Oh what we could be if we stopped carrying the remains of who we were.
Now there's no holding back, I'm making to attack. My blood is singing with your voice, I want to pour it out. The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound. I hunt for you with bloody feet across the hallowed ground. Like some child possessed, the beast howls in my veins, I want to find you tear out all your tenderness.
The Basics
General Information
Real Name Princess Olive Jagger
Current Alias Tendril
Marital Status Single
Classification Super
Gender Female
Age 30 (03/09/88)
Height 5'08"
Eyes Black
Hair Blond
Discovery May '00
Abilities Tentacle Extension
Reactive Adaptation
Extended Information
Nickname Olive

Relatives Nicholas Jagger
Pauline Jagger
Annalee Matherson
Precious Jagger
Princeton Jagger

Sexuality Heterosexual
Handler Scott Deacon
Occupations Agent
Reg Recruitment May '04
Subjectively, Princess is a fairly pretty woman; she's 5'8", well built for her age with silky blond hair and a rather sweet smile, when she's in a positive mood at least. Her eyes are a little odd, a large dark pupil with a single white ring within it, rather than having coloured eyes like anyone else's. This appears to be a trait of her adaptability, which allows her to process light spectrum's that others can't. Until her powers triggered, Princess had soft blue eyes -she does miss them, as she grew up being told how pretty her eyes were, even though she felt bad when no one complimented Precious' eyes.

More recently, Princess has come to terms with aspects of her abilities that she feels makes her unpretty -given that she spent the first sixteen years of her life as a relatively attractive young woman, sure that she'd blossom into the blond bombshell category of things, she's taken a while to really embrace the fact that, on occasion, she resembles really bad Japanese cartoons. She gussies it up a lot; nice clothes when she can, drawing attention to her hair and, while her eyes are unusual, they're still rather exotic and 'cool' looking.

Cooler than when she has tendrils of appendages tearing out of her body at least.

By and large, Princess' physical mutation is far easier to conceal when she tries, especially since each of her siblings have a much harder time covering things up.

Currently, Princess has a tendency to wear her hair down; this is to cover the hearing aids she's wearing due to a mission not long after her promotion from the under-18 detention centre to agent. Princess has to wear them if she wants a degree of ease in hearing anyone, although they can be uncomfortable, when removed Princess has about 20% hearing over each ear.
Princess is a rather easy going person; she strongly believes in fate and destiny, even if it's not always easy and it seems a little unfair, she trusts that there's a reason for things as they happen. Considering the crap that's happened to her, she's not likely to let go of that belief very easily. By this standard, Princess also believes in balance, and how the good has to stay in line with the bad; the rule of three tends to apply with her, a good thing will likely mean a bad thing eventually, it can't all be sunshine and roses, those types of things. While Princess is smart, she was homeschooled for many years; it doesn't negate her education or how well her parents were able to teach her, but it did leave a hole in some of her learning. Princess soaks up information, she loves to learn anything she can and will turn her attention to skills that she may not automatically be expected to just to learn. She loves to read non-fiction and has, through the years, self taught herself a lot of things.

Being the more outgoing of the triplets, even when they were younger, Princess has always had a lively, friendly and funloving persona. She enjoys groups and doing things with people, she's a fan of games, even if they are traditionally for a younger participation group. She will try anything once and is always open to talking to new people. She can come off a little shy at first, it's mostly residual self-consciousness, but very quickly opens up. While she doesn't hate her life as an 'agent', it's definitely not what she had dreamed about as a kid, but she does her best to make it work and is rather appreciative towards Regiment for helping her control her powers.

