozzie also has the ability to self resurrect. This can occasionally be instantly after her heart stops beating or up to twenty hours post-death. To an extent, this grants Ozzie a degree of immortality, although it's uncertain if Ozzie would resurrect if her powers were negated for a long period of time. Upon resurrection, any wounds that Ozzie had at death are repaired, the degree of injuries that Ozzie has sustained have a correlation as to how long it takes her to resurrect.

Even if she dies of natural causes, Ozzie can resurrect herself.

LIMITATIONS: It is unknown if Ozzie has a limited number of times she can resurrect or if there's a time she may not be able to, if she sustains too much damage or something hampering her ability to resurrect. Each time Ozzie does resurrect, she resumes life at the age of 26. This was the first time she died originally and appears to be the hardwired age at which she resumes living. Her appearance and physique all resume to that of which she had when she was 26.
Damage Empowerment
Additionally, Ozzie becomes stronger, faster and more durable as she receives damage, either from an opponent or her environment (or herself). This adds to her volatile nature and the power she weilds in close combat. Primarily empowered from physical damage, Ozzie can channel that into her attacks, pushing the damage she sustains to make her stronger and faster, lethal damage can give her a massive boost to her strength and speed, making her all the more dangerous while she is attacked.

Because damage can be used to empower, Ozzie is able to suppress pain to the point of not feeling it until she stops fighting, making her a formidable opponent. She can, for a period of time, be self-sustaining in that her powers will feed the damage into power like a cycle.

LIMITATIONS: There is a limit on how much damage Ozzie can take, however it is so high due to her damage manipulation power that it's yet to be reached. The damage that Ozzie receives during a battle is still there after a fight, and Ozzie does have to deal with that afterwards.
Damage Manipulation
Able to manipulate the forms of damage in which she sustains, Ozzie is able to reroute wounds and injuries towards alternative parts of her body or mind. She can amplify certain types of damage or negate them completely, or reverse small portions of damage to heal or inflict bigger injuries (if required for her own empowerment). Ozzie tends to be unable to reduce serious damage to nothing, although she is able to shift the damage from one portion of her body to another.

For example, if Ozzie were to be stabbed in the gut, she could alter the wound from her stomach, where delicate organs are, and cause a wound of similar size and shape elsewhere on her body, like her arm or leg, therefore removing the threat of a perferated gut and limiting the injury to torn muscle or just lacerated skin. In time, if she is not taxing her empowerment ability, Ozzie can manipulate her wounds to heal themselves, but it does drain her of energy and leave her vulnerable.

LIMITATIONS: Ozzie is not able to manipulate the damage done to another person; she cannot alter how her attacks inflict damage nor can she reduce or amplify the damage done to other people. If a wound is fatal, Ozzie has very little time to alter the damage. Typically, as she self-resurrects, she doesn't bother unless it's important to the survival of those she cares about.
Zoya Kedzierski was born to her parents in 1644, shortly before the Cossack Rebellion in their home of Ukraine. She was the second child to the couple and the round off for their family, due in large to Lazlo's death during the rebellion. The rebellion shaped a lot of Zoya's home life, they were already poor, the battles and uprising only causing further economic issues. Things were made further harsh during the Russo-Polish wars, spanning 13 years of conflict that included Ukraine's land and forces.

Zoya grew up during constant war, shaping her view on the world and how her role was defined. Kasmira died due to illness when Zoya was just 12 years old, leaving she and Nicholai to support themselves. At 15, Nicholai was enrolled to the rebellion and the year after Zoya was to marry a local boy. Instead, a street riot exposed Zoya as having unnatural abilities, something the siblings battled hard to hide from the village. Zoya claimed sickness to excuse herself from the marriage union, her planned husband marrying someone else who wasn't bogged with rumours of an illness passed from her mother.

