I know that I'm perfect, even though I'm fucked up
I know I'm always like telling everybody you don't have to be a victim, life ain't always fair, but hell is living in resentment. Choose redemption, your happy ending's up to you. So I think it's time to practice what I preach, exorcise the demons inside me. Whoa, gotta learn to let it go, the past can't haunt me if I don't let it. Live and learn and never forget it, whoa, gotta learn to let it go.
The Basics
General Information
Real Name Goldie Keen
Current Alias Songbird
Marital Status Single
Classification Super
Gender Female
Age 27 (05/10/90)
Height 5'8"
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond (multicolour)
Discovery June '05
Abilities Sound Manipulation
Sound Solidification
Musical Inducement
Extended Information
Nicknames Golden

Relatives Maria Mer
Kyle Keen
Glitter Keen

Sexuality Pansexual
Handler Matt Deacon & Riley Hunter
Occupations Singer
Reg Recruitment May '18

Trailer park trash rolled in glitter is usually how someone would describe with Goldie looks like. She's a fairly average height and build, although she's rather toned from dance routines, with usually dirty blond hair that she colours with hair chalk and semi-perm dyes. On the whole, there's usually at least a little bit of glitter on Goldie or still falling out of her hair, and she has not shame in that what so ever.

Unlike a lot of 'pop' stars, she's not about fancy clothes or labels, raised as a sort of pop-grunge style, Goldie tends to rock a Coachella vibe at the best of times, ripped jean shorts, long band tees, a general air of out-rockfest going on. She's either in cowboy boots, glittery platforms or very distressed Converse.
Goldie is a free spirit, she's energetic and lively, lives entirely in the moment and embraces the freedom and joy that each day brings. She grew up around adoration and acclaim; first for her mother and then for herself, and it shaped how Goldie perceived a lot of the world. Her general happy go lucky disposition isn't an act, it's an embracing of being responsible for her own happiness, she can wallow and sulk like most, but chooses to brush it off quickly, learn from whatever happened and find some light somewhere that can make her cling to a more positive influence.

Given that she moved around a lot, Goldie perfected the art of making friends wherever she was; it didn't need to be deep and meaningful, but she rarely had to spend time alone because she was brilliant at being conversational, fun and friendly. Although it might've seemed like a lot of empty friendships, Goldie took a lot of them to heart, holding those people as part of her inspiration in years to come -how she could be more like some of them, to be fierce and flirty, or engaging and supportive, or how to be brave and bold. It helps her stay strong and happy, to keep these people as a part of her.

She's spontaneous and playful, Goldie finds it difficult to be serious at any given time and this can come off as her not caring, but it's more that she can't really see that she needs to stop being fun. She works hard at what she does, her mother never let her live like she would get anything for nothing, but she enjoys it, so it rarely feels like work. She's got a massive heart and will try and find a way to make other people feel the same joy in life that she feels, and while she is used to people kissing her ass because she's coined as 'pop royalty', she can tell when it's fake and has no time for that in her life.
Abilities & Skills
Goldie's limiter is a standard subcutaneous implant with a light sedative, she's not unruly or considered a risk, although handlers are encouraged to trigger her limiter should a room burst into song and perfectly synchronised and complex dance routines.

Sound Manipulation
Goldie can create, shape and manipulate sound, using natural or creative sound to form pressure waves. Typically, sound is just waves of vibration in motion, Goldie can harness this to make it stronger, louder, quieter, faster or give it a physical force by warping the sound molecules and directing it. Depending on the sound used, it can be fatal if directed to be, rupturing internal organs, destroying buildings or cars or pushing/moving objects with lighter force. Since it travels in the air, it's harder to detect and defence is harder, but Goldie can alter direction of sound and speed up the vibrations so it can, potentially, break things apart.

Goldie has a limited ability at sound absorption, but she can minimise the level of sound around an area, basically deafening those within an allotted space. As a result of her manipulation, she is immune to sound injuries.

LIMITATIONS: While Goldie can manipulate the sound she personally creates, but it's not as powerful as outside provided sound as it takes up more of her energy. She is limited to what she can see to manipulate -she can't manipulate sound if she can hear it through a wall, she needs a visual to get it. She loses a lot of her power if the sound needs to transfer through water, as she's just as deaf to sound in water as everyone else.
Sound Solidification
With the sound that Goldie manipulate sound, she has the ability to make sound a solid form, or solid like properties. She can give ambient noise a level of solidity varying from jelly like to metal hardness. Goldie can make these forms into shapes, such as swords, bats or, most commonly, lightning bolts she fires using her sound manipulation.

LIMITATIONS: The change is very temporary, too much distraction and Goldie will lose control of the form, they will revert back to nothing but sound waves after thirty minutes, even if Goldie is focused. Goldie also needs a certain degree of contact with the forms to keep them solid, losing contact makes their solidity break down. The bolts she can fire last about one minute before they are ineffectively soft or break up.
Musical Inducement
By far the most fun and untrained power that Goldie has is her musical inducement, where she is able to force people to randomly break into song and dance around her. Goldie tries to keep a grip on this, but the lower her inhibitions, the more likely it is to break out. It's in no way damaging to people, but the lack of free will is unfortunate. It doesn't give people any talent in singing, but they dance like a well planned choreography routine. It doesn't affect deaf or lame people, anyone unconscious is immune, Goldie's control is minimal, but she can force herself to get it stamped down. Tends to only last for one song and dance.
Maria Mer always had dreams of making it big, from a small town in Illinois she moved to Los Angeles at the age of sixteen to pursue her music career. It took until she was eighteen for Maria to graduate from street performing to signing a small record deal with a relatively small company. The idea was to break through as a solo star and climb the ladder. It didn't quite happen like that. While Maria had a great voice, she wasn't really there for carrying herself as a solo performer. The record label liked her, but couldn't use her as a solo artist. Which was where Kyle Keen entered. Kyle had two girls that were talented, but couldn't carry a band, with Maria, they formed the MerMaids and went on to be a fun, feisty girl group for the late 80's.