While Princess can be a little hot headed, being exceptionally passionate in her arguments when needed, she tends to be a joyful person, seeking fun, friendship and learning. She's naturally curious, about most things around her, not least of all people and their powers. She can be a little blunt, but it's not on purpose, she just doesn't like dancing around things and will go straight to the point. Her upbeat and hopeful personality can, occasionally, be draining for people but she makes no apologies for who she is. In typical 'blond' tradition, she's a little flighty, it's not that she's bored or being dismissive, just that her attention is regularly jumping from one thing to the next, she can come off as unreliable, but she's very easily distracted and can't really change that. She's very prone to rash actions, jumping in with both feet before checking the depth of the water, or just going with the flow of things if it feels right.

She is exceptionally daring, something her Handler has, in the past, tried to calm in her. She'll try something without properly thinking through the consequences and can lead to some unfortunate incidents. She can seem cocky, her confidence somewhat new in her acceptance of her 'weird' power and how it can be used, so sometimes she overcompensates and just seems a little too confident. But she is really forgiving, and strives to help others more than she expects anyone to help her -she did tend to make sure Precious was involved in things when they were younger, before she became self-reliant, and it's bled into other aspects of her life still. She's very talkative, even if she can occasionally avoid saying things while saying everything.

Princess has developed a somewhat superstitious streak, she looks for old wives tales and remedies for old superstitions to compare them to traditional and modern ones. More often than not, Princess will be eating something. Her reactive adaptation means her metabolism runs rather fast, she makes a point of having snacks with her at all times, and regularly goes for gold during meal times. Sometimes, she will be found sleeping in the weirdest of places, it's a sign of trust, although she does wake fast, and will have found a 'spot' to claim as hers for sitting and reading.
Abilities & Skills
Princess has the standard subcutaneous implant which releases a sedative to her blood stream when triggered, this is suitable to keep her in check.

Tentacle Extension
Princess has the ability to change her limbs into, or generate additional appendages, to appear like tentacles. These can take form as additional limbs, spawning from her back, sides or shoulders, or she can force her arms or legs to take on the form of tentacles. These can be used to grapple, grab things, bind people or things and, in general just be really weird. Princess has started to use them a little more regularly as additional limbs to get stuff for her. As she can control their length, size and strength, they can come in handy, she's only just getting over her own insecurities about them.

Practical uses through training and missions have led Princess to use her tentacle extensions as additional limbs, good for holding onto equipment or multitasking in general; constriction of persons or items, very useful when shaking the truth out of someone or in need of binding/restraints. Offensively, Princess is able to make the tentacles sharp edged, like whips or bladed weapons.

Currently, Princess is just starting to accept her ability, which leads to a confidence on the field and smoother transitions to using her power.

LIMITATIONS: As the tentacles are just muscle and have no bone in them, the can be fairly limited in strength and dexterity. While Princess might will them to do something, but their lack of dexterity or strength might mean they can't actually complete the task. Additionally, they can be cut off; if the tentacle is cut off, it becomes useless mass and rots quickly, this is painful for Princess, but she can recover quickly from the discomfort.
Reactive Adaptation
Princess has the ability to adapt to any situation she's in, developing powers or abilities to with threats as they happen. These changes and developments are only temporary for Princess and fade once the threat or danger has passed, returning her to her usual state. Princess' body reacts involuntarily, opting for its own idea of what would suit the situation best; she's come under fire before and her body reacted by giving her dermal armour, making her skin super hard to deflect bullets; if Princess feels threatened in water, her body automatically gifts her abilities to deal with it, either allowing her hydrokinetic powers, gils to breath through or super swimming. However, as soon as the bullets stop flying or Princess leaves the water, her additional powers gained would fade and she would be the same as before.

In the past, Princess has developed super strength, thermal resistance, invisibility, dermal armour, hydrokinesis and radiation immunity. Each of these powers depends on the situation and are not retained.

While Princess does not retain the abilities, she has displayed a level of damage memorisation, in that an attack she has blocked in some way, her body has adapted to and instantly recognises, creating an immunity. This means, as Princess receives damage, she won't be hurt by the same move or power again. At this point, Princess currently has a radiation immunity.