Zoya was just fifteen when her powers developed, the battles having calmed meant that Nicholai was able to give his sister attention as they figured out what her abnormalities were. They knew that she could grow stronger when injured, and that she could alter the type of injury she sustained, allowing her to heal from the wounds of the riot fairly quickly given her ability to minimise the damage.

It was during a robbery that they discovered that Zoya had another ability, that her mind descended to a feral state at times. Due to the lack of prosperity and opportunity during the short lived peace, there was a spate of crime throughout the villages where Nicholai and Zoya lived, during a break in to their small home, Zoya lost herself to the power, reacting like a wild animal and exhibiting great strength, disinterest for her own health and a bloodlust that scared her brother. The burglars were killed in the attack and Zoya held no memory of the event at all.

Worried for their safety and the nature of Zoya's powers, the pair moved from their small home in the Hetmanate, heading to the south of the country.
Nomads & Death
Unfortunately, Zoya and Nicholai were captured by a raiding Golden Hoarde ship, transporting them to Crimea under the Ottoman empire's slave trade. Due to the forces of the Golden Hoarde, escape was impossible and the pair worked as house slaves for noble members of the Ottoman empire in Crimea. In 1663, during an uprising on a ship heading for Turkey, the slaves rebelled, sinking the ship just out of Crimea, leading many to seek refuge along the coast of Romania.

Making it to Romania was no small feat, making it through the Ottoman empire land to the Wallachian providence ruled by Michael the Brave was harder still, Zoya's abilities having to ease their passage more than once. While Nicholai was a trained solider, he was also still a young man, hungry and mistreated and exhausted from the traveling. Zoya found herself more and more sustaining damage in order to keep them going, slipping towards a feral state each time she had to fight off bandits or avoid detection by the Ottoman rule. For a while, Nicholai and Zoya were able to live in Braila, Zoya adopting the name Oana and Nicholai going by Nicolae for the region.

It worked for a few years, they stayed close to one another, Oana believed to be uneducated and slow, to avoid her needing to explain why her characteristics were sometimes more animalistic. Nicolae bargained with farmers to let them stay in a stable with their horses if they worked the land. Gradually, they picked up the language, not terribly different from Ukranian, and Nicolae was able to begin doing better business for the farmer they worked for. Oana grew close to the young farmers daughter, letting her come out when Oana tended the animals and checked on the crops as her job required. Ema was able to teach Oana the language as they worked and talked, allowing Oana a slightly childish grasp on Romanian.

Tragedy tore through Braila with an attempted move in from the Ottoman empire, trying to seize control of land under Michael the Brave. The farm that Oana and Nicolae were living at was part of that land, razed by the attacking forces. Oana tried to protect the farmer and his family, but even her powers and feral nature couldn't hold off an entire army. At the age of 26, Oana was killed by a spear through her heart before the farm was burned and the family and her brother murdered.
Resurrection & Warrior
Eighteen hours after she died, Oana revived on the burnt out farm, surrounded by destruction and covered in blood. It marked a turning in her at the time, Oana became far more feral than human, losing her brother and the family she'd come to care for, being forced to move again. It took her less than a day to find the Ottoman forces, resting in a field before planning to sack another village and move further into protected territory in Braila. While they rested, Oana took her time working through the remaining forces to kill them or maim them to near death, releasing their horses and leaving the remaining survivers vulnerable to the forces advancing to force them out.

Oana became a ghost story told around the area, and as she moved through the land, living primarily wild, the legend of the wolf-woman spread. She stopped robberies on the roads, she stopped men attacking women in drunken fits, she scared bullies and kept moving, often slipping to the edge of Michael the Brave's land to terrify the occuping Ottoman and Austrain empires. Eventually, Oana left Romania, moving into Hungary, fighting with the Holy Leauge to deal some blows to the Ottoman Army in their pursuit of power. Oana wasn't long in Hungary before she slipped through to Austria.

