Shedding parts of myself, until I find the truth.
Shakespeare made all his young lovers die- poisoned, stabbed or drowned. Because he realised that some people are only meant to sleep together, six feet underground.
The Basics
General Information
Real Name Rozalia Górski
Used Name Grey Street
Current Alias Husk
Marital Status Single
Classification Super
Gender Non-Binary
Age 28 (1/1/89)
Height 5'04"
Eyes Hazel
Hair Black
Discovery August '04
Abilities Transitional Omni-morphing
Element Mimicry
Extended Information
Nicknames Grey
Relatives Oles Górski
Janka Górski
Zayna Górski

Sexuality Asexual Panromantic
Handler Rachel Cohen
Occupations Private Investigator
Reg Recruitment Feb '18

Grey has the appearance that one would expect of an under-fed adult whose access to sunlight was limited for several years. Naturally pale, Grey borders on sickly since her confinement in the Cheshire Medical facility. With short, choppy black hair, it's probably obvious to many that Grey cut her own hair -she also bleached her eyebrows. She likes the odd sense of control she gets where she is able to dictate how she looks now.

She's very slim, with a somewhat androgynous look, numerous piercings (eyebrow, nostril, septum, lip, several in her ears) and tattoo's. Some of her tattoo work was done previous to her memory, as such she doesn't really know what they mean to her, other than she liked them.

Primarily, Grey has a 90s grunge look with an edge of goth. It's mostly because they're black, she likes black and the thrift stores had some cheap stuff that looked rag-like.
Grey is an exceptionally introverted woman, largely struggling with basic social cues and interactions. This is largely due to the circumstances in which she's been in since her memory has reasserted itself, unable to interact freely in open situations, Grey has a stunted understanding on how to form close or functioning relationships. She is exceptionally observant, vocal when she sees something she believes needs to be said and very protective of the few friends she counts in her social circle -which is currently more of a line than a circle.

Grey is exceptionally laid back and relaxed about most things, short of her missing memory and her friends, she lets a lot of things just happen. She rarely gets involved in conflict that doesn't concern her and doesn't seek to solve other people's problems. She's the opposite of a busy-body gossip. However, Grey doesn't like question marks, in her life, in her social group, in her understanding, she is always vying to fill in the blanks - she hates never getting to finish watching/reading/listening to something because it will irritate her until she knows the ending/outcome.

While Grey is a quick thinker, great on her feet and ideal in times of crisis, she is a stubborn risk taker who rarely sees the potential for failure or disaster. She reacts spontaneously to situations, launching herself headlong into the fray, especially if it's a directive to assist a friend.

Grey does have a pretty explosive temper, something that was cultivated primarily in the Cheshire Medical facility, since previously she had no instances of serious outbursts. Following the gruelling tests and experiments done to understand her powers and attempt to fabricate them in other beings, Grey has dealt with serious anxieties regarding control, contact and persons of authority. While she is rarely difficult, she is greatly distrusting of those in a position of power, making her occasionally unpredictable in some circumstances.

Like all tragically unstable people with question marks throughout their past, Grey has a berserk button; specifically threats to Kathryn, Clara, Danny or Victor. While some are more than capable of protecting themselves, Grey sees her purpose as protecting people, protecting those people, her people. Should anything threaten them, Grey will not hesitate to react. Similarly, allowing her access to them, offering her the chance to protect them, makes her far more stable and reliable.
Abilities & Skills
Due mostly to Grey's unpredictable temper than her use of powers, she has an implant that releases a quick acting sedative to subdue her should she become dangerous, the implant is also capable of rendering her abilities null. Her powers are not limited unless being used as discipline for her actions.

Transitional Omni-Morphing
In a nut shell, this is skin shedding, as if removing a husk or a shell to give way to a new form. Grey is able to shift her body from flesh and bone to any other substance she has seen, touched and studied. She cannot exceed her own body mass, although she can lengthen and thin herself, she cannot become greater than her original form -when going smaller her mass is somehow stored in an extra-dimensional space until reverting back. When husking, Grey typically takes on attributes of the substance -for example a diamond texture would be impenetrable, marble would have strength, the likes of more than Grey's own abilities. This only lasts as long as she is in that form. Her texture can be anything she wants provided she knows it as more than just a glance, Grey can husk into synthetic or organic textures if she knows how they are made and their constructs.

