i am a warrior
Are you insane like me? Been in pain like me? Bought a hundred dollar bottle of champagne like me? Just to pour that motherfucker down the drain like me? Would you use your water bill to dry the stain like me? Are you high enough without the Mary Jane like me? Do you tear yourself apart to entertain like me? Do the people whisper 'bout you on the train like me? Saying that you shouldn't waste your pretty face like me?
The Basics
General Information
Real Name Annie Doe
Used Name Natasha Ilanov
Current Alias Suckpunch
Marital Status Single
Classification Super
Gender Female
Age 29 (04/04/89)
Height 5'05"
Eyes Ice Blue
Hair Black
Discovery January '04
Abilities Supernatural Combat
Energy Perception
Extended Information
Nickname Nat

Relatives Unknown Mother
Unknown Father
Catalina Borsch
Ivan Oskav

Sexuality Pansexual
Handler Here
Occupations Con-artist
Reg Recruitment June '13
Natasha has the build of a ballerina; petite and trim, poised with power in unsuspecting ways. She's a slim built, compact young woman with sharp features, long legs and arms, gangly in her youth but having grown into them in time. Her skin has a very pale tone to it, definitely closer to porcelain than peach, and Natya finds it very hard to tan in any manner. She's spent five years in an underground facility, so it's just highlighted how pale she is at current.

Her features are further highlighted with jet black hair and ice blue eyes, Natya has figured out over the years how to really make her defining features pop, often rimming her eyes with liner and drawing attention to her face and hair. She couples it with hightlights of colour through her hair in removable extensions. Natya's style is gothic chic, lots of black, plenty of lace, leather and corsets. She likes to be able to move though, so she is rarely in anything majorly constrictive. For most part, Natya is about the effect she has, building an image and playing to it.

Her appearance is just an extension of her conning, and she can shed that whenever she needs to, if she needs to.
In a lot of ways, Natya is her personality; she's loud, she's fun, she's serious, she's loving, she's bitchy, she's emotional, she's cautious. She's an array of things that sometimes contradict each other, but it's largely part of the con. And the con, for a long time, was her life. It was about convincing everyone she was okay, she was fine, everything was fine.

As a young girl, Natya put on a lot of airs and graces, she had to be happy almost all the time make sure her adoptive parents knew she loved the life she was given and strive to fit in. Which was the stem of Natya's lying; she made up stories, fantasies, made things more interesting for herself too. It became a habitual problem, one she hasn't tried to fix at all. Lying is near second nature at times.

For all that she tries to appear stand-offish and closed, Natya wears her heart on her sleeve, she fights for people more than because of anything else, she believes that she can protect people and that's what she's meant to do. It took a while for her to make peace with her condition, being what people feared and hated, people who might not appreciate what she gives for them without them knowing, but she does it anyway.

While flirty and friendly most of the time, Natya almost always fights with a deep sadness at the world and her own life. She's nomadic by nature, not by choice, and that is largely due to her upbringing, where she ended up feeling like little more than an accessory to con-artist parents. She's fought with feeling unwanted for a majority of her life, never finding out the truth about her adoption and the reasoning why. It feeds a sense of loneliness within her, one that Natya constantly hides with a smile and a flirty comment aimed in any direction.

Natya tends to drink in order to keep her darker personality traits down below the surface. It's becoming harder and harder to keep them down.

She's violent, whether because of her powers, or something she amplifies because of them, it's uncertain, but she likes fighting. She likes hurting. And she knows that she doesn't always look out for herself when she does fight, because she's always pushing that next fight to the next level, taking more hits, being more reckless. It's a rush, and it's one she actively looks for. She's very self-destructive, reckless and over all has a poor view of herself.

Like her birth parents, Natya sees herself as disposable.
Abilities & Skills
Natasha has the standard implant limiter at the back of her neck, when triggered this releases a fast acting substance to hamper her concentration ability, then a sedative to knock her out. The limiter is perceived as enough to maintain control of Natasha.

Supernatural Combat
Natasha possess immense combat skill, offensive and defensive. Her skills surpass most people who have extensive training in combat, purely because of her ability. With attack prediction Natasha can pre-empt attacks that her opponent may use, allowing her to counter them before they attack her, additionally, she has combat adaptation which allows her to change styles on the fly, making her a more difficult opponent as her style is not predictable.

