A conjuring of light, a beautiful lie
Hey you with the pretty face, welcome to the human race. A celebration, Mr. Blue Sky's up there waitin' and today is the day we've waited for, oorrr. Hey there Mr. Blue, we're so pleased to be with you, look around see what you do, everybody smiles at you.
The Basics
General Information
Real Name Dove Wilson
Current Alias Lightforce
Marital Status Single (smitten)
Classification Super
Gender Female
Age 18 (10/23/99)
Height 5'04"
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Discovery May '13
Abilities Light Energy Manipulation
Concussive Force
Enhanced Endurance
Extended Information
Nicknames Blondie
Relatives Carter Wilson
Ann-Marie Wilson
Carter Wilson Jr
Shelby Wilson

Sexuality Heterosexual
Handler Holly Page
Occupations High School Student
Reg Recruitment Aug '17

The Wilson family is full of blue eyed, blond haired beauties, and Dove is no different. Her cherub face, bright blue eyes and classic girl next door appearance gives Dove that soft and sweet quality. It's further highlighted but the exhuberant nature of the girl, and the gentle bleed of 'light' that she seems to always have. She's near constantly got some kind of smile on her face, a perky and bubbly girl by nature, and rarely looks like a storm cloud.

Although she's petite, Dove seems to radiate in any room she's in. She's generally in soft, pastel colours, emphasising her sunny disposition. She's an athletic girl, largely due to her cheerleading, and is constantly aware of her appearance needing to be perfect. She's not exceptionally high maintenance, having stuck mostly to the 'less is more' colour palette of life, and her bookish quality not really calling for much make up.
At first glance people tend to assume that Dove is your typical blonde bimbo but she's not; she's anything but that. With a hidden intelligence, desperate ambition and drive to be more than what is expected of her, Dove has more to her than her pretty smile and perfect persona. She has a keen intelligence that is fed on a broad array of subjects, something that she is constantly expanding on, she's a very dedicated learner and finds it more of a hobby than a task, regularly using free time to learn more or find a new skill or subject to get involved in.

Her family have shaped a lot of her personality, her mother's constantly too high expectations, her sister's constant troubles being mirrored onto Dove and her father's sexism not being in the least bit hidden, Dove understands that her family is largely toxic to her but they are her family, and while Dove may attempt to remove herself from that influence, she's very motivated by gaining praise and acceptance -especially from her mother. This has created somewhat of a perfectionist streak in Dove, sometimes to the point of impossibilities, as she isn't physically able to be perfect at everything, for everyone, always.

Most of the time, Dove tries to be a good person, a loyal and loving friend, she holds her friends very dear to her and always wants to help them where she can, even if it means putting her own issues aside at the moment. Sometimes, it does get Dove in trouble, her desire to help people sometimes overrides her common sense, and even if she gets into trouble, she'll do what she thinks is right. She can get emotional if the right thing isn't always the best thing and people who don't consider that a good thing. Turning a blind eye isn't something Dove is good at doing.

As a natural sweet person, it's difficult for Dove to accept that she can hurt people quite badly if she loses control. Maintaining her ability to function around people has trumped her consideration for a semblance of freedom. Dove hasn't resigned herself to her life, but she's far more accepting of being kept where she can't hurt people than being outside and potentially killing someone accidentally.
Abilities & Skills
At current, Dove's powers are so unpredictable and uncontrolled that she is constantly controlled by the limiter implant, nullifying her powers unless agreed upon by her handler or during training exercises. This is for Dove's protection as much as for the safety of those around her, as powers can be unpredictable at best.

For the most part, Dove is accepting of this, until she can learn to control her powers, especially her concussive force, she believes it's better that her use of her powers be limited to when she isn't at risk of hurting people.

Light Energy Manipulation
Dove is able to create, shape and manipulate light energy; she's not sure where it comes from, but the best guess seems to be inter-dimensional and similar sources. Through a series of trials and error, she's been able to harness this into a variety of different effects.

Generating Light Energy in the form of lightforce daggers, Dove is able to throw the power from her fingertips at another person, the effectiveness of these daggers depend entirely on Dove's intentions, while she loses control of their flight, she can compel the light energy to find it's target, they do lose effectiveness over a distance and are limited in the effect over time. Those hit by the energy have their own lifeforce disrupted, draining a small portion, or larger if Dove wanted, and leaving them in a state of shock or potentially near death. Disruption to a persons lifeforce can have lasting effects. Effects have been causing tremors, aching scar mark, and potential limiting in a persons life.