Grey tends to keep her own shape while husking, although she can alter it. There is no pain in simply ripping off her skin, however it was something that was learned over time and Grey's fear of it one day hurting sometimes holds her back. Rapidly changing textures does take it's toll and can lead to an emotional test of endurance more than anything else. When pushed and emotional, Grey may take on more than one texture, molting her skin to show a patchwork underneath. This is not maintainable and Grey will need to husk to take on one entire form.

LIMITATIONS: When husking, Grey is largely limited by what she knows. She needs to know the molecular construct of what she husks into, understand how it functions and it's properties. She cannot fabricate a husk just by seeing or hearing about it. Additionally, she does tire of husking too many times, and Grey is apprehensive about when it might begin to get painful ripping off her skin.

When she does remove her skin, Grey also removes her clothes, this has the added side effect of leaving her naked when she does revert to her own form.
Element Mimicry
Grey is able to mimic the physical properties of anything she touches or that touches her, altering her appearance to copy that of the substance. Things like steel, asphalt, rubber, copper, granite, marble; she adopts all the properties of these things for as long as she mimics their likeness. Certain items can affect her personality.

Grey cannot choose which properties of the substance to mimic, having to duplicate and imitate them all, which means she gains the strengths and weaknesses of those properties; for example, mimicking rubber would make her deflect electricity attacks, but make her weak against ice and fire. Grey also takes on the appearance and texture of these substances as she mimics them.

LIMITATIONS: Grey can only mimic one substance at a time, she can consciously stop mimicking it, but she has to revert to human skin before she can mimic the next substance she touches. Mimicking if a full body thing, she cannot limit things to one portion of her body. Similarly, she has to touch the substance before she will alter, even if she's already mimicked it before hand, she has to touch it again.

At times of great stress, Grey will unconsciously mimic anything she is touching, this tends to take longer for her to shift back.
Oles and Janka Górski were young and in love when they married in Poland in 1985, they were young, in love, and Janka was already very much pregnant with their first child. Against the wishes of her parents she got married to a young man with few prospects and little money, vowing to keep their child and be by his side. Shortly after Zanya was born, a bright eyed, beautiful little baby, the pair immigrated to America in the hopes of achieving the American Dream.

Their biggest dream was to simply have each other. Oles picked up the language quickly, Zanya a natural in her young age, while Janka struggled due to lack of real interaction while working as a maid in a New York hotel. It didn't really matter to them, and not long after they moved, they were expecting another bundle of joy.

Rozalia was born in a small apartment building living in relative poverty. It wasn't a terrible beginning, the small family of four had big aspirations, and both Zanya and Rozalia exhibited great potential towards life. Rozalia adored her sister, who was lively, friendly and beautiful; she was a ray of sunshine in any room and could capture everyone's attention easily. She was a born entertainer. Rozalia was a little different.

Roza loved figuring out how things worked; engineering, science, baking, mechanics, all of it. Her real interest was chemistry, and she developed a reputation at school quickly for being a genius, even though she never developed her sister's skills at making friends. It wasn't a large problem for Roza, because Zanya always had time for her. Their parents were just besotted with both of their brilliant girls and the bright futures that lay ahead of them.

Zanya and Roza discovered they were supers at around the same time. Roza was 15, messing around with a home chemistry kit she'd gotten when she absently scratched some of her arm, tearing some of her skin off to reveal copper. Freaking out, Roza instantly showed Zanya who unconsciously was able to tell what Roza was capable of. Finding out that they both had super powers strengthened their relationship, resulting in secrets between the sisters and Roza idolising Zanya more. Due to Zanya's ability to inherently understand Roza's powers, they were able to work on Roza's control, including Zanya knowing when her secondary ability to mimic element properties would kick in, giving Roza the chance to avoid detection.

With a strong bond, shared secrets and depending a lot on each other, rather than attempt to get a scholarship at a large, prestigious school, Roza choose to stay close to home, studying biochemistry and cellular biology at Stony Brook Medicine. Roza had no way to know, just a few months shy of starting her course, her life would change dramatically.
Zanya's Death & Conspiracies
At the age of 21, Zanya Górski was found dead in a hotel room, supposedly from a drug overdose. As Zanya was a promising model and tv personality, it was attributed to the wild lifestyle very quicky, and the case was closed. Roza did not buy it. Rozalia knew that her sister wouldn't do drugs, at all, she knew that the drugs weren't Zanya's and something else was going on, but no one would listen to her. So, as any little sister would, Rozalia decided to find the truth herself.

