How do you destroy a monster, without becoming one?
When our lives are over and all that remains, are our skulls and bones let's take it to the grave. And hold me in your arms, hold me in your arms, I'll be buried here with you and I'll hold in these hands all that remains. I don't want to rest in peace, I'd rather be the ghost that annoys you. I hope you can make me laugh, six feet down when we're bored of each other.
The Basics
General Information
Real Name Clementine Tink Garraway
Current Alias Reaper
Marital Status Single
Classification Super
Gender Female
Age 25 (12/31/93)
Height 5'6"
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Discovery June '08
Abilities Necromancy
Necroplasmic Conversion
Death Manipulation
Life Manipulation
Extended Information
Nicknames Clem

Relatives Peter Garraway
Willow Star Garraway
Opal Luna Garraway

Sexuality Bisexual
Handler Emily Frye
Occupations Morgue Ass.

Reg Recruitment March '18

Clementine is deceptively small and cute; she gives off the 'sweet girl' vibe, and being petite, she's not got a lot of height going for her. But really, Clem has a lot to put behind her small stature, she's compact and active, and since she hauls bodies around, she's surprisingly strong. She's got a bit of a blunt bob cut, shaped around her jaw line with a small wave in her hair, that is usually left rather messy because she doesn't have time to think about her hair. Raised how she was, Clem is a bit of a minimalist, especially when it comes to make-up; she'll smoke up her eyes, and wear a nude lipstick, but she rarely goes for the full face.

Most of the time, she goes for comfort over style, although her sense of style is a little edgier than mainstream, she likes wearing layers that peak through and dabbles in a lot of black with hints of colours.
Clementine is not a complex young woman; she's a fairly kind and supportive young person, morally driven to do what is right based on the code of ethics and acceptance she was raised with. One would think, being raised around so many positive people and 'good vibes', Clem would be that positive, sunny girl. She's not exactly, because Clem can see through the veneer of niceness, she can tell bullshit when it comes her way. She's somewhat jaded by the two-faced people of the world, the harm they do to each other and the planet, the lies they tell just to be powerful or respected. She tries to see the good qualities, the parts of people that are trying, but more often than not, she's just let down all over again.

Clem lived in New York, where she saw terrible things happening all the time, she did her best to see beyond them, but more and more it came back to the harsh reality of people being horrible to each other. She's got quite the imagination, and knows how to use it to avoid living in the chaos and bitterness that some people let take a hold of them. To combat this, Clem developed a sarcastic streak, usually broken out for idiots and stupid questions. She tends to repress a lot of her feelings and internalise things, with the weight of the world on her shoulders constantly. It doesn't mean that she can't carry it though, Clem is nothing if not resourceful, figuring things out on the fly, even if it takes a pretty reckless twist.

She is very strong willed, something she gets from her father, but she'll follow her head where it takes her, and is starting to learn to listen to her heart too. She doesn't have a lot of friends, because she walls herself off to protect herself emotionally, but those she does have, she's loyal to and will support all the way to whatever they get caught up in. She can come off brash and rude, but while she's impatient and impulsive, she has a genuine care for others. She understands a lot more about the world and how things balance than many others would, she knows the weight her powers carry and that many other supers (or evos as they're calling them now) carry with their own powers. But Clem feels a responsibility to use them wisely and cautiously.

At times, following the use of her necromancy, Clem can feel much heavier, like there's something creeping in on her. Given that her powers darken a part of her, tainting some of her personality, it's possible that prolonged use will cause her to grow harsher and mean. This worries Clem a lot, because she's seen her grandparents, closed off from the world and excluding everything, living in bitterness at things they don't understand. She doesn't want that to be what happens to her, and sometimes over compensates the other way, pushing the people she thinks she might hurt away from her in a bid to protect everyone.
Abilities & Skills
Reaper currently has a limiter implant that, when triggered, will give a quick electric shock before administering a sedative to render her unconscious. Currently, Reaper's powers are not turned off permanently, but she has been warned that any infractions with her powers and she will be put on lockdown.

Following the accidental deaths of Scotty Weston and Darcy Maddox, Reaper's powers are on permenant lock down until fully understood.

Reaper has the power of resurrecting the dead, pulling souls back from the beyond for communication, this does not bring them back to life, per say, but just makes them temporarily undead. She needs to be close to the dead she's raising to be able to do this. They will be raised in their current state of decomposition and Reaper cannot reverse that in any way. The recently dead can recall the last few days or week of their lives, the long time dead tend to be simply zombies that Reaper can control.

Necromancy also allows Reaper a degree of divination, as she can call back souls for communication before returning them to the beyond. She cannot make the souls remain long term, as they break down over time and drain on Reaper's powers and energy. She can use the power of soul absorption to rebuild some of her strength and power, but it does destroy the soul in question and taint Reaper somewhat.

