America Chavez msamericatoyou
PLOT PLANS: America is gradually getting used to this whole 'can't leave this universe' thing, and is trying to figure out where to fit in around here. She's got her snakes now, and it's actually super interesting learning about taking care of them. There's no need to be a superhero all the time here, so finding a new niche is kind of a must. She's contemplating power training in some capacity, but how does one even do that?

ROMANCE LINES: Fresh off a break up at home, America wasn't exactly thinking about finding a partner. She's still working through some weird residual disappointment that Hawkeye has finally figured herself out and that it wasn't with America, the bitterness will fade in time.
Blossom blossomed
PLOT PLANS: Blossom has a lot of guilt to work off after the plant saga; she's going to face a bit of a confidence drop, given what happened and how she caused most of it by just trying to have a nice thing. She's glad that Bubbles doesn't seem to think less of her about it, but she's going to go full blown 'let me help you' to try and make up for it, and only some of that will be welcomed or even decent help.

ROMANCE LINES: It's been pointed out to her that she flirts with Butch without really noticing. Blossom is trying to notice when she does it. She's failing at noticing, because of his stupid pretty face.
Brooke Maddox finalgiirl
PLOT PLANS: Brooke is used to heartache, losing friends and being uncertain, but there's a degree more of that now that Emma's gone from Night Vale. She's trying to keep upbeat, but honestly, she kind of needs to refind her footing again. Attending college was meant to be this big new start, but she's starting to feel majorly out of her depth and stuck in some kind of rut.

ROMANCE LINES: Things with Steve have been going smoothly, but a lot of her trauma has just been pushed down and ignored while she pretended it was fine. As Steve starts to stretch himself a little thin, Brooke is going to feel like he's pulling away and neglecting her when she needs him to most, leading to a lot of passive-aggressive antics.
Bruce Wayne anihilist
PLOT PLANS: For all that Night Vale has it's moments, it's definitely not Gotham. Bruce is pretty sure this should be a good thing. There's an element of that in his approach to things now; there's something of a truce with Ivy, working on Zee's theatre is at least keeping his attention and figuring out how to connect to the BatKids that are around while navigating the guilt and grief still attached to Jason. There's a lot less Dark Knight going on, which is very unusual for him, and figuring out how to Bruce Wayne without that is somewhat tripping him up.

ROMANCE LINES: His thing with Diana feels somewhat more poignant without the looming threats and building the Justice League. It's been a fair while since Bruce has actually relied on a partner, and teething issues are expected, but he is trying this thing where he *checks notes* trusts (?) other people.
Carol Danvers ergokinetic
PLOT PLANS: Career changes are kind of Carol's thing, and since she's in no rush to lead anyone anywhere right now, she's more than happy with her EMT/EMS role right now. She's forging a pretty good relationship with Tom, at least keeping her mind off the trashfire that is her interpersonal relationships with the people from her own world. She wants, desperately, to reach out and try to fix things with Tony, particularly since it's left a rather huge hole in her life. Leaning on Jess and Steve is very likely.

ROMANCE LINES: Carol's sure she wants to figure things out with Rhodey; theirs is an enduring love after all. It's just complicated because of how many people died and are no longer dead, but she's gonna work on that.
Clint Barton awcoffee
PLOT PLANS: Stop being a disaster. Listen, Clint is sure he's cursed, other people are sure he's cursed, at some point this curse shit is likely going to kill him. Until then, he's just hanging out with Red and petting all the dogs. Literally any dog. You have a dog? He wants to pet it. He might also poke Loki about this curse shit.

ROMANCE LINES: Steve is gearing up to be a daddy. And frankly, that's a little terrifying (Clint should never be left around small children, he's the reason Dani Cage's first word was almost 'fuck' and that wasn't a fun time at all), although Clint's less worried about being replaced like Bucky, he's largely worried about anything and everything going wrong. He's doubly worried that all the feels he's leaking at Natalia will make her run or freeze him out and his whole 'just blowing off steam' with Bucky is quickly becoming heart eyes motherfucker too and honestly he's getting sick of his feelings just exploding on everyone who so much as gives him an ounce of attention thanks very much.
Daniel LeDomas ledomas
PLOT PLANS: At some point, Daniel is going to have to address... well, everything. But he's rather content to just not right now. Sobering up might be an idea, given that he has a little less to drink about, or maybe he doesn't? He's not sure where he stands on Satanic sacrifice to keep living since he is technically dead, but that's a problem for sober Daniel to deal with. Drunk and Sober Daniel need to make friends.

