I fear no monsters, for no monsters I see. Because all this time the monster has been me.
I'm not a stranger to the dark, hide away, they say, 'cause we don't want your broken parts. I've learned to be ashamed of all my scars. Run away, they say, no one will love you as you are. But I won't let them break me down to dust, I know that there's a place for us. For we are glorious
The Basics
General Information
Real Name Indigo Chantel Jacot
Current Alias Finesse
Marital Status Widowed (not recognised)
Classification Super
Gender Female
Age 37 (06/06/81)
Height 5'06"
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Discovery June '95
Abilities Eidetic Kinesthesia
Intuitive Inteligence
Enhanced Manoeuvrability
Extended Information
Nickname Indie

Relatives Francine Han
Kristoph Jacot
Cerise Jacot

Sexuality Heterosexual
Handler Michael Winter & Hazel Dagan
Occupations Trainee Spy
Reg Recruitment March '99
Indigo is a petite, lithe, compact woman with effortless grace and the posture of a supermodel. She has her mother's colouring and way of carrying herself that attracts attention any time she walks into a room. Her constant training throughout her life has left her with a confidence in her body that shows with how she carries herself. Her dark hair and dark eyes offset her naturally tan complexion, while her slight frame offers an unintimidating appearance, despite the fact that she could kill a man with her thighs.

The life of an agent has left quite a few marks on Indigo's body however, aside from her injuries sustained from years of training, she has taken a few bullets during her career, notably one in the right shoulder that left a particularly nasty scar. Her hands are calloused from training with numerous firearms and her limited lessons in swordplay. Indigo's left ring finger and pinky finger are curved due to a bad heal from a breakage.
At a young age, Indigo started her training as her ability to mimic started out, this shaped a large portion of her personality, as commitment, hard work and constant dedication were drilled into her by her Russian trainers. Her father preferred it this way. Indigo has extreme focus on the job at hand and dedicates herself entirely to whatever task she is set. There's a burning desire to always be the best and outshine those around her. Gradually, Indie has let go of this competitive nature but still maintains her extreme dedication.

Through her training, Indigo's life has a degree of structure to it that she carried throughout her life, her schedule is always worked into whatever she's doing without fail. She had a daily training regiment that she will not shift away from unless it's become too easy in which case she adds to it.

While her competitiveness and her focus can make her somewhat distant and standoffish to others, she does have a big heart. She cares deeply for those she can form connections with and while she had few friends growing up, she had her sister. This human connection was the only way that Indigo was able to have meaningful contact with another person who wasn't a trainer, and Cerise's easy-going nature and sweetness tended to bring out the compassion in Indie.

Indigo has learned to go with her gut on trusting people, although it doesn't always work out she's learned that the benefit of the doubt can be better than shutting people out. She's emotionally distant enough thanks to the building on her secondary power making relating to people more and more difficult, however she does try to connect rather than push people away.
Abilities & Skills
Finesse has the ability to mimic movements and skills she sees physically displayed, along with a heightened intelligence and innate learning skill, she has been trained to utilise these abilities in exceptionally specific manners. Her agility and coordination are above an average humans with her reflexes and ability to adapt to her surroundings increasing with time. As all of her abilities relate to learning, the inhibitor device -which delivers a sedative to render Indigo unconscious, is deemed a suitable limiter, but due to her many years of unmarred service, it's rarely used.

Eidetic Kinesthesia
Indigo has the ability to replicate any movement after seeing it performed. An innate knowledge of how to mimic the action embeds itself in Indigo's mind and her muscles simply follow the action. Through this, she has the ability to watch masters at their art and pick it up instantly from just viewing them.

Indigo is a master acrobat from spending four weeks with a top circus trope in Moscow under her father's supervision, she also spent three days doing intensive training with a prima ballerina from one of the top Russian ballet schools. She's been trained in several martial arts including karate, judo, krav maga and kick boxing.

Similarly, Indigo is able to learn marksmanship through watching sharpshooters are work, picking up the way they aim, hold their weapons and manage the recoil. She's been trained in hand guns, rifles and small throwing knives and had the intention of learning swordsmanship, but her mentor's death after just two days left her with limited skill.