While she'd hoped to be a star in her own right, Maria just enjoyed performing finally, making music -cheesy pop as it was- and touring. And she owed a lot of it to Kyle. The pair struck up a romance which was somewhat imbalanced, but Kyle kept Maria from ruining her glossy wholesome image by partying and having scandals. They made music together, produced some albums and by the time Maria was twenty, they had a daughter together too.

Early Life
Goldie was born on the road, quite literally. She was born almost a month early on a tour bus on the last date of the MerMaids' tour before breaking for Maria to give birth, get settled into motherhood and a new album to be recorded. Goldie's early arrival called for a cancellation of the final date, although reimbursements and a later date were issued. Maria and Goldie spent a week in hospital together, Goldie staying in a further week following her mothers discharge, mostly as a precaution due to her early arrival. Two weeks later, Maria and Kyle were driving back to Los Angeles with their little one.

For the most part, things were fine. Goldie was an easy baby, and an easier toddler, Maria got to focus on her music without the stress of touring and while Kyle had several other projects to manage and produce, he was still exceptionally present for Goldie's early years. It changed a little when one of his other bands started touring, Kyle going away for several days at a time, Maria getting a little overwhelmed with things. Goldie was four when Maria had a short lived affair with someone she was collaborating with. The affair resulted in Glitter, and almost caused the collapse of Maria and Kyle's relationship. After some time in couples therapy however, they managed to work through things, and Kyle promised to be as much of a father to Glitter as he was to Goldie.

With a new little playmate, Goldie thrived around her little sister, as Glitter got a little bigger, they started having tea parties and playing dress up with their mothers old stage costumes, putting on their own shows. They were regularly taken to the recording studio and on performances, both girls idolising their talented and beautiful mother. But Maria's fame was starting to fade, with the industry moving on without her. After a relative flop on her album, the label dropped Maria as an artist, resulting in a fairly severe depression episode for Maria.
Golden Bars & Powers
In a bid to cheer up their mom, ten year old Goldie and six year old Glitter put on a show to tell Maria how much they loved her, singing a lot of her old songs to her, using her costumes for their two person show, telling their mom she was still their idol and they adored her. It turned out both girls had developed their mom's talent for singing, and while Kyle and Maria were hesitant about throwing the young girls into the limelight so soon, they did start working on cultivating their talents.

Goldie was fifteen when her life really started to change; she was signed to a label and her father started to spearhead an epic career for her, and she discovered she was a Super, or an evo. She was recording her first single when she felt herself start to notice the sound in the room, how she could almost feel it, see the waves as the vibrations travelled. It distracted her enough that she made the sound amplify to the point of shattering the glass. It was a shock, and it took Goldie a few months to get a handle on things, but she ultimately opted to hide the development from her family and management, letting them think there were a few fluke malfunctions around her at the time.

The Golden Bars were Goldie, her best friend Layla and a techno remixer called Treynor. They released an album with nine tracks and started a small tour aimed at teeny boppers. They turned into a bit of a pre-club group, known for releasing music to get the pre-party drink on. Since Goldie was still in her mid teens the management weren't too happy with the image, but the fun pop-techno-glitter explosion that was the Golden Bars' entire aesthetic and Goldie lived for that life. It meant some tours were in questionable areas for a sixteen year old. It also gave Goldie a taste for the pre-club life that she knew she should be living, the noise of the club scene feeding her interest in her own powers and helping her work them out while writing it off as the show.
Girl $hit & Regiment
When Goldie turned eighteen, her management found something new for her, and Goldie broke away from the band scene, but also a little from her dad -her mom took over managing her, Glitter going on the road with them and Goldie broke out as Girl $hit, writing her old music, making it funky and fun and all about enjoying life. She wasn't going to win awards for her music, she wasn't Beyonce or Kylie or Britney, but it was fun, light hearted fun. With her mom, they wrote some classy and funky stuff, just going with the flow while Goldie started a country wide tour stopping in every major state to perform.

With a few breaks between albums, tours and promotions for singles and interviews, Goldie managed to span an almost decade long career, her music growing with her but still being largely about having fun and embracing life. She became an advocate for equality, not fully branching into the battle for Super equality just to stop herself from being discovered, but leaving her message of equality for all to be open enough that people could apply it to all walks of life.

In 2016, she launched a world wide tour, which was rumoured to be her farewell tour, but really was just something she was eager to do, with Glitter being her supporting act, the whole family going along to enjoy themselves on what was pretty much a vacation -with performing- all around the world. At the tail end of 2017 they made it back to America for the last leg of the tour, with the debates about Supers and rights heating up, Goldie and Glitter decided to make their political statement by attending a few of the rallies in states they visited to campaign for Supers rights and a push towards equality. It was at one of these rallies where things got a little out of hand, and pro-Super supporters were attacked by anti-Super gangs, with Glitter at risk of being hurt, Goldie let one of her powers seep out, starting a mass flash mob out of the entire group where they ended up singing and dancing to Dancing on the Ceiling with full choreography for all.

Goldie and Glitter slipped away at the end of the number, while everyone was still confused as to why they broke into song and dance, but someone had taken a video on their phone to share the incident online. The whole thing went viral and it didn't take very long for the Government to show up on ... well, at the trailer park where the tourbus was parked anyway. To avoid too much scandal and to save Glitter getting in trouble, Goldie went along nicely, explaining when asked how she could get a whole riot to calm down and sing together. She was slotted in for the Wraiths program for her potential distraction abilities and riot control.