Sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts.
You’re too mean, I don’t like you, fuck you anyway. You make me wanna scream at the top of my lungs. It hurts but I won’t fight you, you suck anyway. You make me wanna die, right when I, when I wake up I’m afraid, somebody else might take my place. When I wake up I’m afraid, somebody else might end up being me. Keep on dreaming, don’t stop giving, fight those demons, sell your soul, not your whole self. If they see you when you’re sleeping, make them leave it, and I can’t even see if it’s all there anymore so.
The Basics
General Information
Real Name Ruby Hensley
Current Alias Spectre
Marital Status Single
Classification Super
Gender Female
Age 23 (04/09/84)
Height 5'09"
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Discovery June '93
Abilities Astral Projection
Super Speed
Extended Information
Nickname Rubes

Relatives Kyle Hensley
Alice Yun
Jade Hensley

Sexuality Bisexual
Handler Miles Shaw
Occupations College Studen
Reg Recruitment December '17
Not imposing in any way, Ruby has a softness about her appearance that she attempts to hide with dark make up and severe style choices. She's regularly told that she resembles her mother very closely, although she doesn't remember the woman. Ruby has a very lithe frame, and after a growth spurt at thirteen helped her shoot past her sister, it didn't do a lot for her gangly frame.

Ruby tends to stand out; she adopted a very 'punk rock' appearance in high school and stuck with it, even past the typical 'it's a phase' length of time. While she doesn't wear a lot of make up, she tends to darken her eyes, occasionally to minimise the bags under then from lack of sleep.

In an act of teenage rebellion, Ruby has her nose and a labret piercing, along with a pair of dermal piercings on each of her hips. She prefers to wear dark jeans paired with distressed shirts and t-shirts and a leather jacket she found in a goodwill shop.
Ruby has all the hallmarks of a dark and distant young woman, however, it is primarily an act in a bid to protect herself from further scrutiny. Ruby is exceptionally caring, she has a very close bond with her older sister and has yet to stop believing that there is anything Jade cannot fix, even with some years of distance she retains the understanding that Jade was instrumental in raising her like a mother and loving her like a sister and best friend. Fundamentally, Ruby is open and compassionate, enjoys the outdoors, even if she's had more than her fair share of traumatic experiences there, and has the most ridiculous sense of humour going. She is, by most standards, a giant dork.

She reads children's books unironically, because she enjoys the messages within them; happy endings are real, true love is a thing, friendship is magic, super powers are a blessing. It's the last one that still takes her some time to get around. Ruby is accepting of her own power, and by far she feels like Supers are misunderstood, she doesn't share her father's extreme views on the 'worse case scenario' that might come, but she understands the need for secrecy around her powers.

While she's somewhat quiet and a little bit introverted, Ruby is also very intelligent, on a very normal basis. She enjoys learning how things work and has a skill with language. Her grades gave her openings for scholarship programs, which she took advantage of, while her extracurricular activities gave her a keen sense of independence and skill to live on her own.

Unfortunately, Ruby did develop some of her father's paranoia, exposure or simply a genetic disposition, she does take numerous precautions and sometimes question the most inane of things. She hasn't gotten to the tin hat stage and while her interested in conspiracy theories is expansive, it's largely for humour purposes.
Abilities & Skills
Like her sister, Ruby developed super powers as her father assumed she would. Her abilities are largely passive but can have offensive uses. Her implant is a suitable limiter to all of her powers and when triggered releases a sedative that renders Ruby unconscious.

Astral Projection
With the ability to separate her spirit from her body, Ruby is capable of walking the astral plane, free from the constraints of a corporeal body. While Ruby is separate from her body she is able to move freely, as a spirit, through objects and people without detection. Only those with astral sense would be able to see her.

Ruby's power is still in it's infancy, as such when she enters her trance like state, her corporeal form, her body, is unresponsive and left behind. Ruby is newly able to influence items around her astral form, but in very limited ways, due to her developing telekinesis. She is not able to make her astral form corporeal in any way.