LIMITATION: Her ability is limited entirely to movement and skill, Indigo cannot mimic other Supers' powers and does not retain all that she learns without the occasional rewatch. For this reason, her father made sure to record all of her lessons for later playback. Some of these files have been damaged over time.

Intuitive Intelligence
Suspected as a by product of her muscle mimicry, Indigo has an advanced intelligence level that puts her slightly above peak human intelligence specs. She possesses exceptional intellectual capabilities, especially an skill for mental calculations, situational analyzation, increased reading skills like speed reading, a higher learning capacity and faster thought processes.

Theoretically this is due to her brain attempting to mimic anything around it as it is an adaptive muscle itself. While not viewing the performance of an action, Indigo's thought processes and learning techniques have the same effect on her brain as if she were watching a chef prepare a meal. This is greatly limited to what Indigo experiences first hand however as she cannot copy what someone reads or learns without reading or learning it herself.

LIMITATION: A draw back appears to be over exertion however, as prolonged use of hyper-intelligence or extreme focus on learning leads to debilitating migraines and severe nosebleeds. Prolonged use over an increased period of time can lead to mental fatigue, excessive sleeping and potential mental and memory damage.

Enhanced Manoeuvrability
With an advanced state of agility, Indigo can go from one motion to another effortlessly. Mimicking any movement she's seen or learned is seamlessly complimented with an agility above that of an average human. This allows her to effectively dodge attacks, perform numerous gymnastic feats, athletic or martial implements with little effort.

Indigo's agility allows her to react quicker to her surroundings and anticipate the complications and obstacles, her body shifting to counteract them quicker than others might. This depends on her being aware of her surroundings and the required alterations needed. It does assist in her ability to perform learned skills.

LIMITATION: Indigo is prone to fatigue more so than others, her metabolism requires better upkeep and her energy reserves burn quicker. There is the possibility that her increased manoeuvrability has a detrimental effect on her tendons and joints as they are pushed further than most would.
Francine Han was a Vietnamese-American working in Paris as a nurse for a research group looking into several childhood diseases. Francine spoke very little French, so found herself largely ostracised from her fellow nurses as they enjoyed Paris life. It was there that she met Kristoph Jacot, a wealthy French businessman with a weakness for blueberry muffins and a frequent visitor to the small cafe that Francine favoured. The pair hit it off over coffee and muffins, with Kristoph teaching Francine small pieces of French as he could. The courting lasted eight weeks, before Kristoph was expecting to leave Paris shortly on business, unsure of when he would return, he asked Francine to marry him and accompany him. Caught up in the whirlwind of the romance, Francine agreed.

Early Life
Indigo was born just ten months after the wedding, during a stifling summer in Italy, while Kristoph worked, Francine had the small bundle of joy to dote on. Indigo wanted for nothing in her early life, her father was distant and often absent, but her mother was caring, compassionate and adoring. Indigo was four when her little sister was born and rather than feeling jealous of the time her mother spent with the baby, she did her best to help out, already imagining the days when Cerise would be old enough to play with her.

Before long, they were moving again, and while Indigo had no real concept of just what her father did for a living, the places he took them more than made up for it. After spending the first four years in Italy, they moved to Spain for a little under a year before crossing over to England for two more years and then Russia. Indigo tended to pick up small pieces of the languages, but spoke fluent French and stilted Vietnamese as her parents taught her. By the time they left England, she'd learned to almost fluent in the English language.

Power Development
It was sheer accident that Indigo displayed a power, although it came with many other revelations; the first being that her father was a Super with a technology based ability, he was also a spy and Indigo could replicate his actions through watching him. It had been a normal day, Indigo had accompanied her father on a seemingly harmless errand while her mother and sister rested following a nasty bug that Cerise had caught. Things turned nasty when three assailants in suits attempted to apprehend her father and his briefcase while they were passing through a courtyard.