LIMITATIONS: Reaper cannot subvert death; what is dead and buried, is dead and buried. Her involvement in granding life is very limited. If someone has been dead for more than an hour she cannot change that -she can give them a short time to say goodbye, but too long remaining causes extreme decomposition and loss of self, the dead become the mindless zombies often portrayed. Additionally, the longer Reaper makes them stay, the darker her own soul becomes. Reaper can feel the tug towards darkness each time she uses her powers and prolonged use can and does affect her emotionally and her personality turns more harsh.
Additionally, Reaper can absorb necroplasm, a source of energy given off by the dead and dying, and convert it to different energy for her to use. Typically, it's used to give Reaper a boost in energy, stamina and speed, but can be turned into a concussive blast of dark energy. Reaper can store the energy to use at a later time, but she can sometimes have too much which means the dark energy seeps out of her.

LIMITATIONS: Reaper tends to need a fair storage of necroplasm to stay relatively healthy and active, she can get this from any dying or dead person. When Reaper uses the energy it burns her out for an hour at least afterwards, unless she stores more. When she's using the concussive energy, she uses it up faster. If Reaper is heavily depleted from necroplasmic energy, her death manipulation will reach out to force her hand. This is the only time life manipulation doesn't trigger to balance the death.
Reaper is able to shape and manipulate the essence of Death, similar to life-force manipulation, but in reverse. Reaper can force things to wither, rot and die. This includes organic matter than has a lifespan, like wood. She is able to sense the essence of a being and manipulate it, she has the ability to sense when a person will die, sense when death is close or cause someone to die; either by advancing their age and rotting their body, or by manipulating fate to cause an accident that results in death.

She can cause a healthy body to wither and decay, with no discernible reason.
Alongside the death manipulation, Reaper has limited access to manipulating the energies of life. She can narrowly change the lifespan of someone, and if someone is newly deceased within a small time frame (the longest being 1 hour), Reaper can rework the strings of fate to grant life to return, although it will not undo injuries that caused the death in the first place. Where Reaper knows a death is going to occur, she can grant a small lifespan extension to someone, although this is never a sure thing and can, occasionally, be worse than if the death was occurring as natural without interference.

LIMITATIONS: Reaper's Death & Life manipulation powers go hand in hand; there has to be a balance in all things. If she uses her powers to manipulate someone's life, she cannot use her death manipulation on them and vice versa. Anything she does with either is the extent of her involvement and is permanent. If she brings someone back from the brink, and they die again, she can't get involved. If she brings someone back after they have been dead, she must balance things out within the day period and take a life somewhere. It is always important to give and take. The longer Reaper waits to balance things, the bigger the death needs to be. If she doesn't balance things, someone in her near vicinity is taken by her powers without her control -balance is a must. Always.
Peter Garraway was the most unlikely man to marry a flower child; from a strict family with strong conservative beliefs, Willow Star was not the sort of woman he would bring home to his parents. Peter was a newly minted business man, working for his father as a car salesman, and doing rather well, when he met Willow by chance on the street. Willow was selling hemp bags to help pay for the bills at a small caravan park where she and her companions were living. Peter, enamoured with her sweet and open nature bought a bag for one of the receptionists at work. Willow gave him two, which he said was poor business practice, but Willow countered with her business being generosity and love.

Peter fell hard and fast for the woman, who never turned anyone away and embraced life with an innocent kind of love. He visited her often and helped to fund the group living in the caravan park for a while longer. When Willow told him they were planning on moving, going where their hearts took them next, he instantly quit his job, packed a small bag and followed his own heart, right to Willow.

Willow's way of life was a new adventure for Peter, where everyone was exceptionally liberal and welcoming of all walks of life. It was a learning curve for him, but he took his cues from Willow's nature and followed her lead, finding himself with wonderfully amazing people with a huge capacity for love. Eventually, the pair married, in an open sunflower field, barefoot and under the moon. Peter later made sure it was official at a county clerks office, and Willow took his surname so their children could be somewhat conventional. Opal was born just a few months later, Willow having been pregnant before their wedding -something Peter knew his parents would explode over- and just a year and a half later, they welcomed Clementine.

Peter's mother has yet to forgive him for name his children after flights of fancy.

With a growing family, Peter and Willow settled into a commune near his hometown, since Peter decided he wanted his children to at least have some contact with his parents. Opal and Clementine grew up surrounded by free loving people, living in a relatively comfortable caravan, and being raised mostly by a whole community. It didn't feel unusual to them, and they learned valuable lessons in acceptance and community and helping as they grew up. They trusted freely and embraced each day with excitement.

They only sort of knew things were different when they visited their grandparents; Martha and Harold. Harold rarely took much to do with the girls, sitting in front of his TV and basically ignoring them save to mutter about ungrateful sons under his breath, while Martha was a little more engaged with the girls, but no less disapproving of their upbringing. Each time they visited their grandparents, they were forced into different clothes and made to wear shoes they didn't like and not talk about things from home. It was at age eight that Clementine realised she was 'weird' compared to most of society.
As time went on, the girls stopped visiting their grandparents, save for special occasions. Clem was still aware that they were different, but it mattered less when they were around people just like them. At least until it came time for high school, and just like Opal had the year before her, Peter enrolled her in a state school rather than allow for them to continue being home schooled.