LIMITATIONS: Princess has absolutely no control over what development she makes to adapt to her situation, she's tried very hard to control what powers or immunities she could develop, but is unable to do so. Her body simply choses what it feels would work best. In some aspects this is dangerous, and people do not fully know what Princess will be capable of in the field, in other ways it works well, as the situation regularly isn't something Princess fully understands in order to properly choose a power or ability to have. Additionally, Princess must be personally threatened to develop any adaptation to the situation, sometimes it's delayed if she puts herself in danger to help another person, sometimes probability powers can delay her reaction more and some threats are just impossibly to fully adapt against and Princess will simply adapt to something that will allow her to be less hurt.
In a last ditch attempt to make a family, Nicholas and Pauline Jagger turned to surrogacy, their one and only try to have a biological child before they'd have to look into alternative means. It was by no means an easy decision to make, and Pauline was beside herself that she couldn't conceive herself. But, against all the odds, Annalee -their surrogate, broke the news that they were finally going to be parents, all of Pauline's dreams came true. She and Nicholas were finally going to have their little family.

Beyond anything they could hope for, Annalee was expecting triplets, it was somewhat unexpected, although Pauline had always wanted a large family, she'd made peace with the possibility of just having the one child, three at once was an overwhelming but joyous prospect. Working hard to be prepared early paid off, as Annalee went into labour at thirty one weeks, healthy enough for triplets, and the trio were born with few complications.

Although the joyous occasion was dampened just a little with the secrecy surrounding it; the babies were kept in a private room, not the nursery with the other babies. Their doctor made a point in keeping access to the triplets minimal, only direct family were allowed to see them and one very trusted nurse. The fact was that the little boy was born with a tail, a purple tail. Given that the doctor had a super for a child, one who'd recently been taken from him, he wasn't prepared to let this family go through that turmoil. Everything was very cloak and dagger until all three babies and Annalee were healthy enough to leave the hospital, with a quick sign out and few eyes Nicholas and Pauline were able to take their precious babies home.

Early Years
Growing up with a brother and sister was, in Princess' experience, the best thing ever. She knew that her siblings were 'different', Princeton because of his tail and purple colouring, and Precious because she was, for most intents, blind. It didn't make them any less her siblings, and her best friends. There was a lot of extra care taken; Princeton had to have his skin covered up meticulously, Precious needed a little extra coaxing around, but in time, both just seemed like normal every day things. Precious grew more self-reliant, and while Princess wasn't always coaxing her sister out to play, she still made sure to include the other girl in any games they could.

Princeton liked sports, Princess liked dancing and Precious liked cooking with their mother. Their different interests didn't stop them being inseparable for a lot of their childhood, even as school started and they had to be extra careful, while Princess blossomed like the social butterfly she was meant to be, easily making numerous friends and getting involved as much as she could. For a while, school seemed to pull the trio apart just a little, while they were discovering where they were good as individuals, although they remained exceptionally close at home. Princess loved having more activities to keep her engaged, while making sure she stayed close to her sister at home.

Things went a little more off the rail when Precious started to change a little more, her hair losing all it's colour, changing from the soft blond that matched Princess' hair to a stark white. Not long afterwards, Princess' eyes changed too, and afterwards even Princeton changed yet again, developing more powers aside from his tail. School was over and the trio were homeschooled from there out.
Power Development & Regiment
Learning what she could do was a little complicated for Princess. Precious seemed to develop better sight in the dark, so did Princeton when his eyes altered, and Princess appeared to retain her day vision, but on a much more sharp contrast, her eyes filtered light better, which helped to avoid any kind of light damage or solar flare. Princess is even able to stare at an eclipse as it happens. It took Princess falling from a perch in a tree for her to understand what her powers might be; she fell and should've broke her legs, instead she developed the ability to levitate until she landed on the ground. It took her numerous attempts to levitate again before she realised that she was not able to levitate, but able to adapt to dangerous situations.