With her combat skills, Natasha can utilise enhanced strike, allowing her to pinpoint a weak spot in her opponent and channel her attack through there, Natasha herself has perfected a multi strike attack, which allows her to use varied styles in a few moves that deals maximum damage.

Natasha does have a state of fighting instinct, which, when pushed to her extreme limits, pushes her to surpass her body's natural limitations, pushing her to win at all costs. This is exceptionally dangerous as she ignores her own injuries and those of anyone around her to win the battle at any cost. Natasha tends to lose all focus on what is happening around her when this happens. She does have the potential to be a one-person army if her powers are pushed past these limitations, allowing her to take on numerous opponents that many would not be able to do themselves.

LIMITATIONS: Natasha is not invincible, although to lesser fighters it might look like she is, she does have flaws in her fighting style, and anyone above her level of combat (absolute combat) would be able to best her with their own skills. Additionally, her knowledge is linked directly to her powers; without them, she is of average skill and strength with battle.

Ultimately, Natasha's fighting instinct is her biggest weakness; she loses the ability to focus on anything but the battle, she will not engage with anything until she has won and she will push past her own capabilities to do this. When the battle is won, Natasha has the consequences to deal with; injuries, fatigue, broken bones, pulled muscles, her team mates. Everything will be left post her battle. Natasha will win the fight, even if it puts her in a mortal predicament.
Energy Perception
Energy Perception is the ability to view the energies that bind the universe together, allowing her to perceive lines of connection, collections of energy, and limited destiny/causality perception. While Natasha has the capability to see all energies, she's only been able to tap into two energies so far; aura reading and illusion awareness.

Natasha's aural energy perception allows her to view the fields of energy around people, this can allow her to view health status, their moral alignment and emotion detection. It doesn't let her feel their emotions, just read what they're feeling. Lately, Natasha has started to understand lie detection in a person, aware how the aura fluctuates when they lie.

Her illusion awareness is exactly that, she is able to see through illusions cast by others, she is aware of the illusion, although she sees it layered over reality, it is up to Natasha to navigate between the illusion and reality itself.

LIMITATIONS: When Natasha focuses on either of her additional sights, she loses the ability to focus on the natural environment. Focusing too long on either will remove the natural world from her awareness entirely and Natasha is left vulnerable to things around her. For the most part, Natasha had to train herself to stop seeing auras more than the ability to see them. It's a battle in concentration regularly.

Natasha is prone to severe headaches when she uses her powers for an extended period of time. The more they're used the more intense the headache and the longer it persists.

For aural perception, Natasha tends to need to be within throwing distance of the aura she's reading, to read a person, she needs direct line of sight, although she could tell through a wall how many people were there, she wouldn't be able to read a specific one of them, just give a general on their moods/energy levels. Natasha does have the potential to expand her engery perception, especially to tap into astral perception and psychic perception, however, the two energies she can read on already cause massive strain on her mentally, additional energies would only further increase that strain.
Natya will tell people she was born to political terrorists in Russia, that her parents were strong opposition to Soviet leader Gorbachev and that they had to flee for their lives; she'll tell people she was given away to protect her from the Russian forces and their revenge against her parents.

In actual fact, Natya doesn't really know much about her parents at all. She was born somewhere in the midwest of America in the middle of summer, she was left at a hospital with nothing to identify her and no clue as to where she came from. She was placed into an Illinois orphanage when no information presented itself and named Annie Doe.

At the age of two, Annie was adopted by her foster parents and renamed Natalia Dorsch to match her new parents. What she didn't realise at the time was that her adoptive parents were con artists, not really parent material. For several years, it was fine. They moved from one state to the next, running cons, with Natya believing they were just playing games, not understanding that people were getting ripped off and hurt in the schemes. She bounced from one school to the next, rarely attending for long and eventually Natalia began making her life seem more interesting, lying when she began a new school or moved to a new place.

Learning the Con
She told people they were in witness protection, hiding from the Russian mob, or that her parents were undercover agents, or that they were Russian movie stars working on a new role. Every new place came with a new invention for Natya. She picked up some Russian from Ivan and Cata so that she could sell it better.

When she was ten Natya got the first taste of what her parents cons did to people, an inconsolable woman tracking them down to the apartment they were staying at, finding only Natya at home and blaming Cata and Ivan for the break down of her family life and the suicide of her father. At ten, Natya was distraught for the woman and couldn't believe that her parents knowingly did such things.