The truth took Rozalia to some very scary places. She found out that her sister did keep secrets from her, although never ones relating to drugs or the lifestyle that was apparently at the root of her death. Rozalia found out that her sister was involved, sexually, with a married man. Something that was hidden exceptionally well, but not well enough that Rozalia didn't find clues. The problem was that those clues also led Rozalia to families, like hers, that were torn apart by the unusual and sudden deaths of young women.

Seeing families that were still hurt, deeply, by possible murders that weren't been looked into wasn't something that Rozalia could walk away from. She threw herself into investigating the deaths, deeper and with more conviction with every passing case, sure that one of them would also lead her to the person who murdered her sister and tried to cover it up. For five years it was Rozalia's life. Immersed in conspiracy and lies and cover ups, distanced from her parents and without friends, her entire life was about finding the truth.

And she almost did. Uncovering a death similar to Zanya's, a young actress who was found in a hotel room, dead from a drug overdose where her parents refused to accept their daughter would ever use drugs, let alone overdose. This time, there was a clue. Just a few days before the girl's death, there had been a picture of her taken with an up and coming politician, one that was newly married and expecting a baby with his new bride. His bride who was definitely not the pretty young blond starlet.

Rozalia felt like she'd found a missing piece, looking into the politician and the girl. It didn't take long for Roza to see the signs, follow the clues and discover the girl had been a super. Or that the man in question had been taken a hard stance against supers. The potential that her sister (and this girl) were killed because they were supers by the man they'd been seeing was the freshest spark to stoke Roza's determination.

Unfortunately, she wasn't the only one who could follow crumbs.

Completely unaware that she was being watched, tracked and monitored, that she was getting far too close to the answers she was looking for, Roza set up a meeting with a contact at the hotel where her sister and the blond starlet had both died, with the promise of potential security footage that had never been asked for by the police. Instead of meeting her contact, Roza was forced off the road by a black SUV, into the side of a bridge at high speed. Roza suffered numerous breaks, including a skull fracture that caused a bleed on the brain.

Instead of being taken to a hospital, Roza was given to the Cheshire Medical facility as a Jane Doe and suspected super. When she woke up, six months after the crash, she had no recollection of anything previous to that moment.
Cheshire Medical & Regmient
For the longest time, she was just called 'Subject 12'. Numerous tests were done until her powers were finally discovered by the staff, then further ones were conducted to understand those powers. Subject 12's skin was routinely subjected to different textures and elements, learning what she could mimic and what she couldn't, they found that she needed to know how the compounds were made up, how they'd feel, how they acted and reacted, before they could rip her skin off and have her constructed of the compound.

Subject 12, not knowing any different, attempted to comply fully with 'treatments', as she was assured was important for the furthering of science, because she was dangerous. She learned differently, however, with her fellow inmates. The others in the group were what she assumed were her first interactions with people, at least interactions that weren't about tests and pain and her powers.

It was then that she named herself. The other people in the facility started to call her Grey, while the staff refused to accept that, using 'Subject 12' only. While tests and experiments were continuous, Grey found that she could tolerate them provided she was still permitted to socialise with other patients, forming a close bond with them to the point of dependency. When she perceived any of her friends were treated unfairly, injured or suffering, Grey would lash out violently. This resulted in Grey being confined to a padded room, unable to use her mimicry ability to properly affect a change. The only thing that really settled her after was resumed contact with her friends, and thus her punishment and reward system resumed.

When the existence of the facility was made public, the Government stepping in to take over, Grey managed to slip away and escape with her friends. They're ability to live in the real world was greatly diminished however and they were quickly caught by Regiment.

Grey was sent to the Maine facility, only the closeness of one of her escapee friends kept Grey from lashing out. As she had limited understanding of her own background before the facility, or how she got there, her trauma was believed to be the cause of her amnesia. The psychiatric care and anger management classes were enough to help get Grey slightly more vocal and social. It was decided that her training had advanced to the stage where she could be used as an agent and Grey was set for transfer to the Washington facility shortly after.