LIMITATIONS: While apart from her body, Ruby has no power over it, thus she is exceptionally vulnerable in this form. Not only could something happen to her corporeal form, but there is the potential that her astral form could take damage from someone with astral manipulative powers, this would render her body a vegetative state. Prolonged separation from her body also has a detrimental effect, the longer she is parted the worse the effects.
Able to manipulate and move objects with her mind, Ruby has demonstrated limited, but growing, access to telekinetic powers. She seems to only have a basic level of telekinesis, rather than a growing advancement with the power in general, limited to a certain level of power rather her ability to train that power.

Ruby has been able to move objects, stop objects from moving and shift the trajectory of an item in motion. The limitation in this does not bother Ruby as she has no desire to start messing around the finer elements of telekinesis. This is the only ability that Ruby has also demonstrated being able to use while in her astral form.

LIMITATION: As it's still a fairly untrained ability, Ruby has to work up her endurance to using the telekinesis, over use causes extreme headaches, potential nose bleeds and fatigue. Ruby also has to have use of her hands to utilise her powers, she has not advanced to being able to use just line of sight for this. Can occasionally be triggered by extreme emotions.
Ruby is also capable of self-propelled flight. It's possible that her ability is similar to her sister's teleportation abilities, however it is exceptionally limited to just assisting in flight. Ruby is able to fly at an average altitude, generally no higher than most three story buildings and only at a relative cruising speed. Her coordination in flight takes a small hit, she's less aware of movement and ability to 'steer'. It's possible that her overall mass does not help here.

Ruby has begun to use her telekinesis with her flight in order to anchor herself better and hopefully facilitate a better ability by using to two together.

LIMITATIONS: Ruby cannot maintain flight for long periods of time, the longest she managed was a one hour fly that left her unable to achieve substantial lift for twenty-four hours. She cannot take others with her, she is only able to lift her own body.
Super Speed
While this is not Ruby's most recent development, it is her least developed ability. Ruby has little control over her super speed except when under extreme stress or duress. She has achieved speeds up to 100mph but suffered some severe consequences in direct relation to the use of it. Although while she is in motion she does display an intuitive biological regulation to keep her organs from suffering the speed increase, and a mild healing against injuries inflicted as she moves, these are both limited to when she is in motion, indicating that it is not an additional power and merely a byproduct of her speed.

Ruby has, what would be deemed, enhanced speed. There is room for her to develop this ability with guidance and the proper restrictions to supernatural speed where she may be able to travel at the speed of sound or beyond. Were she to properly utilise this ability at this level, it is expected she would need to take proper precautions against potential damage to her body from that level of acceleration and deceleration. It's expected that outside interference, in the form of either clothes or a device, would be required to assist in this matter.

LIMITATIONS: The side effects of accelerated and moving at super human speeds are fairly severe; loss of breath, fatigue, the affect of extreme heat due to acceleration are all issues. Additionally, just because she's fast doesn't mean she's agile, ground surface and obstacles play a huge role in ability to accelerate. It took Ruby a while to work out how to keep track of what she was doing when she was using her speed, her perception while in motion is not up to the same level as her speed, but it is increased to avoid running into objects just because she couldn't see them before they were there.
Ruby remembers almost nothing about her mother, she knows small pieces about what she was like, and how she kept her father stable, but most of this is in stories told to her and second hand knowledge. Ruby liked her earliest years; the simplicity of it suited her. With Jade's doting attention and her father's protective love, she rarely saw much wrong with how she was raised; unorthodox perhaps, but lots of people only had one parent.

While not a natural, Ruby also grew to love the outdoors, when they were camping or hiking, her father was general active and present, even if he was a little unusual in his lessons. It took a while for Ruby to properly understand that Kyle's methods weren't driven by anything tangible, but instead by a building paranoia about everything. Her near constant exposure to said paranoia left an unhealthy mark on the young woman.

Jade's Powers
A real shift in Ruby's understanding of things came at just the age of nine. On a family vacation to the Pacific Crest Trail, left with Jade and just instructions on how to get to Devil's Postpile National Monument, the prolonged trek through unfamiliar ground, with a scared and angry Jade, Ruby was unable to regin in her own fear after two days and feeling lost. It was when Jade disappeared from right beside her that Ruby really got scared.

Hungry, cold and alone, Ruby panicked and spent an hour curled into a ball crying. She knew from all of her father's lessons that this was not what she was meant to do, and while she knew her sister would come back for her, she knew she needed to be somewhere that Jade could find her. Intending to follow the trail she could find, Ruby was hoping Jade would return soon. When she didn't, and Ruby started to hear noises in the area, she ran.