It became clear that they knew and just didn't care when they were packed up and moved the very same week, with strangers calling Cata and Ivan by different names. Natya started to understand that they weren't very nice people. Deciding she didn't want to be part of something that hurt people, Natya left Cata and Ivan, stealing some money from them and slipping away. She knew some of their 'friends' in the business, having the money, she caught a bus to Kansas to stay with Missy May, one of the people who helped Cata and Ivan fence their hoards at times. Natya got Missy May to not tell her parents where she was, since Missy May was encouraging of Natya not becoming like Cata and Ivan, she agreed and kept Natya hidden away.
Powers & New Cons
Part of the deal with Missy May was that Natya had to attend school, actual school, proper school. She wasn't loving the idea, but if it got her a normal life, she opted to just accept Missy's stipulations and go for it. She got about three months into things when her powers made themselves very known and Natya ended up with the worst reputation she could think of at the time.

She'd been encouraged to try out for the cheer squad, since she was bubbly, pretty and the popular girls thought they could shape her into one of them. At the time, Natya just wanted to fit in, have friends, be normal. So she did. During tryouts, one of the male cheerleaders prepared to toss Natya, and completely on autopilot, Natya twisted his arm at the wrist and flipped him over her shoulder. It got quite the reaction, Natya freaked out and left, whispers started circulating about her and before she knew it she was ostracised by a large portion of the school. Missy did a little digging, trying to find out if there was a way to track either of Natya's parents to find out if they were supers. But the path to Natya's idenity was still frustratingly blank.

Trial and error revealed that Natya had a sixth sense for combat, particularly unarmed combat, but she could pick up any item and intrinsically work it into her battle just as easily. Missy had to calm her down from making herself a superhero costume and going out to battle crime. Kansas wasn't exactly brimming with crime anyway. At school, people thought she was insane, that she was running from the mob, that she was in witness protection, that she was part of the mob. She let the stories circulate, rather than have any of them think she was a super and report her.

It got harder when a secondary power triggered, Natya sitting in class one day when suddenly her vision changed, flickering between normal and tinged with colour. Zoning out meant that Natya lost her natural sight and started seeing the aura around people, the flares in emotions spiking from people in sharp colours, pulling Natya's attention more and more towards what she could see that wasn't there than the reality of what was there. She began to be able to categorise people's auras based on colour and how vivid it was, work out a general emotional vibe. During periods of long use, Natya started getting blinding headaches from using her aura perception for too long, when she got too distracted with it, the headaches would stab through her skull and shake off her concentration, leaving her to recover in a dark room, alone was all Missy could do.

Throughout learning her powers, Natya figured out how to make herself more of a pariah at school. By pretending to be clairvoyant.

Working out how to read auras let her figure out a little about people, she threw in some mystic bullshit and started telling people she knew how they felt and making educated guesses on why. It got people whispering about her again, and Natya was exceptionally careful to never know too much to be suspected of being a pre-cog, less she end up in jail for being a super rather than conning her classmates as a psychic.
Moving Up & Regiment
After high school ended, Natya didn't really set her sights on anything big. She worked odd jobs around town, made some money, kept herself out of trouble. She was working in a jewellery store, high end fancy stuff that she'd lied about her experience to get the job in, when a crew rolled in to rob the place. An aspect of her powers she hadn't realised she had kicked in during the robbery, allowing Natasha to see that actions the robbers would take in the fight that she instigated, allowing her to avoid being shot, disarm the assailants and stop the robbery just as the police arrived thanks to the silent alarm that was triggered when the first glass case broke.

Hailed a hero by the store owner and other staff, Natya was compensated for her heroics by the store and she got one hell of a taste for it. Not the compensation, although that was damn good, but the heroics in general. As Missy's health started to turn, Natya pitched the idea of them moving to Chicago, where Missy's sister Gladis was, where they could get the help for Missy and be near her family, and Natya could look for better paying work than in small town Kansas. Missy knew she was up to something, Natya could read that much without her perception powers, but she ultimately agreed and they packed up and moved into Gladis' townhouse in Chicago.