Similarly, Dove is able to create illuminations by directing light energy into and onto non-living objects, effectively lighting an area that previously had no light. This lightforce manipulation feeds energy in a diffused manner, giving dark areas natural light.

LIMITATIONS: Dove is greatly limited by the energy she can and has to expel. She's also weak against her counterpart dark energy manipulators, as with anything darkness and light are two sides of the same coin and where she's strong, the dark energy can drain her. Dove has the potential to learn how to fly on light energy and a degree of protection from light energy when passing through dark energy teleportation.
Concussive Force
As an addition to the energy generated from her lightforce, Dove is able to create a concussive blast of energy that's able to knock targets back and cause great internal and external damage. Generally, Dove creates this force with a pulse of energy, one that she's not always meaning to use, generating a great force that usually causes damage on collision with a solid matter. Her control is shaky at best, as her energy control is sometimes out of her hands; Dove's removal into Regiment came because of a cheerleading practice resulting in the destruction of a gymnasium wall due to a high kick and clap combo which generated a concussive blast.

LIMITATIONS: As Dove has little to no control over this ability, her current limitations are decided by the implant used to control the use of powers. Dove is only able to use her abilities in training sessions as the destructive force is too great a risk to everyone at Limbo.
Enhanced Endurance
Dove is able to run on little to no energy for a long time, her endurance and capabilities here haven't been measured, but her perfectionism meant that she tends to run on a state of 'low power setting' for a long time. It was first noticed by Dove during her SATs and the subsequent study periods around there; she could cope without eating or sleeping for exceptionally long periods of time, longer than what seemed to be humanly possible and reasonably healthy. When her concussive powers developed, her endurance allowed her to withstand the shockwaves afterwards, the vibrations from it and the force surrounding it. Similarly, she's able to endure intense heat and light, provided it's not physically injuring her.

LIMITATIONS: Dove does have an endurance level, while it is exceptionally high, it does exist. She has gone as long as three days with no sleep, limited food and drink and then crashed for almost a full day before being utterly starving and near shock level. If she pushes her endurance level to breaking point, she can run the risk of losing control of her other powers in her state and doing serious damage or potentially leaving herself comatose until her energy levels normalise.
Carter and Ann-Marie were high school sweethearts, married straight out of high school and settling down in their hometown in New York. It wasn't a huge whirlwind romance, the pair had matching ambitions and hopes for their lives, having been the perfect couple all through high school and continuing it into college. Both qualified with degrees in journalism, looking to take on Carter's family business of a small town local newspaper and expanding. After a few years making their name in the papers, Ann-Marie fell pregnant following a few months of trying. Carter Jr was born in the fall, a welcome addition to the family following the death of his grandfather. With a baby at home and a family business to run, Carter took over at the newspaper while Ann-Marie transitioned into a stay at home mom.

Carter Jr was four when Shelby was born, a partial distraction for Ann-Marie as her mother fought cancer. The family grew and moved forward, Ann-Marie flourishing with her caregiving role, although her need for perfection resulted in slightly subdued children, she was looking after her two young children and her sickly mother.

Dove was unexpected. Not unwanted, but unexpected. They hadn't been planning on adding a third child, least of all just two years after Shelby and while Ann-Marie's mother was sick, but Dove appeared, a boon to her dying grandmother who named the girl for her sweet nature and belief that Dove was the sign for her to peacefully let go. Dove was eight months old when her grandmother died peacefully in her sleep.

Early Years
Dove was almost raised on stories from her parents, either about their early life, her grandmother or things they wrote about. Dove was a content young child, prone to sitting and listening to her parents, regardless of the topic. Carter Jr and Shelby seemed less content to just sit and listen, so Dove soaked up the attention from her mother every day.

As she got older, this developed into a storytelling, Dove attempting to make friends with literally everyone she could. She was a happy young girl, often called the light of the party, if not the life. She was rarely anything but happy.