For several years, she lived around the wilderness of Leoben, where she was given the name Adalwolfa, because she lived in the outskirts of town, in the forests but defended the village fiercely. It was a young newlywed couple that consistantly left food on the edge of their property, attempting to coax the near feral woman in. Ultimately, winter forced her to broach some form of shelter, and eventually the young couple got her inside and warmed up. She let them call her Adalwolfa, although they tended to call her Adali, and slowly but surely she started to consider Gerdie and Ludwig friends. Staying with them through the winter, they urged her to remain in the spring, with the understanding that she had to protect the village, but she would return, Adali made her peace with once again having a home.

It remained as such for many years; Adalie stayed with Gerdie and Ludwig through their life and her own, watching their family grow, having a sense of family herself, and growing to love the unit they were. At the age of 87, in 1731, Adali passed away from natural causes in her sleep, peaceful and with those she considered her nieces and nephews and their family around her.

She then clawed her way out of a grave, almost a day later, aged just 26 all over again.
3rd Life
To say it was somewhat traumatic, clawing her way out of her grave, through wood and dirt, would be an understatement. Adali instantly reverted to her feral nature and fled the area, leaving just a trail of dirt and a disgraced grave. It took her four weeks to come back to herself and by then she was already miles outside of Leoben and opted to keep going rather than return and risk scaring the family she had created.

Settling in Vienna, just outside the city itself, she began to return to her human nature, found by travellers and assumed to be a woman of mental deficency she was taken to a convent, it was a terrible place to stay, she was given the name Elene by the clerics, as she didn't speak they assumed her mute -she just didn't speak Italian, so she didn't try. She stayed there for four years, attending prayer, performing chores, fasting and repenting, while remaining mute and oblivious to what was being said around her. That changed when a group of thieves burst in and took the convent over, pulling priests and nuns alike into the main chapel and sitting in, making their hostages known.

It took three days before Elene began to recognise the language, they were Ukranian, and slowly, she started to understand that they were former slave runners, fleeing persecution for their crimes against people. As the situation started to turn violent, Elene stepped between one of the criminals and a nun, taking a strike to the face. As a punishment for her insolence, the leader decided to whip her in front of the priests and nuns, as a show of their strength and brutality. Understanding her own power, Elene goaded them on in Ukranian, shocking the priests and nuns while infuriating their captors. While they whipped harder, more than most humans could withstand, it made Elene stonger, more powerful. She broke the restraints and let her feral mind take over, empowered from the unjuries she sustained in the whipping, Elene overpowered the captors, killing their leader with one snap of the neck before hunting down the others.

It was a brutal display that she was sure would have the priests throwing her out, instead they tended her wounds, put her to rest and christened her a new name; Elda. Warrior.

It was a persona that she kept for years to come, choosing to protect Holy ground, understanding like thieves did that there were riches among the churches; gold and coin used to help those in need, give by the religious and used to aid those who sought refuge or help in the light of the church. For almost a century, Elda protected the Italian churches, roaming the land, passing through each church with messages from other priests, protecting any currency passing through Italy as she went. She became something of a legend within the communities, the fierce warrior woman who battled to protect their faith.

Elda died many times on those roads, in her quest to maintain security, her legend building up as she remained young and strong, even as she battled those that would rob the Church.
World Wars & the Future
It became something of a routine for Elda, she found people in need, she protected them. She fought for people and for things; freedom, honesty, one time she fought for money in a pit surrounded by rich men. But she was regularly left behind by those she protected; either in their death, or her own. Each time she died her body returned to youth, the age of her first death, centuries before. It became a burden, around the late 1800's, Elda used to losing people but it took it's toll on her. She hid away, living in a reclusive state in the middle of Germany.

She didn't venture out until the beginning of the Great War, in 1914. Reverting to using the name of Adali, she opted not to join the conflict in favour of Austria and Germany, purely due to her hatred of the Ottoman Empire, Adali assisted Italian forces in their battle against the Austria-Hungary troops, and later the Germans. While there was not a lot of success in battle, it keep her senses and nature sharp, always on the edge of falling into a feral nature. When the war ended in 1918, Adali remained in Italy, having become friends with some of the soldiers she fought beside and their families. It lasted a few decades, before questions started to raise regarding her apparant age. Adali took her leave of Italy and ventured into Germany. Which turned out to be a large mistake.