Where she ran, Ruby would never be able to explain, in a matter of minutes she was out of breath, tired and disorientated, but discovered that she was a stones throw away from Devil's Postpile National Monument, where her father was waiting. Bundled up, unable to explain where Jade was, or how she got there, Ruby waited patiently with her dad for her sister, hoping they'd go home afterwards.
Worst Case Scenario
With the development of Jade's powers being known to their father, his extreme training kicked up several gears, exposing both girls to the severity of Kyle's paranoia, not just for the threat to Supers, but the threats in general. While Ruby wasn't sure what those threats were, she was aware of the toll it took on Jade.

To a degree, Ruby started to get used to her sister vanishing randomly, knowing in some form that it was not voluntary at all but worrying all the same. Understanding the cause of Jade's stress, their father's pressure and the need to maintain a semi-normal life, Ruby attempted to find things to engage her interest. What she found was conspiracy theories.

It started as a way to understand her father and his extreme paranoia, as Jade embarked on the next step of her life and independence, it became an escape for Ruby and her father's continued lessons in survival. Figuring it as a way to bond with her father, potentially maintain some kind of stability without exposing herself too much to the dangerous mind set, Ruby got more embroiled in the theorist worlds, leaning in to tinker with mechanics and buying several old fashioned radios to play around with. For a while, it worked, until she started to fall asleep while the white noise played and found herself outside of her body.
Power Development
Learning that what she was able to do was astrally project her form from her body, Ruby promptly freaked out and tried to put it entirely aside -she had school, prospects of scholarships and a chance to put distance between herself and her father's camping trips. Since she was only ever able to astral project when listening to the white noise on a radio. Eventually she discovered this was a trance like thing, although she was unwilling to attempt it for a while.

Acceptance to college and the ability to get a single dorm opened up a few avenues for Ruby to experiment. After a while, she stopped needing the white noise of the radio to part from her body and she could go a further distance, while the astral plane wasn't exceptionally busy and Ruby couldn't interact with anything while there, she took the time to explore extensively. Anything left open and to the naked eye, she was able to retain learning or seeing when she rejoined her body, but numerous attempts to move objects were in vain.

Leaving her body unattended while she wandered became a slight worry, and while she didn't go to the levels of her father's paranoia, leaving some booby traps around her 'sleeping' form at night became protocol. Ruby worked up a good system in order to keep herself protected but to also allow herself time to practice.

Everything changed when Jade disappeared.
Paranoia & Limbo
The news that Jade had all but vanished had Ruby dropping out of school and literally flying home. The realisation that she could fly, couple with her own understanding of how she'd found her father all those years ago at Devil's Postpile National Monument left Ruby somewhat panicked and her father in full prepper mode. Ruby, unable to argue with this particular situation, put her own skills to use. In some kind of sentimental shift, they returned to the Pacific Crest Trail with what they'd need to survive and set up a camp.

For several months, Ruby and her father lived completely off the grid in the wilderness. Having finally told her father of her own powers and what she'd been learning, and how she could possibly use her abilities to locate Jade.

It took a lot of doing, to the point where Ruby pushed the limits of her astral projection and her faith in her father's ability to remain present to take care of her body while she hunted. The culmination of this search led her to Regiment. Convincing her father that they couldn't do anything for Jade in the woods took a lot of doing, eventually however they packed up the camp and moved to a local town. In all his paranoid glory, Kyle assumed fake identities for both Ruby and himself and proceeded to meld into the town. Ruby had different ideas. Maintaining the lie her father set up was easy, she used her ability to gain access to private buildings and stock pile information, she continued to feed information into her conspiracy theorist friends in exchange for information on the Regiment program and just how one would go about breaking someone out of it.

While the information was largely disheartening and several years passed with little to no movement, Ruby was sure that her efforts would pay off. To an extent, they did. Despite all the precautions that Kyle took and all the efforts to cover her tracks, Ruby was discovered while vacant of her body. An astral sensitive agent having tracked back from her spirit to her corporeal form and informing the relevant parties. Ruby was taken into custody with the program. After a few months of assessments she was assigned to Limbo.
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