Chicago was much different, bigger and brighter and it took far more for Natya to not let her sight get in the way, given how often she flitted between normal vision and reading auras. It took some time, and a lot of headaches to the point of nose bleeds, before Natya was able to fully reign in her own control and focus. When she had that, she took a job as a bouncer for a nightclub, working most nights suited her since she had every intention of staying out to make sure there was no funny business in the surrounding area. She did what she could to keep herself from being seen, but she did what she could to stop muggings, assaults and to break up any fights in the area. She was a bit of a legend in the area, but no one really knew who she was, given the darkness and the varying states of drunkenness.

And because Natya totally wore a superhero hooded jacket to disguise herself.

When she turned 21, the other club workers arranged a big night for her after work at a dive bar; lots of drinking, hustling some pool and a random hook up or two. It was a few weeks afterwards when one of her random hook ups from that night invited her to a fight club they had on, mostly just local bouncers, a few ex-cops and bodybuilders, some ways to blow off steam. Natya got the impression that he was inviting her to come and watch him, potentially trying to show off. While she knew it was very dangerous for her, she went with it, attended the first two meetings as the arm candy before she threw her name into the ring, aware that her small stature made people underestimate her.

Natya's self-destructive tendencies came into the forefront of her life around that time; she drank more, she fought more, she stayed out all night, she went home with random people, she routinely left her cell phone at home to the point where Missy had reached the end of her rope and asked Natya to leave Gladis' house. Natya went without fuss, couch surfing with coworkers or spending the night with someone she met at the club. She took bigger risks, took on bigger opponents at the fight club, drank more. It was during a fight club that a new appearance tried to get one over on the group, to swindle them. And Natya was already swindling them, given her advantage over her opponents, this one used an illusion, something to make people view him as bigger, stronger, scarier.

Natya couldn't say how she could see through the illusions, although she assumed her perception wasn't just to see auras anymore, allowing her to see through the attempt to fool everyone. It was also the first time she'd knowingly come into contact with another super. She let him rip off the group this once and cornered him outside. Charming and suave, Lewis invited her back to his place, made her breakfast and laid out his plan to con the cities most combat heavy group out of thousands of dollars. They decided to work together, since Lewis was in no shape to defend himself at all if things went sideways, and Natya was a sucker for a pretty face.

They were a successful duo for two years, ripping off people who didn't really miss the money, partying their way through life, conning people on the lowdown. Natya wouldn't call it love, but it was definitely lust, lots and lots of lust. And when she let that get into her head, things went sideways. Natya was 24 when Lewis conned the wrong person, a telepath, who in turn alerted police and government officials of two supers before slipping away himself. Natya and Lewis were picked up and processed. Natya's abilities gave the government pause for long enough that she was cycled into the Wraiths program and sent to Florida, becoming a member of the Underworld facility and given the name Suckerpunch by a fellow super she began sparring with.

Natya spent almost five years with the Underworld facility, making some friends, making some enemies too. Her drinking was curbed extensively by her handler, Mike Winter, who became a little voice in the back of her head encouraging her to not screw shit up for no reason. She had a fairly good give and take with Mike, not so much with his partner, but she got by. In the June of 2018, Natya got into a brawl with two other supers, breaking her own collarbone and cheek while dealing considerable damage to her opponents. She refused to say why she started the fight, and neither of her cohorts fessed up either. After Natya healed up it was agreed she could do with a change in scenery and she was scheduled for transfer.
    1. has a major dependency on wine, she likes her vino thanks very much, although she'll limit herself hitting the hard stuff unless it's a super massive issue of epicness
    2. pretends she's Russian, she's actually mid-western, it's not as exotic, she has no fucks to give
    3. is a habitual liar; not even just about big stuff, she'll lie about anything and everything
    4. tends to sofa surf, and when that doesn't work, she's an epic squatter. She can find some class in any little dive place
    5. lives on fast food, it might eat it's way through her money, but she cannot cook and should never be asked to try, her culinary skills extend only to cereal in a bowl, occasionally with fresh milk and not questionably suitable milk
    6. legally, her name is annie doe, she just never uses it and has no proper identification with that name on it
    7. lives her life as a con artist rather happily -she rarely cons anyone who can't afford it, so she doesn't think it's too bad
    8. has edged into the vigilante thing gradually, still not sure she's suited for it
    9. she's not her own biggest fan, hence the self destruct tendencies. it's hard for her to really see worth in herself when her own parents didn't
    10. toyed with the idea of finding her birth parents numerous times, has never worked up the courage to do so