The rise of the Third Reich was something that Adali had not counted on, and in 1939 when the Second World War was declared Adali understood that the facism that was rising in Germany was not something to ignore. Before things started to get out of hand, she attempted to help as many families of innocents get refuge where they could. The SS made it all the more dangerous. Eventually, Adali and several families were held in a camp, watching life drain out of people and the executions. Adali found herself hoping they would kill her, as it would give her the element of surprise to enact revenge. It never came to pass, the concentration camp that Adali was part of was liberated by the Americans in April of 1945. The prisoners were taken from the camps and some were able to claim refuge in America, while others returned to their country to attempt to repair their lives.

America was something else entirely. Big buildings, industry booming everywhere. Adali struggled to find a place out of the battle zone, where she didn't have to fight constantly. It turned out to not be required, since everywere had someone who was trying to exploit someone else. She found herself as an enforcer, not for a mob group or for military, but for a small hold out of honest, hard working people in New York. Adali protected their stores, their homes and willingly broke the faces of any mobsters who threatened them. It was in America that Adali discovered how poorly they took to Supers, it was also the first time a name had been associated with what she was.

Some of the mobsters reported her, sending in police and Government officials. The residents she helped urged her to escape and denied all knowledge of her, potentially putting themselves under fire, but Adali slipped away and learned to keep herself more concealed. She dyed her wild hair blond, adopted a more homeless wanderer appearance and melded into the 60's and 70's in America. Her travels eventually took her to California, where everything seemed new and bright. In 1987, at the age of 63, Adali suffered her second natural death. This time, she wasn't buried, although she did need to escape the cold on the morgue and find clothes again.

She became Ozzie Greene, she busked for money, she stopped robberies, she laid in the sun. It seemed like a simple life. She met other supers for the first time in her life, she started to understand that while life was blood and anger and fighting, though the peaceful times were fleeting, she didn't need to just be about those things. She learned to read, she learned to cook. And then she destroyed a cult of men who subjected women to sexual slavery. She died again in 1999, one of the cult members beating her head with a rock -she revived half an hour later to rip out his throat, with her teeth. Covered in blood, her own and other peoples, Ozzie was herded back into the builds as the women took over their home, driving out the remaining men, preparing for the FBI to arrive.

Ozzie was washed, dressed and disguised as one of the stolen and brainwashed women, ferried through the process of relocation and housed with a young woman named Zoe, who claimed Ozzie was her sister. Zoe and Ozzie lived in San Francisco, in a terrible little apartment near the bay. Zoe worked on Pier 49 and Ozzie worked in Ghiradelli Square. The pair bonded, not only through Zoe's escape from the cult, but due to Zoe's own super powers. She'd never known another super, and hid it from everyone, but with Ozzie she was free to use her powers in their small home without fear. Until 2012, when the Government discovered them both. In the scuffle, Ozzie was shot in the head, killing her while Zoe was carted off. Ozzie's body was left in the morgue again and this time she kicked her way through the door and attempted to hunt down Zoe. She found nothing, and no trace of where her surogate sister could be. Descending towards her feral mind again, Ozzie regressed to her aggressive side, existing along the less populated California land, moving up towards Canada.

In 2018, to the shock of some agents who'd been involved in Ozzie's shooting 6 years earlier, she was found after reports of a super in the woods were called in. Ozzie had gotten her leg caught in a bear trap, and while attempting to pull herself free, increased the damage to her leg, triggering a feral outburst that left her stuck. Sedated, packed up, and still unsure of what she could do, Ozzie was sent for processing within the Regiment. Aware that she returned from the dead, Ozzie was given her implant (three times) before being shipped towards Limbo.