Even as she started to notice issues at home. Her parents putting a lot of pressure on CJ to do well at school, her mother picking at Shelby's weight, Dove not being allowed to cut her hair like Maisie at pre-school with her little pixie cut. There were signs that things had to a certain way, but in her young age, Dove couldn't really put her finger on it.

Then, Dove met Raven Pereira and she had her team mate for everything. Taking the sign that they both were named after birds and colours as a sign that they were meant to be friends, Dove refused to stop until Raven was her best friend. It wasn't difficult, as Dove was most people's friends through sheer force of will. Her bright, optimistic, happy nature had that effect on people.

Soon though, they had more than just their names in common and Dove formed a lasting and important relationship with Raven, the pair of them complimenting each other's personalities, where Raven was reserved and quiet, Dove was outgoing and lively, where Dove was unrestrained and bright, Raven was controlled and contained. It stopped Dove from pulling herself so thin she had little left of herself. As her mother strived for more and more from her children, Dove's friendship with Raven meant that she didn't lose herself to her mother's whims.
Power Development
What Dove was sure never factored into her mother's plans was Dove developing super powers. Just breaking into teenage-hood, fighting with puberty, expectations and boys, Dove discovered that sometimes, when highly emotional, she glowed at the fingertips. And then, accidentally, she found that those glowing tips could hurt. Leaving a hole in the parking lot at school, panicked and confused, Dove hid what she could do from everyone. Even Raven at first. She knew that some people were not kind to supers, knew that if anyone knew she would be taken away, and Dove didn't want to leave Raven or her siblings and friends.

Finding out that Raven had super powers too, useful super powers, only bonded Dove more closely to her best friend, sharing the secret with her and her alone while learning how to try and control her light based power and to limit the damage she inflicted around her.

High school was complex to navigate, when Raven's mother was going back to Brazil, Dove was beside herself, almost bleeding destructive light constantly and narrowly avoiding destroying her bed once. When her parents agreed to act as guardians for Raven to remain there, Dove was over the moon, even with the tight stipulations attached to their agreement. Dove and Shelby were never especially close, so having Raven live with her helped Dove to unwind and deal with the strains of teenage life, high school and needing to be perfect.

Dove managed to maintain her straight A's, qualify for the cheerleading squad, participate in the school newspaper and attend family functions for the newspaper, all while making time for her best friend and being sure that Raven felt as at home as possible with her family. Running near constantly on just a few hours sleep, remembering to eat fleetingly, Dove didn't give her ability to function when others would've dropped too much thought. It worked, she managed to keep all aspects of her life together.

Until she didn't.
During a cheerleading rehearsal, finally feeling the effects of running on so little sleep, Dove's third (although she thought it was only her second) power made itself known in an accident. Dismounting from a cheer, Dove landed on the gym floor with uncontrolled concussive force, blasting a pulse of energy through the floor from her impact, directly followed up with the clap to finish the cheer routine, which added a second pulse at chest level, blasting outward from Dove.

It resulted in blowing out a gym wall, ripping through the flooring and several low level injuries dealt to fellow cheerleaders in the path of the blast. Dove was devastated, as she'd tried so hard to never harm anyone with her building powers. Someone in the stands had recorded the moment and uploaded it to social media instantly. Fleeing the gym, Dove had locked herself in the locker room, bawling her eyes out for hours.

That was where she was found by Government people, taking her into custody as a super. Dove didn't fight it in the least, going with them with the request that they find a way to stop her hurting anyone.

Dove was held in a juvenile facility, going through a few training scenarios until it was agreed that the implant was the best way to contain her powers. Dove was glad at the prospect of not having to worry about sneezing or waving an arm anymore. While she was both happy and sad about things, her reunion with Raven when her powers were detected was the second best thing to happen to her in the detention.

At 18, she was assigned to the Washington facility with the indication that her powers might be able to help rather than just hurt, something that Dove was hopeful for.
    1. Is a known stress baker - she's convinced that baking assists in relieving tension, she keeps herself busy and makes some yummy treats. It's also a good way to help people too; after all who doesn't like treats?
    2. Doesn't drink caffeine, it makes her exceptionally jumpy and negatively effects her endurance power. She doesn't like the loopy feeling or the manic peronality traits she takes on while drinking it. Which is a shame because she liked the taste of coffee.
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