For the briefest of moments, Indigo was near terrified for her life, held in a tight grip by a man more than twice her size, watching her father fight two other men. It was while she was watching her father that something clicked for Indigo, her father grappled with a man from behind, and almost instinctively, Indigo copied the move to get herself free of the man holding her. The nine year old was able to mimic attacks her father displayed perfectly in order to incapacitate the man attacking her. When all three were dealt with, instead of being able to process her feelings on the matter before her father was whisking her away.

The sheer volume of information processed over that day was staggering, and while it all did bring Indigo much closer to her father, it also shut down a lot of her potential. Sworn to secrecy and not even sure what agency or country her father worked for, Indigo was quickly enrolled in numerous activities under her father's guidance to hone and grow her skills.

Indigo started training with gymnastics to build her skills in acrobatics, different styles of combat training, she was enrolled with a prestigious ballet school in Moscow, her father attended many of her lessons to ensure she was not only learning to the best of her capability but that her dedication was at a suitable level. Under the guise of bonding with his elder daughter, Kristoph took Indigo to meet with specialists in their field, including two weeks with a sharpshooter to hone her ability with a sniper rifle. While Indigo took a little longer to master aiming the act of constructing, firing and striping the rifle became second nature to her.

From the age of ten, to the age of eighteen, Kristoph ensured that Indigo became the perfect embodiment for an agent within his network. Tragically, his work came to a violent end during an anti-Super Human rally which claimed Kristoph's life and resulted in Indigo being processed into the Regiment program.

Exemplary Agent
Indigo had no time to process the lose of her father, her freedom or the possibility that she'd never see her mother and sister again. Her life of training, endurance and drive meant that regardless of who was giving her directions she was performing to the greatest ability she could, demonstrating her mimicry of each task given to her, her extensive abilities in various performance arts and her extreme focus meant that she was quickly assigned to a squad and sent out on missions.

As was her training, Indigo was unable to see the point in not completing her objectives, sailing through her mission objectives and earning notations for her effectiveness and her ability to follow orders. Regiment life fell into the norm for Indigo, as this was the life her father was training her for, if not the people he intended for her to work with, Indigo settled quite well into the life.

Over the years she formed a few close bonds, one in particular with Nathan De Rosier, a telepathic agent in her squad. The pair were often partnered on training exercises and worked well enough to be considered a team in the field. Romance blossomed over the years to the point where, at twenty-four, Nathan proposed and Indigo accepted. Due to the fact that they were not legally viewed as having rights, the 'marriage' was not legally viewed, however they were permitted a small ceremony for the sake of themselves. They had a small thing with their squad at the base, exchanged rings and viewed one another as husband and wife.

The missions kept coming, they kept performing to the best of their abilities and were considered one of the best units in the Florida base. Until a mission was compromised with unreliable information and the whole unit was captured of killed in action. Indigo and Nathan were two of the captured agents, submitted to torture for information they didn't have. Nathan managed to get a telepathic distress call to their handler for a secondary evac team before he was fatally shot by their captors. Indigo was forced to witness the whole event.

At the time, rescue was bittersweet and the unit took a fair length of time to recover, Indigo pushed herself through the grieving process quickly and removed the shoddy rings she'd been given, leaving them in a box along with her father's recordings of her training. With such a blow to the squad, they were split up, reassessed and reassigned. Indigo continued on with the Florida unit, going through the motions of therapy before being confirmed fit for active duty.

Shaking off the trauma took longer than Indigo was comfortable with, although she deemed it appropriate to close herself off from close connections with her next squad in order to avoid a repeat of the incidents. Indigo was exceptionally efficient while on her missions and closed off and distant while on base. While her handler didn't allow her to completely shut down her emotions, his seemingly odd manner in addressing things and enthusiastic nature were the only thing that Indigo couldn't really shut down.

She thought, when Michael transferred from Florida to the Washington facility, she would be able to finally shut down the remaining connections, but found it difficult to work with her new handler. Four months after Michael's transfer, Indigo requested that she be removed from the Florida facility and sent to the Washington one, citing her trauma, efficiency under Mr Winter and a requirement for stability stated in her recovery therapy.

She honestly hadn't expected them to agree.