Growing closer again to her siblings, Princess took on the role of being the upbeat and energetic one, doing her best to stay connected to the world and keep Princeton and Precious in it too. That was why, when her friends who'd kept in touch, invited her out to a party just after the triplets turned 16, she'd convinced her brother to convince her sister to all go along. They weren't meant to stay long, just enough to get out and enjoy themselves, but enjoying themselves took a turn, Princess kept them out later until Precious really wanted to go home, so they did. It was on the way home that everything changed. A drunk driver lost control of his car, swerved towards the triplets car and hit them head on. Princess, who'd been in the front passenger seat, was thrown through the windshield due to her not wearing her seatbelt so she could twist around to talk to Precious in the backseat.

As Princess landed, her body reacted, altering her skin to harden into a dermal armour, letting her roll to relative safety, although the appearance of police and emergency service personnel meant that the secondary super power that Princess rather suddenly developed had her whisked away into Government care instantly. She never found out what happened to her siblings, and her family was simply told she died and her body was too badly injured for them to see. Princess ended up in the detention facility in South Dakota for youths.
South Dakota
While in the youth facility, Princess started to learn a little about her second power, her ability to extend tentacles from her body. She took a long time to get to grips with it, regularly sprouting tentacles when she didn't want to and being very embarrassed by the whole thing. Over time, she learned what her trigger was, how to keep her emotions from influencing her powers and starting to deal with the 'unusual' power she had. She never liked her power, regularly just saying she reacted well to situations when asked, but trained when she needed to with her tentacle creation and control.

When she was eighteen, Princess was offered the chance to enrol with the Regiment program. Opting to have some kind of life, even if it wasn't outside and living in the world, Princess agreed.

Being part of the Regiment was a big change. Princess moved from the youth facility to the Purgatory base, beginning far more extensive training with her abilities and with weapons. It wasn't something she was crazy about doing, but she enjoyed the activity again, having things to do, being productive. By the time she was twenty, Princess was considered a viable asset for the organisation. Her first mission went well and she was quickly sent on another mission soon afterwards; only on this mission, a protective instinct towards a team mate meant that Princess moved in the way of a blast that might've killed her team mate. Princess' reactive adaptation triggered during the blast and negated the incident, however because she got in the way and her power kicked in late, Princess suffered extreme hearing damage from the explosion.

Sudden deafness took it's toll on Princess' personality, making her a little more reserved for a while, there were two telepaths on the base who regularly checked in with her, and her handler started to teach her sign language. Princess' poor attention span meant that she sort of blitzed through the signs, coming out sloppy and fast, but enough that she understood most, especially as she took up lip reading to help her. A few months after the accident, she was fitted with hearing aids to help her regain a portion of her hearing, which helped her come back to herself again. It took another year before she was allowed back into the field again, where Princess' tentacles were able to save three civilians from certain death. It wasn't enough to make her love her power, but it made her hide it less. And the less she hid it the more she started to accept it. Gaining a mentor in acceptance helped a lot, as Osteo helped her to understand that it wasn't what defined her at all. Princess started to use her power more freely; as an extra arm, during training, getting her spoon at lunch when she forgot.

Her building ability as an agent was battered a little when transfers meant a lot of her friends left the base. Princess didn't have time to focus on it while sent out on a retrieval mission. Things got exceptionally complicated when the group going were compromised and security measures split them up from each other. Princess sent her team mate on with the device they were sent to retrieve while she found an area of the base they infiltrated to hole up and wait for rescue. She was very surprised when rescue walked through a wall in the shape of her brother. The reunion was bittersweet and quick, leaving the base being the first priority. Princess and Princeton were 80 yards from the extraction when a mortar shell hit them. Princeton was killed instantly, while Princess' power kicked in and let her absorb the blast to counter attack with a concussive blast back.

Passing out from the damage and exhaustion, Princess was air lifted back to Limbo with her brother.
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