High school didn't come easy for Clem -who had a weird family, weird upbringing and the worst thing a teenager could have, a weird name. She was teased relentlessly, until she punched a kid in the face, which her mother was aghast about, but her father understood. Afterwards, people at school stopped teasing her and she started to make friends. High school didn't entirely suck afterwards, although it was made a lot harder when Clem started to work out that she was what people called a Super.

She started by simply having a sense of when people would die, either from sickness or years in the future. She was worried one day when she felt death drawing around a teacher, but sick the next week when the teacher was still there, but far more drawn and sad with an air of loss around her. Clem tried to stay as much to herself as possible but realised that there was no escaping the knowledge and she had to learn to filter the knowledge out.

It developed further when, a few months later, Clem discovered she was able to bring the dead back to life. It happened accidentally with a dog that was hit by a car near the commune. Clem was trying to comfort the animal, not realising it was dead, before she caused it to resurrect, although could do nothing about it's injuries and had to let it pass away again. It drained a lot out of Clem, which her sister thought was just her sensitivity to the animal dying. Eventually, she realised that she could sense when something or someone was going to die, realising that she could absorb a form of energy from the death without causing an imbalance.

Getting through high school didn't seem like such a big deal when she had power over the dead after all.
The problem was, after high school, Clem had no idea what she wanted to do. Her dad tried to encourage her; he'd gone back into the business world, but as a Private Investigator, while she was in high school, their mother made a line of vegan and organic soaps, Opal was an animal groomer. It wasn't really anything Clem wanted. She got a small time gig with an uncle's help at a hospital, basically as a low level grunt in the mortuary -she wheeled the bodies from pillar to post, prepping tools for autopsies, cleaning afterwards. It was never anything super involved, but it was something for her. And then, one day, a homicide victim came in during the early morning hours. The coroner was out attending another incident so Clem was left to get things prepped herself, curiosity got the better of her, and she used her power on the victim, bringing him back to life with her necromancy abilities, she could feel the darkness of her power, dark fog clouding her vision briefly. The victim was, understandably, shocked to wake up on an autopsy slab and while he panicked for a little while, Clem was able to calm him to ask a few questions before letting him go back to the cold embrace of death.

Finding out about the man's death, what lead to it, Clem knew that she could do something to help him, to get his family closure. But she couldn't exactly explain how she knew it. Taking a leaf out of her dad's book, Clem started to look into things herself, going so far as to break into a crime scene. She found the incriminating evidence the man had told her about, taking photos and using a dummy email to send them to her dad so he could send them to the police. It was the first time she felt good about her powers.

It became something of a thing; Clem growing more and more used to her powers and what she could do with them as she called forth spirits to help settle scores or solve crimes. She was twenty two when she found out she could stop someone dying if she was there soon enough. During a mugging, a young woman was stabbed, and while the ambulance was on it's way, it wasn't coming fast enough. The young woman died while some onlookers shed tears, but Clem felt the pull of her powers, in an opposite direction from usual and pushed for the girl to come back. Clem gave the young woman the extra ten minutes needed for the EMTs to arrive and stabilise her. But as the day progressed, she felt the steady itch under her skin calling for balance -save a life, take a life. Growing more and more manic as time passed, Clem turned to the police scanner, hoping to find something that she could respond to.

She ended up at the scene of a bodega robbery, where the gunman had hostages and was holding out. She had to steel herself to do it, but she knew, ultimately, it wasn't the most horrible thing. Once she'd decided, her powers did the rest, and like something out of Final Destination, the robber walked into an unnoticed puddle of water just as a loose electric current fed through a vending machine in the store and electrocuted him. It felt horrible, and Clem did her best to never have to do it again, vowing to only save lives when absolutely necessary.

But she wanted to do more, more than react after the fact, more than just show up when people were dead. She knew that she could do more and help more if she were there before the bodies dropped. She was a Super. And people with powers were meant to use them for good. She became something of a vigilante, operating around her area of New York, trying to keep to the shadows, working out how to channel her powers to help her rather than just end life. Happenstance brought her together with Breakneck, another super trying to help people -she wasn't thrilled at anyone knowing what she was doing, (her mother would flip out, and it was never great seeing her mom try to clean everyone's aura after a fight), so Clem chose a name, and started going by Reaper.

She would grudgingly accept that they worked well together, solving some crimes and saving some people, keeping their community safe. She had to admit that he was the only thing that really helped them save a would be murder victim, chasing down a serial killer happened to be a terrible idea though. The would be victim was saved, Clem was sure she had enough information on her phone for the police to catch the serial killer, but she and Breakneck were arrested on the spot, before being bundled off to Regiment.