ROMANCE LINES: Coming to terms with the fact that he might be a demonic-rom-com cliche, if that's a genre that exists, and has fallen for his brothers ex-wife slash widow has been a journey -and he's totally just taking a pit stop while he woes that out, but at least there have been discussions about the whole matter. He might actually do something about it at some point, before they're both geriatric.
Daphne Blake lavendermenace
PLOT PLANS: Daphne is rather enjoying exploring things without the constant change in location that comes with mystery solving. It's a bit like a vacation, although those usually resulted in mysteries to solve too. It's a little strange, just her and Shaggy, since they weren't the closest of the group in the first place, but she's finding it really easy to live with him now they've found some kind of balance for his stoner tendencies. She's not sure she's happy working at Wendy's, but she's also not sure what she'd do instead. Self discovery is exhausting.

ROMANCE LINES: Finding a place without the looming almost-something with Freddy is daunting, but exciting. Daphne's pretty content to just see what's on offer while she finds herself.
Eddie Brock parasitics
PLOT PLANS: Eddie is enjoying the loose feeling that comes with not having to fight for his life every second of the day. He and Venom are as symbiotic as ever, especially with Gwen and Cindy in the know about things, and while he's aware some of the other 'spiderpeople' might have some inkling about Venom, he's not sharing the information freely. Venom is about as chill as Venom gets too. They're enjoying work and navigating whatever the fuck this is. Even if he's sure they should make attempts to get to know the billion Peter Parker's. For Gwen's sake.

ROMANCE LINES: With a little nudge or two from Venom, Eddie and Gwen are... something, they're something. It's not exactly defined at the moment, but Eddie's well aware that there's something brewing and he's kind of okay with it. She's fun and supportive and knows what it's like to deal with a symbiote, Venom likes her and her jelly spiders like him. So why the hell are they moving at a glacial pace?
Ellie Phimister detonations
PLOT PLANS: Still trying to find her feet, Ellie is looking to work out where she's heading here. It's weird enough that there are some versions of the people from her world here, but not her actual people. So she's working that out, while bonding with Pikachu and not addressing the fact that he's a real life pokemon.

ROMANCE LINES: Ellie will be bumping into Gwen Poole in the upcoming days/weeks and getting a serious case of the heart eyes.
Emma Frost frost
PLOT PLANS: Emma's embarking on her biggest challenge to date; navigating pregnancy and motherhood. Although she still fully intends on managing her club, a lot of her attention will be on her interpersonal relationships and the progressing of her pregnancy. She'll be looking to Jessica Drew for advice and support, Christian for his input and obviously with Steve to go through the process of preparing for their child.

ROMANCE LINES: Although her current love life is complicated, Emma's confident that the pregnancy won't interfere with them, there will be some juggling going on to manage them. Between her openness with Kate, her arrangement with Steve, the psychic relationship with Hulk and her fun with Poseidon, Emma's romantic life is probably more complicated than she expected it would be right now.
Emma Swan savioring
PLOT PLANS: In something of a pattern for Emma, she's accidentally taken on the responsibility of mostly running the police department in Night Vale. It's a lot easier than it was in her previous universe so she's handling it okay, and there's a pretty decent group there with her. She's figuring out that this is just going to be what it is. Although carrying on her magical practices she learned is coming up as important now.

ROMANCE LINES: Emma feels very settled in her relationship with Cobb, it's easy and flirty and Emma doesn't really feel the same blocks she might've, knowing she goes back to Killian in her universe. She's very close to asking him to move into the ship with her.
Eros salaciousness
PLOT PLANS: Eros is still in the midst of his existential crisis about the fact that no one will work with him and just love each other damn it. Y'all are just complicating his life okay. Get your shit together already. On top of that, he's kind of feeling a little more mortal, although his time with Kore is enough to settle most of those anxieties, since she's so good at just calming his shit. He is not addressing whatever the fuck is going on with his mom and her suitors.

ROMANCE LINES: He knows that he's in love with Psyche, he's still in love with her, he's just working through the betrayal and his own guilt, not to mention her mortality. He has stopped just fucking around while he's trying to do it, though there's no guarantee he won't fall back on the old habits.
Four skywalking
PLOT PLANS: Given that Night Vale is the first time in a long time that Four has been in one place for a long time, it's also the first time he's not been hiding, presumed dead or committing a crime. He's enjoying bonding with Sam, climbing and biking and finding hobbies to work out his energy. But he knows he's going to need to find something else to do with his time too.

ROMANCE LINES: Four is slowly working up to figuring out if Five is interested in something or if they've skipped their shot, given how many options are around them, he's frustratingly hesitant about talking to Amelia about it.
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